Uno Pizzeria & Grill

280 Maine Mall Road
So. Portland, 04106
We ate here last Saturday , Our server Alesha was awesome very attentive and provided Great service! Our food was as one would expect from a national franchise chain resturaunt - tasty and filling nothing fancy or to write home about but comfort food that hits the spot and serves it's propose. The atmosphere was enjoyable and it wasn't as load as some other places in similar style eating can be. Our only major issue and kinda point of this review Other than to give praise to our waitress Alesha for her stellar service and warming smile on a busy night is that we couldn't really truely enjoy our dinner do to the fact we kept sticking to our table top at the booth. Every time we set our arms down we would stick to the damn thing- it got to be quite disturbing and kinda gross after a while. We even had over heard the booth next to us complain to each other about it as well. We know Alesha -wiped down the table and set it while we were waiting -so there wasn't anything spilled on it , it's rather earitating and again gross to think about- unsanitary to say the least! Would recommend not sitting in the booths if you go there- just a suggestion.
I gave this establishment a 2 star rating ONLY because of the service !! I'd give it NO stars for it's food !! I spent $64 FOR A PIZZA , A TOTALLY LAME APPETIZER PLATTER AND A VEGAN BURGER THAT WAS OKAY !!! So to sum up the meal , the fries were awesome as was all the sauce with the Chi Town appetizer !! I spent $64 FOR FRIES AND DIPS ... SAD !
We were running an errand at one of the Maine Mall shops so we stopped at Uno's on a whim for a quick lunch. What a bitter disappointment. The service was okay but the food was awful. I think this is the sort of place that cooks everything somewhere else, fast freezes it for shipment, and just microwaves it. Another Yelp reviewer said the food was gross, greasy and over-priced. I totally agree.

(207) 780-8667

Pizza, Gluten-Free, American (Traditional)

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