West End

786 W Highland Rd
Highland, 48357
West End bistro, sports bar, and billiards rolled into one large open area. When I visited on Saturday night the place was humming with people watching MSU trounce Purdue and playing billiards. Excellent bar. We had the Sicilian pizza which was more than enough for 4 people. menu 59west.com/westendmenu.h… This is part of a very large complex including catering/banquet facility, sports bar, and more
I've only been here a couple times through the years, and I cannot remember leaving disappointed. My oven is out so I ordered take out from here a couple times recently, the food was hot and exactly as ordered. The burgers and pizza are great, and appetizers are ok too. I would even consider doing an event here.
We have driven past this place a couple of times, without knowing that it was a sports bar/restaurant. We saw all the cars out front, and then we came back for great lake trivia (on Thursday night). it is located at the back of a strip mall, past the salvation army location. It's another big place with 15-20 billiard tables and a number of video games around the outside of the billiard tables. The dining area and bar are on the other side of the place, there is even a gym someplace in there. There are pretty good drink specials, with a good selection of beers on tap and in bottle. There are plenty of TV screens to watch uMultiple sporting events. The foods is pretty standard fare, more bar food then fine dining, but it fits the mood of the place.

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American (New), Pool Halls

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Schwartz’s Deli

1100 S Milford Rd
Highland, 48357
Had some great sandwiches here today and the service was very friendly. Had to knock off a star because the restroom was an example of a third world nightmare.
OMG are you kidding me with this!!!! Unreal, just top notch. I had this placed bookmarked for a while, and finally got to come in. Boy did I regret waiting so long. Had the #3 Pastrami, slaw, russian, swiss, on rye. I subbed in a Onion Roll, and asked for it grilled. Extra russian on the side. One bite, and I stood up and ordered another to go. The slaw was crisp, not too creamy and not to tangy. His russian dressing is addictive, and thick. Loved the old and new dill, quality. Homemade chicken noodle soup was perfection. Chunks of shredded tender chicken that was clearly made with care. Well balance broth, not overly salty. First time in a long time I did a sandwich / soup combo as it's not usually my thing and I was so happy. I also got a #1 to go, which is corned beef, slaw, russian, on rye. I'm usually a Pastrami guy all day, I love it and it's great here, but the corned beef was even better. The corned beef flavor lingered in the back of your mouth even after the falvor of swiss, slaw, and russian faded away. I've had Sy Ginsberg's corned beef before, but never in sandwich form. Mother of god. For those not in the know Sy Ginsberg's corned beef is from United Meat and Deli out of Detroit, it is ridiculously good. Schwartz's is all Detroit / Michigan, serving up Faygo products, better made potato chips, Detroit meats, and bread from Southfield's BakeStation. Here's a clip from their website "Schwartz's Delicatessen was formed 6 yrs ago when Michael Schwartz learned from leading Deli man and uncle of the world famous Bread Baskets, Ron Foreman. He taught him every everything, from cooking our famous mouth watering Corned Beef by Sy Ginsberg to hand slicing every loaf of fresh out of the oven double baked Jewish Rye. Michael then went on to open his first delicatessen in Lansing. It was a hit right off the bat in the heart of collage town. He then moved to his home town in Milford where we settled today." I literally can not stop thinking about the next time I get to eat here.
The best Corn Beef ever !!! We frequent often and Mike knows the kids orders when we walk in the door !! EXCELLENT !!!

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Crazy Gator Pizza

1850 N Milford Rd
Highland, 48357
Best in highland. Quick delivery. Some of the best pizza you will find. Friendly service. What else can you say about a pizza joint
Every time I have Crazy Gator pizza, I ask myself why I don't go more often. The pizza style here is something I used to have to drive out towards Livonia to get. It's kind of greasy, kind of salty, and arguably better cold (though it's pretty great hot). Toppings are pretty generous, and I've yet to get a pizza here that wasn't cooked to perfection. Breadsticks are going to be a love / hate item for most, because they're soft, and almost sting with garlic and salt. Pizza sauce will take the edge off. The cheese dip is for people who want to double down on the garlic and salt. (Personally, I get both.) I'm not usually much of a salad guy, but I picked up their family deal the other night and opted for the antipasto salad. I have to say, it was awfully nice. Instead of a plastic container full of lettuce with a couple of pepperoni and some cheese, this was probably half lettuce, half ham / salami / onion / olive / cheese / tomato. I was really impressed with how much food you get. Great pricing, and late hours, too.
This is a pretty good pizza place. Their quality has been consistent over the years. They have had the same family deals for as long as I can remember. $20 bucks for 2 pizzas, bread sticks and salad is a great deal.

