Tributary Brewing Company

10 Shapleigh Rd
Kittery, 03904
Finally had the opportunity to tri-beer at Tributary Brewing. Outstanding facility, casual atmosphere, and most importantly - exceptional beer. All four flight options were uniquely delicious in their own way. Pumpkin was appropriate for the season, IPA and Pale Ale were great as well. Kate the Lab was also super cute.
The beer here is GREAT! The pale ale is the best I've ever had & can't wait for the porter to be poured. Tod knows beer, plain & simple. More good things to come I'm sure.
With only 4 beers on tap, you'd think I'd be less generous than 5 stars. Normally you would be right and my first thought was solid 4 stars. But Tributary was awesome and I'm feeling generous because of their great attitude and the promise of great things to come. Such a great space in the corner of a small mall, it was very polished and welcoming inside. Friendly staff, welcoming smiles, glad you're here kind of people. Everything is shiny and spotless. Love that. And bonus for being dog friendly! 4 ounce tastings are $1.50 each so you could have them all for about $6. Plus they will let you just have a small taste before you decide what you want to drink. Nice. Unlike many other craft brewers Tributary's offerings didn't have catchy names. They had a Pale Ale, Brown Porter, Wheat IPA, and a collaborative brew with Earth Eagle called a Sweet Fern Gose. If you've never tried a Gose you owe it to yourself to try this ancient German style of sour/salt almost medicinal wheat brew. This one was brewed with natural ferns that was quite something! We both loved their pale ale a lot. I'm sure there are great things ahead for Tributary. Highly recommend you stop in and try it!

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Sue’s Seafood

33 Old Post Rd
Kittery, 03904
Sue's is amazing! She makes the best lobster roll I've had in my life. The lobster is lightly dressed on a toasted bun- it's a simple preparation that really lets the fresh off the boat lobster shine. The store is clean, with cute tchotchkes to look at as well as some other tasty looking local goods. I haven't tried the other seafood as I'm usually passing through town, but it looks good as well. The lobsters in the tanks were truly enormous the last time I was there. Make sure to stop by if you're in Kittery, and keep an eye out for Donald Sutherland.
After trying to go to another lobster shack that was closed, we found this one as we made our trek back to New Hampshire. It did not disappoint and was well worth the stop! The (cold) roll was deliciously toasted and was over-stuffed with a hefty portion of lobster that was super fresh. If you're in the mood for a lobster roll, stop in and grab one. It's a good decision.
Stopped here on my drive up to Maine to get fish for dinner and the gentleman working there was a gem! The seafood was delicious, so fresh, but his assistance and positive attitude made this place stand out...will definitely return. Well done!

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Seafood Markets

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Portsmouth Harbor Inn and Spa

