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  • Libby F.

    I love how when you walk in this place all the "regulars" at the counter turn to see who it is. It is exactly how janelle w. describes it. Sort of a Cheers for old men, except coffee replaces alcohol and doughnuts replace hamburgers. But there is another reason to come here. Pasties. My mom thinks these are the best pasties in town. Her British Club order them all the time. You can get beef (her favorite) or chicken anytime, but if you call the place they'd be happy to make you a vegetarian one. The pastry is very moist and they are H U G E! Another thing... they are only $2.50! That is one way to keep the natives happy! Oh, and yeah, their French crullers are the best.

  • Michael B.

    This is simply one of the best family owned donut shops I have ever been too. The donuts are delicious and exceptionally well priced for what you get. On top of that the sweet older lady that runs the place seems like the nicest person you could ever meet. If I still lived in the area they would be a regular stop for me.

  • Heidi M.

    Yum! Donuts are kinda my weakness (well one of many weaksnesses). 10+ years ago I worked across the street from Main Doughnuts. That is when I was introduced the the Cinnamon Roll Donuts that are literally the size of one's face. They are so delicious... light and fluffy on the inside, slightly crispy on the outside, thiny covered in a sugary icing that melts in your mouth. They are huge but that doesn't stop you from considering having a second one...maybe one for later, lol. I try to resist this place, but whenever I find myself on Main Street on a weekend morning, I can't help stopping in.

  • Haroun K.

    When I retire, you will find me at the counter here with a donut and a coffee. But today I simply needed to fatten up some coworkers. I got 2 dozen for about $14. The donuts are excellent. They are not the sort of inventive donuts you'll find at Voodoo in Portland, but they taste damn good. I especially liked the apple spice, though you probably can't go wrong. The service at the counter was delightfully cheerful, and I like it when proprietors call me Baby. It's a tiny place, but next time you're driving south on Main street, pull into the parking lot - you won't regret it. CASH only.

  • Thomas J.

    Bought two dozen donuts today and was embarrassed to bring them to work. Women at the counter picked a hair off a donut after it was placed in the box (I promptly through that donut out). Donuts with Apple filling tasted like the filling was so old it had fermented? Two children were in a crib in the main area being kiddies (occasional screams, etc., normal kid stuff - but probably shouldn't be where people are relaxing with coffee and a donut). I used to like this place, but I will never go here again after this. :-/

  • Eric P.

    I've been going to Main Doughnuts for many years now and yet the owner still greets me the same way everytime I visit, "How ya doin' baby?". Hilarious! I do think she makes some of the best doughnuts around. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, eat your heart out "Krispy" Kreme. Main Doughnuts offers a ton of varieties of doughnuts at prices that beat all the big donut chains. A good indicator of the quality of a doughnut shop for me is to order a plain doughnut. If a store can't do a plain doughnut, then how can we expect them to do any better on a more complicated one? Main Doughnuts does an excellent plain. Some other favorites are the custard, peanut, and cinnamon sugar. My family swears by the crullers, but I'm never liked crullers in general. The decor is definitely dated, but that's a part of its charm. In the morning the counter is full of seniors, who, like Janelle says, have likely been coming here for decades. It makes me sad when my friends or family tell me they buy Dunkin' Donuts or Krispy Kreme when such a great local shop exists down the street, perilously perservering on an aging customer base.

  • Kady D.

    I loveeee these doughnuts!! I'm going all nostalgic here and definately highly biased, but from the time I was three until I was sixteen(and too important to hang with my parents,) I had one of these doughnuts every saturday morning. More specifically I had a rainbow sprinkle doughnut. All the other reviews are pretty spot on, they aren't the best doughnuts in the world, but it is the best doughnut shop in the area hands down! Rosa is the sweetest and kindest woman in the neighborhood and she loves and remembers everybody. Her apple fritters are the best they are perfect glazed goodness in everyway, and as somebody else mentioned the crullers are the real stars in this shop. The chocolate dipped ones are my all time favorite and I think a little piece of me dies every time I get there and she's already sold out. If you've never been to this wonderful little shop, go! You'll get a pretty good doughnut and at the very least a smile to brighten your day!

  • maria f.

    Happy Fat Tuesday.... We ordered two dozen paczki's this morning and they were delicious. Thanks again ladies!


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    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes

Main Donut Shop

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