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D’s Colonial Cafe

1415 S Milford Rd
Highland, 48357
I am from Phoenix Arizona and my husband and I were in Michigan for a U of M Game (GO BLUE!). A friend of ours from Michigan told us about D's and so we thought we would just have a quick breakfast there one morning out of respect for her. SO GLAD WE WENT the first time and three other times in the same trip! Everything we had was amazing, especially the pancakes. Now every time we eat pancakes anywhere else, we compare them to D's. Haven't found any better so far. It's not fancy, but that's not why I go to eat at places really. Highly recommend this place...infact we just got a call that my husband's father is not doing very well health wise and we have to make a trek back there...but it'll be worth the pancakes!!
My husband and I came here with our son for Sunday breakfast. The food was fine - standard greasy spoon diner food. Generous portions of breakfast meat. However, everything else about the experience was pretty remarkably bad. The waitress was rushed and largely unattentive. We waited over 30 minutes for our food after we ordered (the place is small, you would expect a couple plates of eggs to come out much quicker than that)... And while we were waiting, we watched our waitress get into a very loud argument with one of the cooks. Also, someone was clearly smoking somewhere in the back of the restaurant - the whole place was filled with it.
I used to be a very big fan of D's. However, the last three times I have gone to breakfast on a Sat morning their quality has reduced significantly. Hash browns are soggy and greasy, sausage patties dried out, toast is blackened but not really toasted at all. Eggs were great... Thats linked to the lady working the frying pan station... She knows how to cook. If she could handle the whole kitchen, consistency of product would increase immediately. I've had whole breakfasts made by her and they are THE best. Im done with D's for awhile. Still better than your average coney but no longer worth the 20 min drive.

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Breakfast & Brunch

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The Weal Inn

2933 E Highland Rd
Highland, 48356
The Dive. This is absolutely the dive. Best in the area super local following. Next to the tattoo place. The burgers are good, better when you drinking dollar beers, if you can get the specials. Straight up unpretentious, hi light after work.
Great burgers and great drink specials! My wife and I tried the weal burger and it was delicious! We've also been there for the fish fry and have enjoyed it! The price point is perfect. The Weal Inn is the type of place where everyone knows your name.
Amazing burgers and booze!!!!

(248) 887-8140

Pubs, Karaoke, Irish

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Highland House

2630 E Highland Rd
Highland, 48356
I grew up eating here, and can honestly say that 20 years ago, it used to be THE PLACE to go. However, not a thing has changed over those 20 years. They have very good breadsticks and very good greek salad. Everything else is mediocre, and not worth the price for the outdated decorations and food found other places done better for less. A side note about the breadsticks, their express location down the road cooks them better.
Every time I go here it's the same, great breadsticks, cool dessert place across the street in the summer. Love the inside, great price, super retro casual Italian American like cuisine.
I came here to have a little birthday dinner with a friend before heading to the bar and I was taken back when I walked in. I have heard really good things about this place and I have no idea why. This place is a Coney Island that serves alcohol. Although, I ordered the Mac N' Cheese and it was pretty good, I enjoyed it. The decor is extremely outdated, it is really dark and dingy (I don't think there are any windows), and not very clean. The service was slow and the bathrooms were disgusting.

(248) 887-4161

American (Traditional)

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Skybox Sports Grill

2825 Highland Rd,Ste 133
Highland, 48356
I went to the SkyBox the other day for dinner. I had the macaroni and cheese to start. It was amazing. Some of the best I have had. It actually had bacon and ham in it!!! Next I had the chicken ranch roll up. Very fresh and their own hand breaded chicken strips are amazing. The service was good and the atmosphere was great. I will be back.
Nice place! fast service and a good selection on food.
I have been in the Skybox Sports Grill a couple times and the food has been good both times. The first time I visited, they had just opened up, so the menu was still limited. I had the Skybox Stuffed Burger, which was excellent! It was cooked as I ordered it and it came out hot. The only thing that I would say they could do to improve it would be to add cheese to the top, instead of just stuffing it in the middle. My wife had the chicken quesadilla, She loved it and when I took a taste, it was delicious. I really loved the addition of bacon to the mix. My son ordered buffalo wings and they were very meaty and the sauce had zip, but there was not too much heat. As far as the service goes, I think they were still working out the kinks the first time we were in there. We had to wait a very long time for our food and our waitress couldn't seem to remember anything we ordered. It also took about 20 minutes for the waitress to produce a kid's menu. That being said, the service was not perfect the second time we went (a few weeks later), but it had improved tremendously. Overall, I would recommend the Skybox to anyone looking for a new place in the White Lake area to eat.

