Village Ice Cream

875 Port Clyde Rd
Tenants Harbor, 04860
Ice cream and homemade pie. The absolute definition of summer. Need I say more?
Ginger ice cream was delicious and refreshing. My husband tried the yellow cake and that was tasty as well. Our friends tried the cookie monster and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. The shop is really cute and the baked goods, though we didn't try them, looked wonderful - fresh strawberry rhubarb pies and creamy fudge, for example. Was nice to walk along the water afterwards.
I dream about Village Ice Cream when I'm not in St. George. They serve Shain's Ice Cream manufactured in Sanford ME, which is rich and so delicious. They offer dozens of flavor choices, ginger and peppermint being two of my favorites and topping choices including some locally made, such as strawberry rhubarb. The staff is extremely friendly, and being a block from the ocean is yet another plus. Village Ice Cream is at the top of my ice cream shop lists.

(207) 372-6479

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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