Smokey Bones BBQ

2959 US Hwy 10
Sears, 49679
A favorite stop of ours when we're coming home from a trip to the west side of the state -- Smokey Bones is on the corner of Business US-10 and M-66. The barbecue is very good -- the meat is smoked right "out back" (the aroma is wonderful when you get out of your vehicle!), falls off the bones, and the house sauce is sweet and mildly spicy -- a real clove note in it. We've tried the baby-back ribs, chicken and beef ribs, and enjoyed them all.Lots of choices as far as sides -- I appreciate the greens, and the cornbread is good too. We've never gotten to the dessert menu, because the main event is so tasty! The service is fast and friendly. Our only negative experiences have been running into shortages of menu items -- sometimes disappointing -- and the fact that the baked beans seem to be out of a can instead of scratch-cooked; I'd think that it would be fairly cheap and easy for Smokey Bones to make real baked beans "low and slow" during its prep hours, and we certainly trust the cooks' culinary skills.. We understand that the owner of the restaurant started out with a food truck, so we are rooting for this business to succeed.
Sad news...just drove passed Smokey Bones to find it closed and up for sale. It was a wonderful place for a great meal at a good price. It will be missed.
Smokey Bones BBQ replaces a restaurant that was okay a few years ago but I had a few bad service experiences with more recently. I was very happy to see a new owner take over this establishment. I had lunch with my sister and her husband on Memorial day. There is a new coat of paint in the place and they have removed most of the dated fixtures. The menu is very traditional for barbecue. I had the chicken, as did my brother in law. Sister had the pulled pork sandwich. With entrées you get two sides. Between the three of us we had beans, greens, potato salad, mac and cheese. Potato salad was creamy with red potato's, and a few extras. It is great! It is zippy and tasty. Beans and greens tasted good and were pretty traditional. Mac and cheese, was pretty bad. It was not even as good as opening a box of Kraft dinner. These were served in small white foam dishes. For the main course the chicken was slow smoked and very tender. It is mouth melting falling off the bone straightforward barbecue chicken. Loved it. The pulled pork was equally awesome. Plenty of good flavor in the sauce covers the plate. Yum. They were already out of deep fried pickles, so we did not get the chance to taste. Service was very good. Wait staff knew the menu, explained things quickly, and checked in just enough without being over bearing. Good marks here. Things that would be pretty cool if they could... This place is located on 66 and M10. I know that hunting season, or 4x4 season, or snowmobile season are big reasons to drive by. It would be great if they had carryout specials for a weekend up north. They have a carry out menu to call ahead, but a bundle packed of things to grab on the way into camp/the cabin would be great. They are open until 10 PM at night - this makes it a good place to hit when driving up on Fridays for the weekend or on the drive home Sunday. We decided, and I know this is trivial, that the well water for this restaurant tastes like well water. That is fine and good, many people drink water from a well, but it is notable for us suburbanites and I think that this may have been one of the reasons the mac and cheese was bad. Listen, along M10 there are several places that get the Gordon Food Service truck making it sometimes difficult to get something that really stands out. I really enjoyed what they were doing at Smokey Bones BBQ. Breads here are amazing and made locally. I would love to find out of the chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables were local too. I think that would really make this place pop! If you travel M10, or 66, live in the Evart/Sears area Smokey Bones BBQ is a must stop restaurant for really good traditional barbecue.

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