The Pasta House

337 Main St
Kinde, 48445
We drive 50 miles to eat here. 'Nuff said.
Calamari was freshly prepared and not overly breaded, cooked perfectly to be tender and not chewy. Pizza was excellent! The crust was tender but had a crunchy bottom, the "handle" wasn't too big and the remainder wasn't too thick. The sauce had small bits of tomato in it still and had a great balanced flavor without being too spicy. Toppings were chopped finely and distributed evenly so you got a mix of your toppings. The cannoli had a filling that was a great balance of the ricotta and cream. The shell was crispy with just a hint of cinnamon. Far and away the best meal we've had all weekend in our Thumb of Michigan trip!!! Worth the drive down from Port Austin! We'll be back!
Pasta house was a good meal in a nice quant little thumb town. The food was good, but not spectacular, the service the same. I had the lasagne which was a pretty hearty portion and the kids all had spaghetti. Everything was tasty and I'd definitely come back again, but nothing stuck out as a must order item. The negative of the trip had to be the complete and total lack of cell coverage in downtown Kinde - it made for a nice electronics free dinner though.

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