6 Water St
Kittery, 03904
The attitude was there from the second we walked in. We felt as though we were on a class trip and she was going to be watching us to be on our best behavior. It was so uncomfortable and off putting to say the least. It was my bf and I's one year anniversary, and instead of relaxing and being at ease, the owner made it everything but that while in the house. The moment we walked in she asked us to close the screen door behind us, rather than welcoming us in she was already scolding us. It was so rude! Not to mention, the screen door was open upon our arrival. She was already in a pissy mood that we were coming after our expected time due to Friday night traffic out of the city. 8pm was our arrival, which I would think to be pretty early considering how much we rushed from work. I called to make her aware that we would be a little late to be courteous and she said ok, well if it's later than 8pm you need to let me know because we need to eat too ya know. Who says that? Especially to someone who is paying a pretty good amount to stay at your bed and breakfast. From our arrival her behavior just continued to go on. I would have to say that I strongly believe she has some kind of stigma with younger people. Particularly her comments about not spilling red wine on her sheets and then being shocked that we wouldn't bring flip flops for the hot tub (so awkward.) It just went on and on. We also decided that the second morning there, our last, we wanted to skip out on breakfast so we could sleep in. Since it is OUR vacation, I didn't think that this would be a big deal. She was in shock that we weren't coming to breakfast, "Oh realllllly? Wow." Chill out lady. It's our vacation and we were courteous enough to let you know the night before rather than just not showing. We had a feeling she was going to react like considering her behavior prior, and we should not have felt that way. Again, OUR vacation, we will do as we please while still be courteous to your home, as we were. Everyone else at the inn seemed to have a great experience although they were all 35 up. Mind you I'm 28. Clearly an adult and should have been treated as everyone else. End result, I will not be returning and would not recommend anyone under 30 to go here, unless you want to feel like you are at boarding school. Oh, and when we were leaving, she said "you owe me money." I say, you need to learn some manners. My poor boyfriend having to deal with that from her after he booked a wonderful surprise for me.
This was a superb massage, very professional and relaxing. The hot tub felt great in the cool Maine air. Highly recommended.
We stayed overnight here a few years ago to celebrate Valentines day. We were met in the dining area with offers of port or sherry, detailed descriptions of local area restaurants, and friendly faces. Our room was cozy, a very homey feeling moreso than many B&B's I've stayed in, since they seem to be becoming more trendy and sterile (which is an aesthetic I like as well) and had a big claw foot tub in it, perfect for soaking in. The next morning we woke up to a fantastic breakfast prepared by the owners, and then it was on to spa time. My husband had a hot stone massage, which he loved, and I had a sugar and spice body massage coupled with an aromatherapy facial. Bliss, bliss, bliss. All the treatments took place in this large, sun soaked, warm barn (and it was in February, but it felt like spring inside the barn). They were able to tailor the treatments to adapt to my sensitivities, which I thought was fantastic. I just loved that both the quality of the treatments and the environment in which they took place in were just so above par. Sadly, we did not have time to sit in the outdoor hot tub, and let me tell you, if there is one thing I've learned from two trips to Iceland (other than the fact Iceland is awesome) is that sitting in hot water in cold weather is the best. Aside from the fact that the inn and spa are awesome, they are very very close to both Portsmouth (I really love Portsmouth) as well as the outlet stores in Kittery, if that's your thing. I loved this place, it's absolutely in my top 3 for both B&Bs and Spas, and I really need to get moving on getting back up there soon.

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Bed & Breakfast, Day Spas

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Dog House

181 State Rd
Kittery, 03904
These dogs are great! I've loved Flo's since the 1960's, but the parking's so darn bad and unsafe and the waiting so tedious that I was glad to find the Dog House a few years ago. These dogs are great. They do have quite the variety but the grilled dog with "the works," is really the best. I highly recommend this place.
Before eating at the Dog House I hadn't eaten a hot dog in years. They just don't do anything for me. Now that I've discovered this place, I've eaten here at least a dozen times. The bacon cheese dog with sweets, hots, onions and brown mustard just can't be beat. I don't know if it's the quality of the dog and the bacon or what, but this is not your normal dog. The service isn't bad, they're just not the most friendly. They're not rude either, though. Who cares, I'm there for the food, not to make friends. The prices are good too, just make sure you bring cash, they do not take debit/credit cards. If you're in the area, do yourself a favor and try it.
Tried to stop here for a quick lunch. Four customers (one order) ahead of me were waiting for their food. I stepped up to the counter and waited. And waited. One employee behind the counter did not acknowledge my presence for 5 minutes. How hard is it to say "I'll be right with you?" Must have been overwhelmed by the "rush". I gave up. Grabbed lunch at the Bagel Caboose across the rotary.

