Anchor Inn Restaurant

Anchor Inn Rd
Round Pond, 04564
This restaurant has been sold. The entire venue has been dramatically remodeled and opening Memorial Day. The Anchor Restaurant.
Excellent food and scenic location. The Anchor Inn was our favorite restaurant in this section of Maine. It is a good location in both good and bad weather with ample protected seating. Definitely a good choice for either a casual lunch or a nice dinner. We've eaten here on the last 3 trips to Maine with consistent outcomes.
My grandmother likes this place; if not for that, I would never step foot in the door. Perhaps I am not yet used to food being as expensive as it has become, in the past few years, but I cannot abide a place that will charge $25 for ribs, and not even include a side salad. Oh, I got about 15 french fries, and some (rather boring*) slaw, but a salad would have cost me an extra $4.47 (not a typo), and dressing an extra 50 cents. Seriously, The menu said that salad dressing was extra. I'm not going to get into details about how flavorless and bland my ribs were, or how the waitress was ridiculously rude (we were all rather shocked), or how small and inconsistent the portions are, compared to the inflated prices. I don't really need to bother: the salad dressing pretty much says it all. Just extrapolate from there... * I understand that their target audience is elderly, thus the bland food, but that doesn't mean I like it.

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