The Amboy Cottage Cafe

100 E Maine St
Amboy, 56010
Places like this are so rare. Simply delicious, wholesome good foods that is made with a passion of cooking and love! They make everything homemade- breads are all from scratch and they use ingredients that are uber fresh and local. I was so surprised to find this here in Amboy. A place like this cooks up food that you expect in a 5 star restaurant in Europe. I recommend the coffee rubbed steak, German thick smoked chop, olive chicken and if they have it get the grilled Carmel roll! It's a treat.
I live in Austin, Texas but I never come to Minnesota without making the trip to Amboy just for a meal at this restaurant. Food is not all that important to me, and I must dine out for every meal 3 to 4 days a week, nearly every week of my life, across the country. But this is my favorite restaurant in the United States! The food is incredibly fresh, most of it purchased within a few miles of the restaurant. The pie and other desserts are to die for. And the ambience of this intimate little café is just wonderful. The locals love it and the visitors do, too. Just come eat here. You'll feel like you are in on one of the great secrets in the U.S.
Well worth your time to find this out of the way restaurant.

(507) 674-3123

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