Piper Restaurant

2225 S Shore Dr
Macatawa, 49434
Wow, I'm impressed. For being by Lake Macatawa and off the side of the road, I'm impressed by the food quality of this place. First of all, everything was good. Usually... I find something wrong with one of the portions of my meal- whether the food being over/under done, the presentation of it, etc. But, this place was surprisingly good! We went here tonight for my mom's birthday. As my parents remembered going here 20 years ago (yeah, the restaurant has been around for a while), we opted to go here, just for the memories. Off the road next to the marina, when you walk into the restaurant, you're greeted with the view of the marina and the lake, a gorgeous sight at dinner time. We decided to split three entrees. We split the almond crusted walleye, the bbq pork pizza, and the "piper special combo" of beef tenderloin on skewers. The almond crusted walleye was GOOD. It was cooked just right (not too dry or overdone), with this great almond topping and some type of almost sweet and sour dressing to go with it. The presentation of it was great too. As they are known for their pizzas, we opted to get one. It reminded me of a NY style pizza..- more of a thinner crust, but it was so good. Not too greasy, a great size, and the bbq pork (with jalapenos! and peppers) were distributed thoroughly throughout the pizza, making the whole dish a pretty light dish. The Piper combo came with a soup (which I forgot the name, but it had kind of a beef broth with some types of greens and beans in it. really good) and the beef tenderloin was marinated in this type of asian/soy sauce/sesame dressing which was SO GOOD! It was cooked pretty perfectly. I mean, the meat wasn't the highest grade, but man, it was cooked well. The shrimp and other veggies (bok choy, etc), were good as well as they had type of sweet glaze over it. SO GOOD. For dessert, they brought out a special dessert for my mom's birthday: a type of mulatto cake with coffee gelato in the inside, where they caramelized (like a flan) the top. Oh, it was rich and good. What was cool, was that the presentation was great, and they had these "coffee beans" around the cake...which were really chocolate! Love it! I was thoroughly surprised to find this restaurant to be so good, as it was kind of hidden off in the middle of the Holland area. The service was great as well- my mom kept asking him the size of all the portions, and he knew them- didn't have to go find someone to ask or anything- he didn't even hesitate. haha. I was slightly annoyed though as how often the water was refilled. Every time I sipped, someone would refill it..which is nice, but I don't take huge gulps! Besides that, this place was great. We walked around the restaurant (great and beautiful flowers all around) and out to the marina after dinner. What a great place. The customers who comprised this restaurant were mostly... old..but, what do you expect, who ELSE can own a yacht AND go out to dinner on a Tuesday night? haha.
Great View. Almost every seat in the restaurant has a view of the marina and lake. Food was good. I had a baked fish (Corbia, maybe?), that was on a bed of asparagus, and was topped with a herb cheese and serrano ham chips. My wife had a pizza which was ok. She removed a topping and added basil to the pizza and they still charged her extra for the basil. The mussels as a starter were ok. The mussels were in a thin wine sauce (not very tasty), and the mussels were smaller than the PEI mussels I am used to. I guess you just need to know what to order as the food is hit or miss.
Friends recommended this restaurant to us. Given the fairly poor showing of high qualify restaurant fare in Holland we were excited to finally dine here. Awesome views even in the dead of winter. Ambience in the restaurant was great and it is very clean with a great atmosphere. Excellent wine selection and drink menu. We started with some creative martinis and were very impressed. The service was excellent and prompt. Food selection was outstanding. I had the salmon and my wife had the walleye. Both were top of line meals. Great presentation, outstanding mix of flavors and tastes, well prepared and great portions. I have to admit that The Piper has just taken over the #1 spot on our opinion of best restaurants in Holland.

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American (New), Seafood, Sandwiches

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