The Family Inn

6380 N 11th St
Delta, 49894
It as become more of a tradition that we eat here before we all head out of town and head home. The place has a great atmosphere as its another locally owned business. The staff has always been friendly and the food has always tasted good. Yes, a lot of the regulars are a little older, but WHO CARES?!? I was impressed that our waitress was able to keep up with our party as there were 10 of us...4 were 14 and under. I went with the Denver Omelet, and hash browns. There was a good mix of fillings with the green pepper, ham, etc. The hash browns were not too crispy or burnt. My drink never went empty, and our waitress actually had a personality and interacted with us during our entire visit. I have never had anything other than breakfast...but that's really the only food anyone really needs.
Nothing special or exceptional on the menu here. It's "okay" if you are hungry but if you are looking for something amazing, look else-where.
Do not order the stuffed peppers. Looked like the dreaded pink meat with white speckles that I think was supposed to double as rice. The pepper was so over cooked that it was mush being held together by the skin. It oozed when I cut into or rather slid my fork through it. I thought well it can't get any worse so I added my side of corn to it thinking maybe this will help. Wrong. The corn must have been boiling for days tasted like water. Yes ,warm water with salt. The potatoes are powdered.The gravy had zero taste. The people who should eat here should make sure their tastebuds are dead because there is no taste to be had here. Travelers looking for that unsung mom and pop pass on this one and go to one of the franchise places.

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