The Pointe Bar & Grill

1200 Eagle Point Rd
Clarklake, 49234
Enjoyed an early dinner with Sandra and Sue. The ladies enjoyed Cajun Catfish, which was very good. I had a very tasty Ahi Tuna appetizer downed with a cold bottle of Dragons Milk. A side of chili was also very tasty!
After a long day at the race track, my coworkers and I were concerned that any restaurant we visited the food and service would be poor due to the late hour of our arrival but I have never been happier to be proved wrong than with our visit to Pointe Bar and Grill. The service was great; even the server in training was accommodating. The food was delicious and not because we were all starving either (we actually tested this theory as we ordered lunch to go next day). Though I enjoyed my shrimp and lobster pasta and absolutely loved, loved, loved the table bread served before our meals and the flash fried calamari fries. delicious and will visit again next year when in town!
I Have gone to the Pointe quite a few times now with friends, and family and several times just my husband and I. The place is very nice inside compared to many other places up here on the lake. Waitresses have been friendly however many times they are overwhelmed and you can sit at a table 15 minutes before anyone even acknowledges you are there!(one night another couple left in disgust but we stuck it out) My food has been good, the tuna is great but when we came in as a party of 12 (with a reservation) only half of the food came out after a very long wait and several dishes were bad when they were finally served to the last half of our party. I'd like to see a manager roam around talk to guests and find out how the experience is for the patrons and perhaps run interference. Outside the staff will not make eye contact. Saying "Hi someone will be right with you!" is just good manners and goes along way when you have been sitting for 10-15 minutes with no one saying a word to you! Darrell needs to make it a point to see that everyone will come back instead of just relying on friends. Hard to become a regular if you feel ignored. I will give it a few more tires. My recent experience was better so maybe someone is catching on:)

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Beach Bar

3509 Ocean Beach Rd
Clarklake, 49234
Really great place if you want to grab some good food for a great price. The atmosphere is casual and right across from the lake. The tomato soup is the best I have ever tried. My husband and I love it and always order it. My husband tried the Reuben and said it was better than the one he had in chicago. I tried the submarine hoagie and it was so good! Just the other day we both split the pastrami and that was also the best pastrami sandwich I've ever had. That's all we've tried so far but we love the tomato soup and their sandwiches!!
Soup, outstanding. Drinks, pricey. Skip the alcohol and order Tomato Soup, you won't be sorry.
Beach Bar Tomato Soup is an absolute must! I can't stop thinking about this perfectly cheesy, crouton covered soup.

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In Good Company

9039 S Meridian Rd
Clarklake, 49234
Finally made it here for dinner after two years of thinking about it. This place always threw me off, mostly because of it's name and location - it's in the middle of nowhere. But I'm so glad I tried it (and have been back a couple times now). The food is amazing - there's a new chef in the past 6 months. The service has been good and the atmosphere inside is very inviting. The only downside for me is the well water they serve. I can't drink it, and wish they had a purifier or just bottled. But I can get past that and get something else. Oh and for bourbon lovers, they have a huge selection and, from what I understand, host tastings fairly frequently.
Food was good but service was horrible. All the waitresses would forget drinks or take way too long to bring the simplest of things. The oatmeal is very strange, however the multigrain breakfast is delicious. I probably wouldn't go back especially if I just wanted a quick meal.
I was disappointed in our breakfast. When we arrived we were told it would be 15 min wait, place was not very busy at all. When we were seated it took awhile for the waitress to get our drink order. We wanted Bloody Mary's with our breakfast, but they couldn't serve us before noon. Here's an idea, if several people ask for drinks on a Sunday morning, get the permit to sell, you'd make money on it! When our food came it was very plain, I ordered French toast and it was bland, I could've made better at home. My husband ordered an omelet and it was mostly cheese. I used to tell everyone how good the food was there, but after this breakfast not sure if I want to go back.

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