Leo’s Coney Island

4763 Haggerty Rd
Oakland, 48323
This is by far the best Leo's I've been to. I've been to a bunch of Leo's and this had the best tomatoes I've ever had. Usually, the tomatoes on the chicken fingers salad are soggy and gross. Here they were crispy delicious and fresh. Another perk, for me at least, was that there were murals of beautiful sites not only in Greece but in Lebanon as well. It was really nice to see murals other than the Parthenon and what the other Leo's usually have. They even had a 15% off for Ladies on Wednesdays. I definitely approve.
I'm a fan of Leo's quick in and out or even take out. Good food and good service. Try the loose burger or the chili fries. All is good. Not low cal, but its good.
Coney islands are awesome because it is pretty cheap food, usually fast, and perfect for hangover cures because its greasy (depending on what you get). This one we went into today was less than impressive. Less than ok for that matter. Two stars. Reasons. Well for one, the place was empty. Granted it was a Tuesday at 4pm, but it was empty. There was 3 of us, plus my 2 kids. So 5 total. We ordered our food and while our server was sweet and tried hard, the food took way too long for a Coney Island. And when it finally came out, it was 2/5 stars. Ive had really good coney islands, and ive had really bad. Luckily this wasnt terrible, it just wasnt very good. However, still perfect for a hangover cure.

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Penn Station East Coast Subs

17670 W 13 Mile
Oakland, 48025
They have great subs and their fries are fresh and hot for your order. Takes a little longer to get your food due to them cooking your fries but they are worth it
So being a girl who grew up not far from Philly I have to say these are nothing like a Philly cheesesteak. Plus we call everything "hoagies" in PA not subs. That being said, this place is pretty yummy. I enjoy their "subs" and they are fresh and hot. Way better than subway or Firehouse. They also have these heavenly looking chocolate chip cookies at the counter that always stare at me, I haven't broke down and tried one yet but I hear they are pretty great.
Great grilled subs, I think there better than tubbys. Got the 10" Philly with peppers very filling, they offer it on special with frys and a drink for under 10 bucks. Fresh made clean restaurant something a little different.

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Store is open now