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  • Happy C.

    The owners are awesome here. Super passionate about customer service and food quality. They are actively walking around and greeting customers. I truly love all of their food. Subs and pizza are usually what I devour, but I have never had a bad meal at Antonia's!

  • Joe M.

    We weren't quite sure with the mixed reviews so expectations weren't high. We were really happy with the experience. My wife and I were with our 10 and 12 year old boys and were tired from a day of adventure. The Greek salad was great after days of heavy seafood meals. The pizzas were well done and I highly recommend The Acropolis - chicken souvlaki pizza with white sauce, tomatoes, and broccoli. Dinner for 4 with two pizzas, spaghetti and meatballs, and salad was $55. Very reasonable.

  • Roxanne B.

    They say they're Greek but I'm not completely convinced. My "Greek salad" was defiantly a garden salad with feta olives and Greek dressing. Though my main was satisfactory another's eggplant parm was described as soggy and overdone. I've had pizza here before and wraps that were pretty good, possibly could have just been a bad night for the chef (we are only human after all) I will most likely be back. The service was good and I'm sure she would have been happy to return the eggplant dish if my friend had been the type to ask for something else. Over all decent experience.

  • Mark H.

    Had apps tonight. The calamari cheese garlic bread, fried ravioli and buffalo chicken wings. All was excellent. The service was excellent and they had multiple beers I liked. Awesome dinner.

  • Leigh H.

    Have been here many times, both with just 1 or 2 other people and with larger groups. Ate here most recently earlier this week for dinner. Service has consistently been friendly and efficient. No complaints about the food either- servings are large, prices are fair. I like the chicken souvlaki and the spanikopita, my boyfriend is a fan of the pizzas. Their homemade Greek dressing is delicious!

  • Michael G.

    I'll eat lunch here quite a bit and the Salami grinder is delicious! I get mine in a wrap with some jalapeños added to it, and the meat quality is excellent. My only gripe is the $2.25 tiny fountain soda. You can go to Irving a block away and get a giant soda for 75 cents. Besides that I am going to try some other menu items but so far am pleased with the sandwich making

  • Julie C.

    I had heard this place was pretty good and had a job in the area and my fiancé and I decided to stop and have some dinner!! I can't even begin to explain how disappoint I was in this place! I didn't read any of the yelp reviews before we went but most of the positive ones were of their pizza... We sat in the bar area, and ordered some calamari to start off with. My fiancé and I order calamari all the time, it's one of our favors and this was awful!! Totally over cooked and no season. The dipping sauce that was given to us was pretty much ketchup. We didn't even eat it all it was that bad. Our waitress came took the plate and asked how it was and we said we were unhappy with the plate and she didn't even ask why but walked away... My fiancé ordered a burger and I got a shrimp scampi and it came with mushrooms. I've NEVER had a scampi with mushrooms in it. The shrimp also came with the tails on making trying to eat it very messy! I don't like mushrooms so I didn't eat my dish and again the waitress didn't seem to care. She barely came to our table herself and she had no intention on trying to make our experience better... Very sad and disappointing! Will probably not go back again...

  • Arthur R.

    We keep coming back to this place every time we swing through Freeport. It's out of the way from all the shops and the food is spectacular!! Don't let the name fool you they have excellent Greek food. We swung by here again yesterday and my wife and I enjoyed their tenderloin gyros. YUMMY!!

  • Michael G.

    I have been here probably 30 or more times. I have never had a bad meal!! I have tried many different items, all were great! Calamari app is awesome!! Soft and delectable, with a great marinara sauce for dipping! All covered with red onions and large shavings of parmigiana cheese! Pizza is great! Even the Tuna Melt is awesome! And don't get me started on the pastrami sub! Oh man, I think I'm going back tonight!!!

  • tom n.

    3.5 stars does not do this place justice. Last night we were faithfully greeted on a saturday night be the greek adonis owner. They brought us a hercules pizza which was perfect in every way. We had a nice conversation with im assuming the owners wife. Then you cap it off with an outstandingly rich chocolate cake built for two,and a coffee better than i make and the red sox on to boot. Nothing bad to say. Lovely place and run correctly with discipline and integrity. My new favorite local place to eat. Highly recommended. Tab came to 44. Not bad. With a drink and desert and leftovers.

  • Diane D.

    Great late day dinner and the service was excellent. I had a traditional Martini and their Mediterranean wrap. Both terrific. And, we are close to Freeport, so it's convenient for shopping!

  • Christopher S.

