Sundown Cabins - Soup’s On

Rockwood, 04478
Mark and Isabele Telesz, New Jersey natives who gave in to the call of Moosehead Lake, do a bang-up job on some seriously delicious Italian cuisine in this adorable little restaurant, which might seat 20 people in a pinch. In true Maine multitasking style, Mark is also a chiropractor who gets stellar reviews. Isabele is a true charmer who brings bread fresh from the oven to your table, fusses over you and helps you through the menu. How a restaurant tucked under the deck of a rental cabin business with a thimble-sized kitchen can offer three soups during dinner is sort of a marvel, but walk out the door and so is the view: Kineo Island and Moosehead Lake, ka-pow! right in the kisser! The crab-stuffed mushrooms and chicken marsala were to die for. It's BYOB, which means a short trip down the road to the Moose River Country Store. Did I mention everything is made from scratch?

(207) 534-7357


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