Romano’s Macaroni Grill

415 Philbrook Ave
S. Portland, 04106
Quick service. Good food. Decent selection of beer on tap. I love the Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese Flatbread(with caramelized onions, truffle oil, herbs). I ask to substitute the mushrooms for Pepperoni and it is Delicious. I haven't had anything off the menu that I haven't liked.
I'm so over all the hubbub of oh, I don't eat in chain restaurants... Chain restaurants suck. Let's be real, there wouldn't be so many huge thriving chains if as many people didn't eat at them as they say.. So I am going to proudly state that I thoroughly enjoy macaroni grill. Yup. I said it. No need to make excuses. Carmela's chicken is amazing in all of its marsala cream and perfectly caramelized onion goodness. I could eat my leftovers for days but they won't make it 24 hours. The create your own pasta menu is another unique feature to tout. They are quite flexible with add ons that aren't listed if you ask nicely! The service was superior on this night as well, which is of the utmost importance when dining with a little one.
If I could I would give this place a half star!!!! We traveled south from northern Maine and were in the neighborhood for dinner. We are Californians but were surprised that on a week night most of the local "good" establishments close here in S. Portland at 7. (Say What?!?!) So we decided to hit a chain restaurant thinking it would be an upgrade from McDonalds. That's where we were wrong! Dead wrong!!!! We walk in around 8:30pm but are greeted with unhappy glances and gruffly given a table. I quickly checked my phone to see if this place was nearing its closing time but was pleasantly surprised to find they were open till 10:30. We had 4 kids and 2 adults and were seated at an ample sized round table. Upon sitting we asked for 3 kids menus and the rest adult menus. While looking over our menus I noticed that our table ware was dirty! Spaghetti sauce splatters on my daughters bread plate and all of our drinking cups and utensils all had crust of some kind. I hated to send back our cups requesting new ones thinking about the horror stories of people spit shining your cups. Our server was congenial but messed up our order giving us all adult portions. For the most part, the food did come out in record time but almost too fast. Everything looked like it had been under a warming light for sometime and totally tasted super prepackaged with no taste. Our sons personal pizza was burnt and they had to make a new one. I've eaten at other macaroni grills but this place was epically awful! Our server did make amends for giving us adult portions as we realize maybe she was having an off night. We tipped her good and felt bad that she worked with unfriendly staff, poor management, that doesn't have an eye for dirty ambience or even quality in food. In short, stay away from this place!

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