    Horrible, not only is this just a house of pizza but the set up sucks and the food blah. Went with my employees for lunch we placed our order all of which were hot items before I could pay the sandwich I ordered was placed under the heat lamp. I knew it was mine because no one had ordered in front of us. So we sat were I could watch to see if it was give to some one else. Nope it sat there for 15 minutes until the rest of our order was up. When I went to retrieve our order I told them that I want a fresh sandwich that hadn't been sitting under the heat light for 15 minutes the old lady argued with me, I told her I watched the whole time. She mumble something and I stood and waited for mine to be cooked fresh. She wouldn't even look at me.

  • Arthur S.

    Took a day away from the mundane of doctors appointments in New York and took a ride to one of my favorite places, Freeport, ME. I've been to the usual haunts of town and I wanted to do something a little different, and simple. So this locale is where my car took me. I was greeted promptly at my table by Mellissa and she was very helpful in helping me decide my choices. I started off with a dark beer, for the life of me now, the name escapes me. Mellissa was trying to explain to me the features of dark beer and I assured her I was well aware of the general qualities of a dark. It was very good and did not appear that heavy at all. The appetizer that was suggested to me was the breaded, fried calamari. This was a little disappointing as I felt the dish may have been a little under cooked, at least for my tastes. Also, the marinara dipping sauce tasted a lot like a chicken wing sauce. For dinner I ordered the 10" BBQ chicken pizza with the smoked Gouda. This was extremely tasty. I was concerned the BBQ sauce would overpower the rest of the pizza as I have experienced in the past. This was not the case as the Gouda was a nice complement to the flavor of the sauce. I would most definitely recommend this dish. The only other quirk of the dining experience was the price. I spent $30.00 for those three items; this being for one person. However, I did bring half the pizza back to the hotel and I will be having the rest for breakfast in the morning. Overall, the atmosphere was lively, a little on the noisy side. The staff in general worked hard and all the tables around me were attended to at all times. I will definitely return when I have the chance.

  • Lynna K.

    We are visiting the area and found this on yelp. We were a large group and they accommodated us quickly. We had chicken fingers and the hummus plate for appetizers. Excellent! We had a pepperoni calzone, Mac n cheese pizza, spicy shrimp Alfredo, gyro, burger, shrimp salad, chicken parmesan with Alfredo. The best Alfredo sauce I've had in a while. Kids were having fun. We will definitely be back when we come here.

  • Lorelei T.

    This is where my youth group headed for dinner when we went to the ocean in Brunswick. Lots of pizza and they have some gluten free pizzas and other options for the four kids who needed it. A really elegant atmosphere with lovely paintings of Italy hung about the restaurant. The bathroom was clean which is always a great importance. If you're ever looking for a delicious, high quality pizza shop, Antonia's is the place to go. And this is being said without prejudice despite that they were playing some quiet indie rock in the background. The Killers rock!

  • Leslie S.

    Spotted this in Freeport... Best Alfredo with chicken I've had in a long time. Salads are popular and look delicious and fresh, and my fiancé loved his gyro.

  • Tiffanie A.

    The pizza here is fantastic. The rest of the food is fairly mediocre. I would have given a higher rating based just on how good the pizza is, but I called @ 9:15 on 2/23 for delivery and they turned me down when they were advertised to be open until 10 because "business had slowed down." The delivery location was only 5 minutes away. Disappointing.

  • Duke L.

    Great service, real Greeks cooking good authentic Greek food. Gluten free pizza was very good and the Greek salad with chicken is worth trying as well. A smart choice for takeout as well.

  • Gus B.

    We live in town and go here fairly often. It has quickly become our go-to place for pizza in town. Our absolute favorite is the BBQ chicken pizza with smoked Gouda-- always awesome and delicious. When not feeling like having pizza, I go for their Greek salad (the dressing is fantastic) and their chicken gyro. This place is far superior to anything Sam's or Amato's has to offer.

  • Emily S.

    Good atmosphere, and friendly staff. Lots of options on the menu (pasta, pizza, salads, etc.) Did not try the pizza, unfortunately, so I cannot give a review on that. Our family of 4 split two dinner entrees. This worked very well. Food is good.

  • Mark M.

    Bright and airy restaurant. Promptly seated and waited on. Pizza was hot, plenty of cheese and toppings. Molten tomato sauce lightly seasoned. Overall a nice experience.

  • T N.

    Great service, but bland, mediocre food. It was edible and worth what I paid, but not a place I'm likely to return to.

  • Greg S.

    This is officially my favorite pizza on the entire planet. The crust is perfect, the sauce is perfect, the amount of cheese they put on each pizza is perfect. My wife and I have driven up from Rhode Island just to eat this pizza. Love it.

  • Sean B.

