Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

510 S Paw Paw St
Lawrence, 49064
This please is awesome!!! I am from Texas this place is the real thing. I wish I had taken a picture of my torta it was very good. The guacamole was the bomb.
We've visited a few times and are always very happy with our food. This visit was no exception. As usual I had the Bistec con Rajas y Queso as usual and it was excellent. This is one dish where temperature is key and it usually comes out piping hot. My wife had flautas and found them to be delicious. Service has never been amazing but this visits experience was a bit worse than usual. Our waitress arrived upon our initial arrival and when we weren't ready to order was never seen again (literally). We eventually flagged down another waitress who took care of us although she was also very slow. It seems to be standard practice that you never receive a check and have to go to the counter and tell the cashier what was in your order to checkout. Either way the food was delicious and service was what we've come to expect. We'll be back again, but aren't rushing to break the door down.
THE BEST CHILAQUILES this breakfast food fan has ever eaten. Hands down, no questions asked, the best. Simply but wonderfully prepared and full of deep flavor. Oh....and great service to boot. Don't miss the place.

(269) 674-3159


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