Bridgewater Bank Tavern

8452 Boettner Rd
Bridgewater, 48115
Great place to eat; terrific service, good variety on the menu, and the drink menu shows good variety and forethought too. If you drink wine, make sure to try the local Saline wines. We like the Spotted Dog red.
This place puts "Voted Best Tavern in Bridgewater" on their menu - so it must be good, right? :) The best part is, I don't think that there's another Tavern in Bridgewater, so by default, they are it. The place is always busy. I'd say that the $1 coneys, cheap other foods, and decent beers and prices help them out. It's tough out there... and these guys will make it just a little easier on you. The staff is friendly and hard-working, and the food is about average. My turkey noodle soup was quite salty, but otherwise had a good flavor. The corn bread was sent through the microwave, so it was a little rubbery towards the end. I think that for $1.25 I'd expect a little better. The coneys were just what you wanted them to be - especially for $1. The cheese is an extra $0.50 though - that seems a little high for just a sprinkle. I mean, that's 50% of the cost of the coney! :) Overall, decent place to hang w/ locals if you are in the area. Oh, and the bathroom is FAR nicer than expected. Usually I'm a little nervous about hitting the bathroom in places like this - but fear not, it's clean and has been remodeled in this century. Well, maybe last... but towards the end.
Very good bar food. Nothing to get them a michelin star but served above average. Good service. Friendly. Friday fish is great!

(734) 429-5875

Burgers, Chicken Wings

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