Dairy Queen of Rochester

743 N Main St
Rochester, 48307
This was my second time visiting family in Rochester/Rochester Hills in the last 40 days. I have 3 young nephews and a niece. We love this particular Dairy Queen because it right in the old Rochester main strip, easy parking, clean and super friendly staff. Service is also very fast which is helpful because there are long lines at certain times.
So cool that this has been here since 1964! (pun intended) This is one of the best run Dairy Queens I have ever seen. The staff is always friendly and they can really handle the volume of people on a busy evening. As already mentioned they have great selection of Blizzard flavors. I like the hot fudge sundays too
Very friendly Dairy Queen, grab a cone and walk right into downtown Rochester and enjoy the most beautiful city in Michigan! Great location, super affordable and always hits the spot! Get in line because I can promise u a wait especially on the weekends but it's well worth the ice cream as well as the walk downtown while you're enjoying your delicious cone. Downtown Rochester also has a park you can walk through along with a beautiful trail that takes you through beautiful scenery, a great way to let go. Stop into this Dairy Queen and enjoy downtown Rochester!

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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Downtown Cafe

606 N Main St
Rochester, 48307
The seating area itself is very small- seats maybe 30 people but the wait went really quick on a Saturday morning! For a table for two we waited maybe 10 minutes. I had the German apple pancakes with bacon and had only one complaint- they left the skin on the apples which left a weird mouthfeel (the skins separated after being cooked) and a cup of coffee. Everything was great and all the food that came out looked delish! I also liked that they have pumpernickel bread as on option! This place is adorable, fast and friendly service and great food. I would definitely come back and recommend this place!
Excellent breakfast. Not only was the bill reasonable for a family of five but the food and service were worth much more. The corned beef hash was homemade and raved about by my son and I (poached eggs perfect). Eggs Florentine my wife said was top notch and the hollandaise sauce sublime according to my daughter. Pancakes--best ever from one son. We are from out-of-town but we will be back. Friendly and fabulous place.
This place is amazing! I came in for the weekend from NYC to visit family and this was the first spot we had lunch at...I was thoroughly impressed with the staff and service the man who seated and our sever Bethann were cordial and accommodating. The food was also top quality and delicious! This place is a paradigm of service and quality. Highly recommended for anyone from out of town seeking a great experience! Thanks guys!

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Breakfast & Brunch

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Knapp’s Donut Shop

500 N Main St
Rochester, 48307
They try to keep the "Hole-in-the Wall" theme going on, but don't be fooled. Knapp's Donut Shop is a gem. The owner's are as sweet as the donuts. Coffee is very good. I appreciate that they open early.
Tried this place to see what all the hype was about due to it constantly being compared to donut bar in Southfield. Totally different donuts and totally different environments. Donuts were good but nothing special that I can't get at a drive through. nice staff. Included donut holes in my purchase for the kids.
Only went in here for a few minutes during the Rochester Christmas parade this year, but someone in our party bought a box, and later tried out one of the donuts - it tasted fresh and incredibly delicious. I am hoping to try out the Troy location sometime soon too. Great downtown location as well.

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Rochester Chop House

306 S Main St
Rochester, 48307
Not very impressed so far. Stood in the isle while the hostess debated on which one of the open tables she wanted to seat us at then waited over 8 minutes to be treated by our server...he has one other table. Had high hoes for this place but it's crashing and burning pretty quickly.
I was in town for a wedding for the weekend. After walking through the quaint downtown area of Rochester we saw the Chop House. Once you walk inside you are transported to a traditional city steakhouse. Large leather booths, characteurs along the walls, and some taxidermy too. The food was delicious. The James Beard NE claw chowder had the title for good reason. The fried calamari was delicate and flavorful. And the stuffed portabello caps with cheese were outstanding. We split the twin 4oz filets topped with Alaskan King Crab were the steak house staple I wanted. Tender filet, good amount and quality crab was the perfect entree. In addition, the strawberry and rhubarb cobbler served with ice cream was the perfect combination of sweet, tart and tasty. This all went down nicely with the Padrillos Malbec, smooth yet heavy for a Malbec and able to stand with the hearty meal. Our server, Jeremy, was wonderful as well. He was polite and personable with knowledge of the entire menu. He had knowledge of the local area too. He suggested to us the Arts, Beats, and Eats festival in Royal Oaks. Just a 25 minute ride later we capped off the weekend with Young the Giant concert. Great establishment with excellent food and a welcoming staff. Enjoy!
I went here on a Sunday with my wife, my mom, and my dad to celebrate my wife's recent promotion and my new job. This is a tradition that we have in my family-whenever I get promoted or get a new job, we go to Rochester Chop House for the Excalibur Steak. My dad was nice enough to pick up the bill, so I'm not sure what the total was, but this place is definitely expensive. I believe my Ribeye steak was $30. Our waiter was knowledgeable about the menu and friendly, but he was an odd duck. When we were seated we watched a food-runner bring food for the table behind my parents, then our waiter came over to our table to introduce himself and take our drink orders. After he wrote the drink orders down he served the other table their food that was likely lukewarm at best. We were appalled at this and it was easy to tell that the people at the other table were confused as to why their food was sitting there getting cold in the middle of the dining room. We placed our orders and soon our food came and once again we watched food sitting in the middle of the dining room getting cold. I was pretty close to serving the food myself. Finally our server served our food, the steak was just a little above lukewarm, but the vegetables were still warm. The food was delicious and the steak was a perfect medium. The manager came over to ask us how things were going, we said things were fine, but he had come to us before we stared at our food getting cold in the middle of the dining room with our mouths watering. This just seems like poor management to me-get your wait staff in order and bring us some hot food for Christ's sake. The food is expensive and we work hard for our money. Since the food was tasty, this place gets 3 stars instead of 2 stars. It's a good thing I only get a new job or promotion about every two years. If we were regulars and we received this kind of treatment, I would probably have lost my mind. I came here once on St. Patrick's Day several years ago and my buddy bought one of everything off the menu for everyone at the table. We were pumped to eat like kings, but the food was cold, which gave it a strange texture. That was extra terrible because it was seafood (lobster, clams, shrimp, and crab). Cold seafood is gross.