    Have been here several times....ok the pros....Calzones and specialty pizzas are great...access is easy and the lighting is good Cons - NOISY...damn televisions on almost every freaking wall...horrible acoustics, and they try to have live music each week , which means you have to talk over the noisy people at the bar, the wait staff, the people next to you, the live music and the televisions...think Ricettas of Falmouth on a smaller scale... Prices comparable...and so far the food is good ....not like going down the road to the armpit of new england bbq...bucks.....

  • Beth R.

    Antonia's looks nice from the outside and even when you enter, the eatery is somewhat impressive and comfy. Even upon first glance at the menu, so much to choose from...sounds good so far, right? Not so fast. We placed a rather large order to go and this is where Antonia's goes downhill. The order itself was fine, all requests where served with no mix-ups and delivered to us in a timely manner. My roast beef sub was totally wet...the bread was almost soaked through and I have no idea what from, there was no oil! The only reason I ate most of it down is because it was a late lunch and I was absolutely starving. Some other sandwiches and wraps in my group were equally as unappetizing. We passed by several other food venues on the way to Antonia's...we should of stopped for a bite at one of those places instead.

  • Lori S.

    I have only been here once, so that's why I'm giving it only 3 stars. Its was okay and my meal was fine.

  • Jay T.

    This was disappointing. I am from Texas And this felt like a restaurant from there. Service was prompt and friendly. Side salad looked like it came from a box. The portions were huge!!!! But the food tasted bland and flat. Go here if you are looking for Olive Garden taste, If you are a tourist and looking for well made food, pay more and go to another place.

  • Vibha C.

    I walked into this restaurant on a cold and tired night when I was extremely hungry. I have gluten and lactose intolerance (can only do ricotta) combined with a vegetarian diet so figured I will do the usual salad :-( the owner was amazing - he said "we will hook you up" and boy did he: a gluten free pizza with caramelized onions, fresh olives, pine nuts and ricotta cheese. The food was fantastic but what i appreciate even more is the service and how much they cared about a hungry girl leaving delighted!

  • Joey L.

    Was stranded in town with car troubles on our way back to Nova Scotia. This place came recommended by some locals. Excellent food, easy order and fast friendly delivery. I would recommend them. Might be a pit stop on our next trip through the area. Thanks guys.

  • Peter B.

    I go here often for take out food at lunch (at least once a week) and it's very hit or miss. I typically order the same 3-4 things. About half the time the food is fresh and delicious. The other half of the time, the food seems to be reheated and not fresh. Even the finishing touches are applied inconsistently - for instance, one cook will drizzle oil, salt and pepper on top of a sub, another won't. When it's good, it's good. But the inconsistency means I'd never risk bringing a friend here. Plus, the front desk staff is not the friendliest....

  • Claire A.

    We visited here on a February Friday because it was convenient to the Hampton Inn. It's far nicer on the inside than your ordinary "House of Pizza." You can get wait service here or take food to go, but if you want to buy from the counter, then sit down and eat, you may be out of luck. I ordered the chicken gyro, which was surprisingly good. The pita was thick and soft, which went well with the moist chicken and tzatziki sauce. The feta cheese on the gyro was delicious, more like delicately salted goat cheese, possibly locally sourced? It sure didn't taste like over-salted feta I've had elsewhere. My sister's chicken souvlaki didn't impress her as much. It was served on a "french roll." She thought it would have been better on pita. The onion rings we ordered were overcooked and hard, unfortunately. Perhaps it was just a busy Friday night. I believe it's worth another try. I certainly wouldn't mind eating another chicken gyro from here. There was also someone playing (digital?) guitar in the back of the room, which was a nice touch. Prices range from below $10 for appetizers, salads, subs and up to $20 for specialty pizzas.

  • Michael M.

    Overpriced, overrated and just plain bad, thats what best describes this place! We came here as just a pit stop for a quick snack and when we walked in it smelled very good and people were coming in and out, so it looked like it was a good sign. We place an order of a few items to go. The cashier was somewhat friendly and took a decent sized order without any issues, which is always a good thing. When we received our order everything was just as ordered. When we got back to where we were staying, we jumped right into the bags of food. I got a meatball sub. This sub was probably the worst I've had since the meatballs had absolutely no taste to it and the bread was pretty much tasteless. I did try a few bites of someone elses chicken salad and that was actually really good, but of course I didn't get that. If I ever go into this town again theirs no chance that I'll go into this pizza place again, but if I was forced to I would get the salad since thats not too hard to mess up. 1.5 stars

  • Crystal A.

    Went here for my birthday with my besties and it was awesome! The Alfredo sauce was yummy and the spinach dip was above average! Bartender was also our server and the drinks/service was fab as well!

  • B B.

