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Surry, 04684
I stayed at the Surry Inn on business. Reservations were made for me and I assumed it was the only place around (it is not!). My stay was not too long after they re-opened after being closed for the winter. The place is very run down. The first room I was shown to was on the upper level and very hot (no air conditioning!). When I opened a window for air I found mouse droppings on the window sill and then noticed them in other places about the room. I was offered a more expensive room for the night at the same price while this room was being cleaned but I chose not to return to the mouse room. The second room was larger, with an attached bathroom and on the first floor so it was cooler. None of the rooms had locks on the doors but this one at least had a small latch. The door didn't shut all of the way and I stuffed toilet paper along the opening at the top each night (because I could see the hall light shining through) to block the light and the mosquitoes. The carpet was stained, I couldn't move the bed to get to the electrical outlet (and I was a little afraid of what I might find) so I had to plug my cell phone charger into the medicine cabinet in the bathroom to charge (which had only one working light). Several spiders and mosquitoes, an earwig and something that fell and scurried away inside the wall all left me feeling uneasy. I also had water coming down one wall from the shower above me one morning. Others staying there from my group experienced no hot water for two days, one night with no water at all and more random bugs. The wife side of the couple who owns the place was very nice and apologetic for the issues. The Inn old. They seem to be doing the best they can and the breakfast was very good. They did let me keep some left overs in their fridge. I'm not into camping or roughing it all that much so this place was really tough for me but it might be great for someone who wants a very rustic experience. No TV, air-conditioning, door locks, irons or alarm clocks. The view was very pretty and the area was nice.

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