Lakeview Restaurant

9 Lakeview Dr
Saint Agatha, 04772
We had supper last Saturday night at the lakeview, they were filled to capacity. Our waitress was very friendly and made sure that our drinks were always full. She made sure our appetizers were brought promptly then brought our salads and fresh warm bread. Our entree was a little slower, but she kept us posted on the progress. Considering they had at least three good size parties we were more than happy with the service. The scallops and steak we had were cooked to perfection.
growing up, i used to LOVE Lakeview on the hill in Frenchville............the last two times i've been there, i've not been happy. last time i had fried clams. They came as one large mucky claim all fried together and when i broke it up, i had a bunch of wet batter dipped clams in my plate. I asked if they could cook them better and they brought me back a dish of dried our fried batter.............discusting. Prior to that i had ordered prime rib. it was so thin, i thought i could see through it. like a slice of roast beef. not happy at all with Lakeview and with such a great sporting club restaraunt down the street, can't imagine why anyone is dining here anymore.
A recent shift in operations has changed my opinion of the lobster rolls which is really all we go there for. In general the food is quite good and staff friendly, however, is not the upscale restaurant management is trying to make it out to be so prices are now higher but nothing else seems to have changed. Still a decent spot to grab a meal tho

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