    First time here great Italian food, margaritas very good, service friendly and quick. Good value. Overall nothing to find fault with. Pepperoni Bruschetta awesome and live music very good blues.

  • Bryan D.

    My wife and I stopped here for dinner after a day of shopping in town. We saw that it was a pub and we wanted to relax and have a drink with dinner. When we walked in, it seemed like an updated old school pizza shop that is now a "pub". We sat outside and were not given any drink or beer menus. We asked for them and the waitress had drink menus in another area and went to get them. We ordered drinks, greek bruschetta and fried raviolis. When the bruschetta arrived, we were disappointed. It didn't taste bad, but it wasn't bruschetta. The raviolis were great though. We ordered a cheeseburger and pickle pizza to share. When it came out, it was missing the pickles. The waitress brought us out a cup of them when we pointed it out. The pizza was incredible. Its amazing the difference between a great cheeseburger pizza and an average one. If you have kids, this would be a great place to bring them. My wife and I probably won't come back unless we're craving a cheeseburger pizza though. There are other places in the area that are more to our liking and better setup.

  • Spenser O.

    To start off my review, I would like to say that if you are looking for luxury on the side of the road in Freeport, than keep going. If you want extraordinary pizza and huge, cozy lounges than by all means book a flight on Alitalia and go to Italy.... ... But if you want good pizza and good atmosphere close by, go to Antonia's. Sure, if you're vacationing to Maine you're going to probably have some sort of seafood at some fancy restaurant (May I recommend Federal Jack's in Kennebunkport?). But if you're a former Maine resident like me you'll get tired of tourists hogging all the fancy restaurants and tired of seafood, come right on down to Antonia's. About a mile away from L.L. Bean, this is a great spot of a late-night meal. We stopped in not to long ago (1/16/2010.). We were served immediately. My only complaint here is the drink sizes. The glasses they offer is only about ten or so ounces. If hate to ask for refills then you might want to drink elsewhere (Oh yes- did I mention they have a bar?). They have your typical pizza but also some Greek options. The foods came reasonably quickly and it was quite yummy. Not much else to say, but it was a nice way to end a day in Freeport.

  • Maya M.

    My husband and I just ate here for dinner. Passing through Freeport on vacation from Wisconsin. After reading some questionable reviews we weren't sure what to expect but we were so glad we went! Both of us are vegetarians and we were surprised how many options they offered. I had the lasagna with marinara & he had spaghetti with marinara. Wow. It was easily one of the best meals we've had. Both of our dishes were wonderful & the service was just as good. Will go back if we get a chance!!

  • John B.

    This place looks like a hot spot, but it is because it is on the main street and one of the few places that appears to have quick service. What it amounts to is a average middle of the road pizza joint with very bad service and disorganized wait staff and a bad menu. The pizze is dry and looks like it has been sitting out for a while and the entrees like ravioli are covered with so much cheeze and herbs it is hard to know if there is any piece under all the additions. The food tastes bad and I have had better orders at a county fair with much better service. Skip this place unless you are so desperate for a meal you cant find another spot. Travel farther down the road and hit the other 5 restaurants in this town. As for this one, close it down and spare the tourists.

  • J J.

    Antonia's is the sister restaurant of Falmouth House of Pizza, but it has an expanded menu, more seating, and a small bar. Matt from MA walked in looking for a "hotspot" and wasn't too impressed... Well, temper your expectations, this is a pizza place in Maine. If you're looking for a trendy dinner spot, you've veered about 100 miles off course. That said, Antonia's is a great spot for sandwiches and pizza. They make a mean chicken souvlaki, and their spartan pizza is unique and excellent. If you want a more genuine Maine experience keep on going down the road a bit. If you're looking for a good sandwich and pizza shop, you're in the right place.

  • Rachel T.

    Friendly staff, good pizza, nice outdoor seating, convenient location. We stopped here before shopping for a few hours in Freeport. For us, it was especially nice that they let us have our two dogs with us on the deck. There were a lot of casual Greek food items on the menu too, although all we had was the pizza, which was exactly what we needed. As I left, I also saw a family with an elderly handicapped woman thanking them for being kind and helpful.

  • Peter T.

    slow service, good food, good portions, clean atmosphere, attractive female waitstaff.

  • Roxanne B.

    This was the equivalent of lunch at Subway... only the subs at Subway are twice as big. Should have paid the extra few bucks and stuck with Buck's Naked BBQ.

  • Paul M.

    Very good thin crust pizza. Full bar. Also has greek menu. Relaxed, friendly place. Order at the counter; they deliver to table.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10
  • Mon : 11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch, Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Dogs Allowed : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No



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Antonia’s Pizzeria

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