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American (New), Seafood, Steakhouses

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries

2544 S Adams Rd
Rochester, 48309
Their burgers are delicious!!!! The workers are so nice, they always make me smile. If youre allergic to peanuts stay away from here. But fries are delicious too. A burger and cajun seasoned fries and I'm solid
Sometimes you just crave a burger. Okay more specifically it's 8 pm at night, you just leave the nearby Wal-Mart, you see the Five Guys sign, and suddenly crave a burger. Similar set up to most other Five Guys locations, ordered a Lil' Bacon Burger and small fries. A great tasting freshly made burger and fries. The small fries was really large and filling. Cost was under $10, very reasonable. Someplace to recommend and repeat when I'm in the area!
Go all the way, it's all the toppings you would ever want. It makes the burger tasty and filling. I went for the little burger with bacon all the way, small frys. And if you want the seasoning on the frys you need to ask for it. I think this makes the fresh hand cut frys that they pile in the bag that much better. It ends up being a 10$ meal but it's pretty satisfying and filling. Not quite fast food, the burger and frys are definitely better than McDonald's or Wendy's. And don't forget the free peanuts.

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Burgers, Fast Food

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Paint Creek Cider Mill & Restaurant

4480 Orion Rd
Rochester, 48306
This isn't your ordinary cider mill. I can't review it for its cider or its donuts (honestly haven't tried it yet) like every cider mill you go to, but this place actually sells real food. They have a large menu considering its a cider mill. I can't speak for all the items they have because I haven't tried it. What I have tried is their BBQ. One of the best I have tried. On the very far left menu is the items that are made with their smoker, a real one and not gas heated one. I think if you're gonna spend the time to smoke meats I'd rather have it the old fashioned way in a real wood fired smoker. I've tried their pulled pork sandwich and their brisket sandwich so far and it's been awesome. It's my new go to place for my BBQ fix locally. The people are honestly friendly and its a great pit stop for all the people traveling paint creek trail (runners, walkers, bikers, etc.). They've got a good selection of food, got cider and donuts (obviously), ice cream and its variations (malts, root beer floats, sundaes, etc.), homemade sodas on tap, and even some other things like jams and honeys. I only recently found out when stopping for a break there while biking that they sold real food when I saw them adding wood to the smoker while I was resting. The next time I stopped by I brought my wallet and my appetite. Today, I did the same but brought some friends to enjoy the food as well. Awesome!
I stopped off once again for lunch during a long bike ride. Due to the nearby bridge being out, the place was empty. I was the only customer at 12:30PM on a Sunday. This time I ordered a Apple Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Are you kidding me? Stop it! This guy is off the hook with his cooking! Now I can't ever eat another kind of grilled cheese ever again. Thick, grill bread with melted cheese, thick bacon and slices of apple touched off with a little Dijon mustard. OMG! It was the best sandwich I remember eating in my lifetime. Run, don't walk to order some lunch! Keep this place in business. Please!
Great selection of fall treats from Apple Carmel bread pudding to flavored Michigan honey. The pulled pork sandwich was fantastic! Their home made bread was great too. Very close to the paint creak trail. I would recommend this over Yates any time. No crowds just great donuts, cider, sandwiches, ice cream and more.

