Burger King

6465 Telegraph Rd
Bloomfield, 48301
The employees are very friendly here. The food on the other hand is not very good. It is very bland and most of the times rubbery. Every time I get fries or onion rings I regret it. They are always cold, old and mushy. The chicken sandwich's are stale tasting. The only thing I could recommend could be the Hersey's pie.
This is the only fast food restaurant (not in a gas station) near where I live, I wish it were better. I don't go here anymore becasue the food quality, the service and the entire experience leaves so much to be desired. It is nice to have a place with WiFi that you can use to debug laptop problems though.
Against my better judgement I gave this location another shot. Something must have changed because this was a great experience. They lost power in the area but this bk has a generator. No wait in the drive thru. Friendly employees AND the correct order that tasted great.

(248) 540-2237

Burgers, Fast Food

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Bagger Dave’s Burger Tavern

6608 Telegraph Rd
Bloomfield, 48301
I didn't think it could get any worse at Bagger Dave's, but it did. After spending $70 on dinner, two of my kids went next door to DQ for ice cream while we waited for the bill. Our kids came back in with their ice cream from DQ and were told by the manager that they had to leave. We told our kids to wait with us while we wait for the bill to come. The manager came over and told us that we had to leave. In a half empty restaurant, this is not how you treat customers. When we voiced our displeasure with her about it, she threatened to call the police. Unbelievable.
The burgers are amazing here!! I especially like their turkey burgers. They are very juicy and flavorful. Then there is the list of items you can put on your burger. From fried eggs to guacamole - it gives you so many taste combinations. Be inventive .. Be daring!! You also have to try the fries, sweet potato chips and their homemade fountain drinks. The staff at Bagger Dave's is very friendly, welcoming and helpful so tip well!!
I have only been to the BD in Brighton, and it was great. So when I had a powerful craving for a BD burger, I looked up the one closest to me and traveled 9 miles one way to this BD in Bloomfield. Big mistake. I ordered a custom burger and filled out the little form. I absolutely hate onions, so I was sure not to check the onions box. They brought me a burger that I really wanted to eat, but it was smothered with sauteed onions. I sent it back, and they brought it back out a few seconds later with about half of the onions picked off and the other half still stuck there in the cheese. This just said to me, "we don't really care if you like your burger or not; we don't care what you actually ordered; we're too lazy to fix our mistake, so just shut up and eat it." I could have picked the onions off myself if that was what I wanted, but I wanted a burger that was not already flavored with stinky sauteed onion juice. Even if they had picked off every onion, it would still have tasted like onions. Someone with an allergy would get sick from that kind of laziness in the kitchen. I didn't eat it. I had the waitress take it off the bill, paid for my drink, tipped her (wasn't her fault) and left. This BD is a big disappointment and waste of time.

(248) 792-3579

American (Traditional), Burgers

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Tim Horton’s

40 E Square Lake Road
Bloomfield, 48302
Went in today for a late lunch, (9/12/15) around 4:30pm, absolutely amazing staff. The woman at the cash register was very friendly, fantastic customer service. Made sure my iced tea was perfectly half sweetened the way I like it. Got my food ready quickly and perfectly. I have zero complaints. She was absolutely lovely. The restaurant was spotless, a very welcoming environment.
I'm a big fan of Tim Hortans. With many competitors like Starbucks, Dunkin donuts, Einstein Bros, and Bigby, I feel like Tims is overlooked and definitely underrated. It is my honest opinion that they have the best tasting coffee from all the franchises I've named. The bagels here are pretty good, my favorite is the everything bagel. They've just added a Nutella pastry too! The donuts here aren't bad either, they're no Krispy Kreme but they are better then mediocre tasting. This location in particular would have to be my favorite because it's right behind the rusty bucket, so it's kind of hidden.
A sign on the side of the road advertising free coffee made me turn in. Once I got to the speaker, I was notified the deal was over. So I ordered $1 large iced tea, no ice, and a salt bagel. Apparently they don't have salt bagels... pumpkin was an option but my total came to $3.75 or so. No bagel is worth that so I cancelled the bagel (which at this point was not at all what I had in mind) and drove around. My total: $1.58, the tea price was wrong on the board. Not that the $.58 is that big of a deal, but I was very aggravated. And my iced tea no ice was filled to the brim with ice. I drive by every day, and I won't stop again.

(248) 758-9670

Coffee & Tea, Bagels

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Twisted Fruit

3630 W Maple Rd
Bloomfield, 48301
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(248) 645-6000

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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