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Leelanau, 49636
On July 1st 2013, I and my wife rented a room for two nights at The Home Stead for $250.00 a night. We checked in and went to our room. Once in the room I noticed some dirt around next to the walls and some cob webs hanging from the ceiling but I didn't say anything, having traveled to many developing nations. Spend the day finding our way around and went to see the sunset on Lake Michigan. We were a little bummed because we couldn't get a drink at the restaurant by the tennis courts so we only had coffee. The next day we went into town and checked things out and went to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. When we got back to our room we noticed that the bed was not made and the room was not cleaned. I thought for $250.00 you would think you would get better service. It was late so we went to bed. The next morning we got cleaned up (using the same wet towels) packed and loaded the car. We stopped at the front office to make sure the charges for the coffee were on the bill and to check out. The young lady at the desk asked how everything was and I told her I was disappointed that the room was not cleaned and she asked me to tell the manager and went to get the manager. She came back in a couple minutes and said that the manager was busy and asked that I wait to talk to him. After about ten minutes I asked her to inform the manager and that I would be leaving. She asked that I wait because I paid for room cleaning and if I didn't get it I should have to pay for it. After about 15 more minutes I told the lady that I was leaving and if the manager wanted to talk to me he had my number and left. After about 2 hours on the road we got a call from the manager. Because I was driving I gave the phone to my wife when the manager told my wife that he didn't think we had a problem. She explained that it was her that made the bed, cleaned out the tub and hung the towels. I said tell him about the cob webs and dirt, when she looked at me and said that he didn't believe her and that he was going to check with the maid. At this point I became upset and asked for the phone which my wife refused to give me and hung-up.
The view from the top of the dune is priceless. And I mean one of the most spectacular places in North America. That does not however justify the poor service, and to have a resort like that and not keep it clean...c'mon. there was trash in the entryway to the room, trash sitting in bags that the housekeeping staff set out, there was hair in the tub, enough that it was not an oversight. the room was small, and with the group discount still 225+. Seriously?!?!?! I was very let down. The whole resort seemed dead, no where to grab food at 11am on a saturday. Just real surprising. As a Michigan native who has left and loves returning, it saddens me to see little attention to detail and even less attention to service. They are sitting on a gem, and I guess they figure that they can ignore garbage and people will still come because of that view. Well not this guy....smell ya later Homestead.
Part-time ski resort. That was our impression. Come here for the view of Lake Michigan (it is beautiful!) but that's about it. There aren't many runs, they're pretty short in length, and the chair lifts are horrible. This seems good for families with younger children because even if they try to be cool and ditch the parents, they can't go too far. There are a ton of (expensive) condos on site that most people stay at. My husband and I were one of the few people skiing there that weren't staying on property. You won't find a main ski lodge with a bar, cafeteria, locker room, etc. Once we actually found the place to buy lift tickets (I had to call them from out in the parking lot) we had to change into our gear in the rental area amongst others putting on their rentals. There aren't racks outside the building to put your gear so everyone just leaves it laying around all over the place. Like I said, it's a part-time ski resort. Luckily we became so bored with the place close to lunch time that we just left. Otherwise, I'm not sure where we would have eaten.

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