(248) 656-3400

Donuts, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Pizza

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Golden Eagle Bar & Grill

1447 N Rochester Rd
Rochester, 48307
What an awful "dining" experience, if you can call it that. There were 8 of us, 7 adults and one child, age 10. We arrived at 6:30pm Monday night, which is "Mexican Night" at the Golden Eagle. We were seated promptly and a hostess came by the table to tell us that we could get complementary chips and salsa, so we said we'd like them. We received one very small basket of stale chips that had about 20 chips in the basket. Just one basket for the whole table of 8 to share. You can do the math... but we each got about 2.5 chips. We were told there were no refills. A server took our drink order and then it took him THIRTY minutes to come back and take our food order. He referred to the men at the table as "senor." We waited 40 minutes for our food to arrive, so during that time I had a chance to look around the restaurant. It was like going back in time to 1970. The decor is a combo of Old Bowling Alley and greasy spoon diner. Very odd. Nothing seems to go together. It's very dark and they have a big fish tank at the entrance. The bar is like an old 70's bar- vinyl bar top and old stools. 90% of the clientele is age 70 or older. In the background was music from the 1980's- Michael Jackson and the like. Cooks ring a bell when an order is ready. It was annoying to hear that every few minutes. When our food finally did arrive it was just awful. Everything was cold and tasted like it had been frozen or purchased from someplace like Gordon's Food. 2 dishes were sent back because they were so bad and we didn't order anything else. The server took them off the bill, which was nice, but hey, they were not edible! The restaurant was also very dirty and it smelled funny. There was a drink/dessert menu on the table that was so dirty and caked with scum that we put it on the shelf behind our booth. I wouldn't go back to this restaurant even if the food was free.
Consistency! Smelt, cheeseburger, filet mignon, and fried chicken - all recent selections and all very good. I had the white fish special the other night and it was delicious. Maggie is still running the bar efficiently and effectively. This should be your go to place for consistently good food, drink, and service. It continues to be ours.
My fav "must-eat-at" restaurant ever. The filet is excellent with Mario sauce. Shrimp scampi appetizer is amazing. Love the hard breadsticks with butter pre-meal. And the absolute best dessert I've ever put in my mouth is Fred's Bananas Tropical (bananas foster)! Restaurant almost has an "Italian family" decor (yes, a little dated, but very homey and comfortable).

(248) 651-6606

American (Traditional)

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Famous Dave’s BBQ

2945 S Rochester Rd
Rochester, 48307
My favorite barbecue place to go too. They have the best brisket on the planet. My opinion of course. The meat just melts in your mouth. Never had a bad meal there.
Food and drinks are very good. Service is slow though. Took almost an hour to get food with just 3 or 4 groups in the dining area. Have had the same type of service with each visit at this location.
Consistent hot take out. Sit down was great as well!! Love the BBQ sauce selections...a little spicy

(248) 852-6200


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Krazy Greek Restaurant

111 E University Dr
Rochester, 48307
I grew up in Rochester, and now live downtown. My husband and I love places that are unique and off the beaten path. We went to Crazy Greek looking for this, but only found a dirty, outdated motif, sub par food only minimized by the strong smell of air fresheners and fruit flies buzzing around. We were there for dinner, and maybe this place is great for breakfast but based on what we saw, I just don't get the high reviews.
Regardless of what you order, you will not walk away hungry!! From the Krazy Greek hashbrowns, to a traditional greek salad with grapeleaves to the Krazy Greek sandwich, this is ultimately my favorite Rochester resturant!! Great service, great food & awesome staff make you feel right at home!
Cheap good food. The atmosphere is very old style. People are nice.

(248) 652-0089

Greek, Mediterranean

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Bangkok Cuisine

727 N Main St
Rochester, 48307
Very good service, excellent food with large portions. I tend to get the pad prik with Chicken spiced hot. They make sure it is definitely hot. I have never had any gristle with my chicken and little fat. The sauce is different than I was used to but no Thai restaurant seems to have the same recipe for its dishes so I think it best to check the ingredients before ordering to make sure it is compatible with what you want rather than assume it is going to be the same.
The food is very good, but medium spice is rather hot. Decor is nice, but not too fancy. The servers are mostly foreign and language is sometimes a problem. Overall a positive experience.
F-ing DISGUSTING!! I have been here twice and have heard testimonials from several friends... this place is terrible! There is another Bangkok Cuisine in Clinton Twp which is where I'm from and their food is fantastic. When I came here the waitress was in a terrible mood, all of our chicken dishes had gristle in them, and the plates & glasses were all dirty. The first time I thought this was just a bad day but it happened again a month later. I have heard the same story from three or four friends and I really have no idea how this place is still open. I live downtown and every time I drive by there is nobody eating inside. I will NEVER go to this restaurant again.

(248) 652-8841


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