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American (Traditional), Hot Dogs

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Beach Pea Baking Co

53 State Rd
Kittery, 03904
Such a cute little spot. Food is great! People are friendly. Loved the curry chicken salad sandwich.
All you need to know is this: Their carrot dill hummus is the work of Gods. SERIOUSLY ADDICTING! Best hummus ever. I am so sad I only bought one container, I might seriously drive back up there this week from Boston just to buy all their hummus. We went here for the first time this weekend while we were staying in Maine. It was recommended to us from the hotel. It's very crowded because it's popular so that's a good sign but you do have to wait a bit to order. Parking can also be difficult so be patient. They have fair trade coffee which is great. They had a vegan soup that day so I got that and it was yummy (kale veggie). I also got a soy cappuccino. My boyfriend got a hot tea and little muffin. I was bummed to see they didn't offer any vegan pastries except some bread but no sweet things like muffins, cookies, or cakes. They had gluten free options but vegans need love too. The reason for the lack of a star is because the woman waiting on us was not friendly at all and very annoyed. Obviously she wasn't having a good day or just hating her job and unfortunately we got her as our service. I expect better from a local bakery like this - have your staff be pleasant and friendly to their customers. After she rang us up I realized I forgot to order the muffin and I was actually scared of telling her that because I wasn't sure how she would react. We came back the next day because I wanted to get sandwiches to go since we were in there earlier the day before and not at lunch time. I got the tofu sandwich on the board which is like a banh me. It was very good. The slaw doesn't have mayo so vegans are safe. My boyfriend got the chicken pesto and liked it. I also got a tub of that amazing dill carrot hummus, a tub of tofu salad, and an ice coffee to go. Next time I am in the area I will certainly be back, but for the love of good please have someone start carrying that hummus in Boston - I don't think I can live a day without it!
Came here for a quick lunch after shopping at the Kittery outlets, which is a quick 5 min drive . Cute spot to get lunch with a friend. I got the roasted veggie and goat cheese sandwich. The bread was very fresh and tasted great with the vegetables. Only downside was that they used too much oil in the sandwich (which you can kind of tell in my picture). They sell a nice variety of fresh baked goods, fresh bread and coffee too. Decided to buy a to-go container of their homemade granola to try on my morning yogurt. Looking forward to trying it out!

(207) 439-3555

Bakeries, Sandwiches

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Stella’s Sweet Cafe

1 Government St,Ste 3
Kittery, 03904
Tasty ice cream and decent prices. We got 2 smalls (2 scoops) and 1 kiddie (1 scoop) for under $10. Mine was chocolate peanut butter Heath bar and vanilla. Others were coconut choc chip and salted caramel (2). All were great. I would skip vanilla and try cookie dough next trip.
We've gone here for ice cream twice and so far, it's awesome! We haven't had the privilege of meeting Stella yet, or trying their breakfast, so are looking forward to both of those experiences. I love how it's a small pretty, light filled space that is owned locally. You won't get corporate fakery here, the friendliness is genuine even when super busy. They also have a creative alcohol/ice cream menu as well. It's tiny, so I wouldn't go in demanding that they make something not offered in the menu. Nice people working hard and serving up tasty stuff. What more could you want? An omelet? ( that was an intentional diss to the person made a 1star review to the owner who went out of his way to accommodate that class act. Lol
A beautiful Sunday morning and we decided to go to Stellas. No one was there but the waitress had a hard time with the two of us taking a four top table. She said they would fill up in a half hour. We would have been gone by then. The menu said eggs served to order. We ordered an omelet and she said they didn't do omelets due to space. We said okay we're going to go somewhere else to get one. How much room does it take to make an omelette???? Then the cook/owner said he would make one but came out of the kitchen to say he would make it this time but the next time we came in he wouldn't. We said good bye. Never again!

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Gelato, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Breakfast & Brunch

