Cafe Sebago

1248 Roosevelt Trl
Raymond, 04071
Excellent breakfast food. I had the home made baked beans with eggs and toast. The bread was fresh and hearty. The coffee was good and we all left happy. The staff are friendly and service was pretty quick even when busy.
Recently drove to Maine from Philadelphia for the weekend for a wedding. Since the wedding was in Turner, decided to stop in Raymond to get the best corned beef hash I've ever had! Usually don't make a point of driving for 18 hours to get breakfast. However, in this case, I'll make the exception. Give the cook a raise!!
Update from bringing my whole family out here for breakfast this morning. After my morning run I invited my family to join me for breakfast. While waiting for them to come down to meet me I had endless coffee and another great chat with the same woman as yesterday(I also presume her and her husband are the owners). I watched her husband send out speedy after speedy meal; all of which looked delicious. They set up a nice table for my party of 10+ and the waitress was great. Everyone had nothing but raves for their meals and they were great about the two lactose allergies we have (no issues with their meals, a rare thing lately. Most places have issues catering to the simple allergy.). The corned beef and hash was very fresh and homemade. I had that in an egg white omelet and it was beyond fantastic. The toast there is great and hardy. Quite a fan. Pancakes, sandwiches, French toast, and eggs were amongst the things ordered and all were fantastic. The duo who runs this place and their staff is super friendly and great. Food is amazing. Needless to say but we will be here at least once more before our vacations end.

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Fishermen’s Catch

1270 Roosevelt Trl
Raymond, 04071
Literally the perfect place to stop for a meal near Sebago. Our group of six dropped by after we got back from kayaking down the Crooked River and could not have been more thrilled by this little gem. The lobster rolls are delicious. They give you the option to choose what type of bread (I chose dusted garlic) and what type of seasoning for the lobster meat (I chose lemon, which was light mayo with lemon pepper). So much variety for a lobster roll! I've never been able to choose before, and it honestly made it so much better because I find a lot of lobster rolls way too heavy on the mayo. The amount of meat given is also inside. We got this as a combo with fried shrimp, which were small, but crunchy and delicious. My boyfriend and I also got a 1.25 lb steamed lobster on top of the lobster roll + fried shrimp combo platter. Having just had a lobster a week or so ago in Boston, I have to say I was shocked by how much better the lobster here was. The shell was much easier to crack and the meat was just so much juicier and more flavorful. AND it was about $10 cheaper than Boston! Literally amazing. Their fries are super crispy as well, and I would highly recommend dropping by Fishermen's Catch for a casual meal.
Must agree with the other Yelpers, haven't had a lobster roll with as much lobsters in them as this place. Definitely the buttered garlic bread was better than the plain. It holds up better, good texture for the amount of lobster it has to hold. The lobster was fresh but not as sweet as I've had before, but given the quantity, you can't go wrong. We also had small orders of the fries and onion rings. Was a bit hesitant as I saw these being taken out of the freezer packets into the fryer but the fries, especially was fabulous!! Crispy and tasted a touch of butter! I got confused as there were two sets of choices you can make for your lobster roll. The first is for how you want your bun. The 'mix' is for how you want the lobster, itself, seasoned. It has a seafood market where you can buy lobster meat and other seafood items as well as fresh lobsters. Definitely a must for lobster rolls if you are in this area!
Went on a sunny weekday for lunch- The place has the cooked seafood offerings, plus the seafood market. I ordered the lobster roll w/ light mayo & garlic dusted. YUMMY! Very tasty and good portion. Grabbed a beer, my lobster roll, a seat outside on the picnic table and enjoyed! Will be back and you should check them out. (they ship lobsters as well!)

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A La Mexicana

1227 Roosevelt Trl
Raymond, 04071
So we returned to La Mexicana right after Christmas for another try. This time I ordered the Mole Poblano, which is an authentic southern Mexican dish. Good mole sauce takes about 15 - 20 ingredients and hours to prepare. The mole sauce over a huge portion of grilled chicken was spot-on and delicious, more proof that a Mexicana is the real deal in Mexican dining. My mother enjoyed the Chicken Enchiladas in salsa verde, my Dad had the spicy Chicken Colorado and my wife once again had the Pollo Fundido. This time the place was packed with families. Authentic food, great service and a great price.
Went there again and was not disappointed. The steak burritos are awesome!
I was pleasantly surprised with the food. My margarita was not the greatest, but the food was actually very tasty. I had the chimichangas and everything tasted delicious. The staff was very nice and attentive. I would definitely be back!

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Danielle’s Sebago Diner

1265 Roosevelt Trl
Raymond, 04071
We came upon this quaint little diner on our way back from Sebago, and am so happy we stopped! The waitresses are very to the point so be descriptive and ask for what's exactly on the menu. My boyfriend and I ordered coffees, two eggs, hash browns and bacon -- $11, total, and we were out of there in less than 30 min. I was hoping we would be sat in the beautiful sun room to the right, but I'm assuming that they didn't have it open because it was a weekday and probably not as busy as Sat or Sunday. Can't wait to go again!
Went to the new location for the first time. Overcooked eggs and potatoes.....not impressed at all....think the food has gone down hill!!
I was impressed. Food was delicious service was great and very friendly. I love places like this, comfortable atmosphere with great food.

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