(248) 889-7591

American (New)

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Comeback Inn

1451 S Milford Rd
Highland, 48357
Great place for a beer :) such a local party. The owners really know the regulars and always give great deals. Try the Mac and cheese
What a really great experience. I've dined and drank here a few times but tonight I got to meet the owner and hang out with him he made me feel like I was one of his old friends. all of my experience here have been good, but my last two visits were exceptional. I would highly recommend this bar and grill to anyone. the food is good and the drink prices are reasonable. my girlfriend swears to me they have the best blackened chicken Caesar she has ever had. in fact she has insisted on coming here many times for it.
This is a comfortable, laid-back, welcoming place with decent food. Our waitress was very friendly and on the ball. We came here for dinner with my family during the week, and it was plenty busy. The bar had its own share of customers; looking like they just came off the golf course. That seems to be the kind of vibe going on. Our food was good for what it was, reasonably priced standard American fare. We will be back. My teenagers liked it, and it's our kind of local go-to place. Good burger, surprisingly good salmon, fresh salads and great fried pickles. Only disappointment were the nachos, which were overcooked and dried out.

(248) 887-5900


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Duke’s of Highland

1200 S Milford Rd
Highland, 48357
First experience here. The food was very good and filling - two beef enchiladas with lettuce, tomato, sour cream (individually packaged and served on the side), and salsa. Rice and beans come with it. $7.99 Menu is Mexican with an assortment of American cuisine thrown in.
First time visiting this establishment. A rather dated decor but clean. A typical bar/restaurant. The wife and I visited this place on Saturday evening (dinner time) and was surprised it didn't have more patrons. I ordered the pizza and the wife ordered a traditional burger and fries. She was satisfied with the burger and the pizza was decent. For being rather slow, I was surprised that the waitress seemed in a hurry to get us fed and out the door. One of my biggest pet peeves is when my beverage is not kept filled. She promptly came to the table after I ate two pieces of pizza and asked if I wanted a box for the rest of my pizza completely ignoring my empty class of Coke. Really, the best way to sum up this place is to just call it "average". Nothing horrible but nothing fantastic either. The customer service needs to be tweaked but otherwise, it's just an O.K. place.
Dined here on a recent weeknight and it was disappointing. Wife had the baked spaghetti while I had the pasta shells. The spaghetti arrived and the first thing my wife noticed was that the interior of her spaghetti was cold. Not as in it had been sitting in the kitchen waiting to go, but cold as in somehow it wasn't microwaved properly or else the pasta hadn't been warmed enough. Come on guys, that's like Cooking 101. My pasta shells were obviously frozen and microwaved. They were tough and tasted exactly like the frozen pasta shells I can get with a TV dinner. Yeech. About the only good thing I can say was that the service was good but the waitress never asked us how the dinner was or I would have told them to call a real chef and serve real food instead of frozen crap. Gordon Ramsay would have a field day here with the food. Keep movin' if you're thinking of stopping here.

(248) 887-8230

Burgers, Mexican

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Burger King

2775 E Highland Rd
Highland, 48356
I hate to pile on here, but I've gone through this drive through for many, many years and it's always terribly slow. I have to believe the management has changed over the 15-20 years I keep trying this place, but the slow drive through never speeds up! The food is just like every Burger King, but the drive through forces me to avoid this place.
Extremely slow service there is nothing fast about that food ! Live less than a quarter-mile away and will never eat there again!
Worst Burger King you could ever go to hands down. I live near by so naturally I've been there a few times just for munchies. Honestly about 8/10 times, they will mess up an order and take forever doing it so even if you want it replaced you will need a to of patience for them to remake it and by that time it's not even worth it. It's been like this for years. Just go to mcdonalds down the road and save yourself some time and a headache.

(248) 887-0030


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