Konteka Black Bear Resort

Mineral Circle Plaza,400 Main Street
White Pine, 49971
The Konteka is a great place run by good and decent, down to earth people. Very low key, low stress environment. You can get a clean, inexpensive room, have a home-cooked meal, sit in the bar area and have a cold beverage, enjoy engaging connversation, watch bears getting fed day old bread (kinda scary for me) and see a great star show at night by walking outside and simply gazing up at the heavens. Just a hop, skip and jump from the Porkies. This a the place to stop and chill-lax after a long day of hiking. I highly recommend it!
It's probably worth describing the area before reviewing the Konteka. This is remote remote remote- even for the U.P.. You will probably not get a cell phone signal. Furthermore, the White Pine area seems more impoverished than nearby Silver City. So situating this "resort" behind an almost vacant mall just gives it sort of a depressing feel. Anyhow, we spent two nights here when visiting the Porcupine Mountains State Park. The pros are that it really is one-stop-shopping in area with not much going on. Also the rooms were cheap and clean, staff was friendly and there was free wifi (but kinda hard to pick up). Also, there is a little library/ vending/ arcade corridor between the bowling alley and the hotel and which buffers the blaring Def Leppard music surprisingly well. Also the place is dog friendly which is handy. Fridge and flat screen TV in room. As for the beefs, I have several. One, the parking lots is sorta beat up and gets kinds muddy. While we are discussing the parking lot, thanks to whatever asshhole bikers parked their motorcycles on the lawn outside my window only to rev their engines about 1,000 times at 4:00 in the morning. But I digress, my girlfriend complained that there were not enough pillows in the room. I complained that one of the four wheels was missing from the bed frame which caused the bed to tilt and me to grasp the bed in my sleep for fear i'd roll off and hit my head on the nightstand. Speaking of night stands, did I mention that the TV remote control is attached to the night stand with a cable wire? Are people stealing these remote controls? I only ate at the restaurant once and it was not the best- but I didn't get sick. Having a bar so close by could be a real bonus. And some one made coffee both mornings in the aforementioned library/ vending / arcade corridor.
This place was SO weird, but in a really good way. We stopped here for lunch on our way back from camping in the Porkies and it was pretty much the only thing for miles around. When we walked in we were sure if they were even open, and we were the only people in this pretty large restaurant. It felt kind of eerie like we stumbled upon some ghost hotel. I was surprised that when we ordered they had this really nice, fresh, salad bar set up and ready to go because there was just no one there at all and it seemed like that was generally the case. We ended up getting burgers and they were really good. The prices were very reasonable.

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