Olde Mill Diner

143 Belfast Augusta Rd E
Searsmont, 04973
This is a great example of how honest cooking makes simple food worthwhile and can turn a random road-trip lunch stop into a memorable meal. The reason to stop here is that everything is made from scratch, or at least closer to scratch than you usually find by the side of the road, where they (try to) make everything from breakfast eggs to pasta alfredo and wind up stocking the kitchen with pre-cooked, pre-canned, pre-made everything and using the microwave. The restaurant is an old house (or mill?) with a couple of rooms with tables and a small bar up front that probably serves pie and muffins rather than drinks. We shared a room with church ladies and a couple of bikers. Fried smelts were excellent! Biscuits were spoon-drops with some corn meal(?) in them. They make their baked beans from scratch. Chicken fingers were breaded and fried, not de-frosted in the fryer. Smoked haddock clam chowder was sweet and smokey and rich, like it's supposed to be. The house salad had fresh onions and radishes and other vegetables and it seems like someone actually made the salad dressing and tasted it first. When's the last time you got hand-made salad dressing at a diner? The menu covers a lot of ground, from pancakes to pasta, which is a danger sign. But there were a lot of variations on a theme, like pasta dinners with varying sauces. It has some variations that were new to us like fried chicken with "Montreal Sauce" (red peppers and other things; do they know about this in Montreal?) or General Tso's flavor (some sort of bottled Asian cocktail sauce?). I guess if you ate here a lot the variety is nice. But why would you order General Tso's chicken fingers in the middle of Maine? What's wrong with you? Stick with the local seafood, smoked-haddie clam chowder, biscuits, baked beans, fish sandwiches, etc. And when it's really busy, if you order a little bit of breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same table, and expect everything to come out perfectly done and at exactly the same moment, your expectations are frankly unreasonable. By the time we left, the line was out the door.
On our way to Bar Harbor, we stopped at this restaurant for lunch. After reviewing the menu, we settled on cups of cheese and potato soup topped with crumbled bacon. The soup lacked any discernible cheese flavor and was served at a temperature closer to tepid than hot. Though sandwiches were offered, all the other diners in our immediate area were feasting on either full dinner entrees or exceptionally large salads. Service was pleasant but slow until the owner/manager finally got off her butt and began assisting the sole waitress.
I have been several times but there seem to always be better options for home style food. Coffee is good, service is also generally good. Flavor in our selections was just OK and prices seemed to be higher than I felt the food deserved.

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