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AJ’s Wood Grill Pizza

68 Wallingford Sq
Kittery, 03904
It's a shame Yelp let's reviews like Azita's stay up. Of course a pizza place in Maine won't deliver a pizza 20 miles away you moronic troglodyte. Is that even a real review? We stopped in for a quick bite on a Thursday afternoon. We were the only people in the place and tried a couple of slices, my dining companion a straight cheese and I went for the grilled shrimp, applewood smoked bacon and a slice with their pulled chicken. All of them were fantastic, crisp and fresh. The parking is easy, the inside clean and while not spacious, it uses the space well. The prices were a great value and the staff very friendly and helpful offering suggestions due to my friend's dietary restrictions. Plus it's green, all the paper and plastic products they use are made from recycled material. They hit the food quality, price, and service trifecta for me, plus a neat menu with varied toppings and environmentally friendly for some bonus points. I rarely give a 5 star review after one visit, but they deserve it.
This is a review for the gluten free crowd from a fellow Celiac. Their gluten free pizza is good. Not as great as I hear their regular pizza is, but still good. They do not appear to make the crust in-house. I've had the exact same crust in the exact same tin foil pan at several other pizza places around the area. The crust will not fool you into thinking you're eating regular pizza, but it's still pretty good. They are very good about cross contamination and catering to the needs of Celiacs. Only downside is that their normal pizza crusts are cooked on a food fired grill. These are just placed in a conventional pizza oven. They also offer gluten free desserts and specials. In fact, if you head over to the main restaurant (Anneke Jans), their chef has a whole array of gluten free goodies. So, not the best gluten free pizza I've ever had (still satisfying though!), but in a world with limited gluten free options, this place will fill the void.
First off this place deserves nothing below a 4 star! They have the best gluten free pizza around! My boyfriend also gets the regular pizza and loves it as well. I will drive from Boston on a lazy Sunday just to get their pizza. The owner is wonderful, and truly has a passion for the restaurant. I also love that they have a great go-green feel, as well as many organic options too! Definitely a place to check out if your looking for a real "one of a kind" place!

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Pizza, Sandwiches

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Anju Noodle Bar

7 Wallingford Sq,Unit 102
Kittery, 03904
This place has amazing favors! I had the short rib rendang. This was braised short rib without the bone immersed in Indonesian beef stew sauce and layered in coconut faoro. The contrast of the sweet coconut and dried coconut strips and the mildly spiced beef and Indonesian beef stew was simply amazing. Each bite has the same contrast of sweet and salty. Unfortunately since I was at then end of my trip it would be a while until I return Check out the amazing menu!
Our last full day in New England was filled with 5 star eats and we definitely saved the best for last. Our first dinner on this trip was in Kittery and our last was as well. Aside from the lobster rolls, Anju was the memorable meal of this trip that I have already been raving to all my East Coast friends and fam about it. We started with the Native strawberry and mango salad that also had sliced papaya and Maine blueberry to accompany the stars. Light and refreshing and a perfect start to the meal. I continued my shellfish extravaganza and went with the brown buttered seared scallops over carrot harissa hummus so tasty I was wishing for more. The creatively presented ginger golden beats diced small enough, made to look like a creamy risotto kept this dish clean and me satisfied without feeling stuffed. The flavors melded together beautifully and the open kitchen allows you to see first hand the flawless execution of the dishes.
SO GOOD! Favorite dish of the night was mushroom & cabbage. Everything was excellent.

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Korean, Ramen, Asian Fusion

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20 Walker St
Kittery, 03904
There times we have tried this place and three times we have been left high and dry by the wait staff. The first time was a date night and the waiter kept walking back and forth pay is as we waited over 45 minutes for our meal, the next two times were almost as bad only with the added benefit of having the kids with us. The food is just not good enough to support this place
Tulsi has the best Indian food in the seacoast. It is relatively pricey for the portion size, but the quality is good. Their new space is lovely, but I often find myself getting take out (which they do neatly) or going to the Sunday lunch buffet. What keeps Tulsi from being a five star establishment for me is that they AUTOMATICALLY ADD 18% GRATUITY for buffet lunch service, and sometimes the service is not good. Not only will they automatically add 18% gratuity for a table of 2 whom have no drinks and serve themselves from a buffet line, but they will not point it out to you either and will allow to tip on top of the amount they've automatically included. That is, they don't tell you they've included gratuity outright when they give you the check, and when they process your credit card the line for TIP amount is blank, prompting you to specify your tip amount, thus if you didn't look at your itemized receipt beforehand, you'll likely think that gratuity is NOT included and calculate the tip from the total amount - not realizing that the total amount already includes the tip. In fact, unless they just started automatically adding the gratuity this month, I'm sure I have made this mistake and double tipped (I remember last time leaving $8 cash). Today, I left an additional $5 thinking I was leaving a bad tip. So for two people to eat the lunch buffet with only water, the total comes to $38 - no matter what. Whether you don't get your naan bread until you're ready for the check over half an hour after you've been seated, whether you never get your water glass filled, or whether your used plate(s) are never removed from the small table- YOU WILL TIP AT LEAST 18%! - but more likely you'll be tipping 30%-35% like I did today for service that is less than great. For example, today: after being told they have a mango mojito, I never heard from the server again. I asked the young, polite (assistant?) server clearing the dishes for the check. The server set it on the table in front of my boyfriend without a word. I placed my card inside (ahem, yes the female, not the male, paid) and waited for her to pick it up. About 10-15 minutes later, she finally picks it up, and again doesn't say a word, but flutters around with my payment in hand talking to other tables. Ugghh, we want to leave. My boyfriend goes to bathroom. The server returns and carelessly tosses the bill folder on the end of the table furthest away from me and turns around and leaves so quickly she doesn't even notice the bill folder fall to the floor. So as I'm crouched down underneath the table gathering the papers, pen and my credit card from the floor I'm thinking, "sure won't be tipping highly today!" I leave only $5 cash for the $38 meal I had....or so I thought. I get back home and realize: "oh wait, I DOUBLE TIPPED a server who tossed the bill at me and had me underneath the table picking up the things I needed to pay for a meal my boyfriend and i served ourselves from a buffet line...I tipped over 30%!" Sure, the food was good, great even.My problem is not paying the $30 for the food; my problem is being automatically forced to pay an 18% tip, and it being presumed of patrons of a buffet that they want to tip even more and are knowingly intending to leave 30% tips for service that is less than satisfactory.
This place was amazing. Shrimp appetizer was delicious. Girlfriend and I split the Chicken Thiki Masala and a Cashew Chicken dish. Both were amazing. They gave us the choice of spicyness - we opted for as hot as you get - and as lovers of spice we were flush with happiness. Especially left overs the next!

(207) 451-9511


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Anneke Jans

60 Wallingford Sq
Kittery, 03904
We have been wanting to try this restaurant for awhile. We went there this past weekend while on our weekend away in Kittery. We had high expectations based on the reviews so we went in expecting a lot. Overall I think it was average. We had a reservation at 7 PM and we were seated right away. We were at a corner table. The restaurant was very dark, in fact I had to use my light on my iPhone to be able to read the menu. My husband got the crab cake for an appetizer and it was OK. I had the plate with all the different samples of meats and chutneys since there was nothing else on the menu that worked for my lactose intolerance and they were not able to accommodate me with this at all. The waiter was not helpful with this at all and appeared a bit annoyed when I asked him to go talk to the Chef. I was able to get salmon with vegetables. My husband got the sirloin and said it was good. However it was just a sirloin, with vegetable and a bucket of string fries. I have to say the string fries where the best thing of the entire meal....oh and the cocktail too. We left there still wanting something special which is what we expected to get by eating here. We left and went to Black Birch (our favorite) for my husband to get one of their wonderful doughnuts for dessert and me an "snack." It just was not magical and we most likely not go back.
One of our favorite places on the Seacoast. Sit at the bar, ask Gavin or Ben to mix a drink for you (trust me, just ask them to mix you something- ignore the drink menu & let them surprise you...), try the specials of the night if they appeal to you & enjoy. Anneke Jans has atmosphere to spare. The people are wonderful, the food is fantastic, & you'll leave with a happy belly every time. When in doubt get their famous mussels & fries- it's a favorite for a reason. Sometimes, you just need their fries at the end of the day no matter what you're eating. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it....
I love this restaurant! This is one of our families favorites. If I could eat here every night I would, well, maybe not every night.......

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American (New)

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