Docs Cafe & Marketplace

371 Tuttle Rd
Cumberland, 04021
Nice out of the way eatery. You order at the cash register and seat yourself. Remember to pick up your utensils and napkins before you go to the available indoor or outdoor table. There was a wait for the food, but the food is good. Nice time, and we enjoyed ourselves. Took awhile to give this review as I wanted to be in the correct frame of mind. It is what it is, nothing really special, nothing really bad.
While on vacation to Maine we had time for one last experience before hitting the Boston airport and flying home. We found Doc's easy to get to from I-95 and were so glad we did. Great little town and friendly service with really good food. Fantastic way to finish our Maine vacation on a Saturday morning.
Great atmosphere and delicious food. Perfectly placed in Cumberland town center

(207) 829-4250

Sandwiches, Coffee & Tea, Breakfast & Brunch

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Louies Grille

319 Main St
Cumberland, 04021
Delicious food, nicely decorated, plenty of parking, great Bloody Mary! Clearly, the owner is a kind-hearted man. Gotta love anyone who names their restaurant after their dog. I'm looking forward to going back the next time I'm in Maine.
Small Quaint- American Food Selection. $$$ for a back yard grill atmosphere. Will give it another try-people are friendly and local. That neighborhood stomp with over priced, over sloshed plates.
Fabulous food! Atmosphere is amazingly cute and quaint. Burgers are great! So glad to have this in town.

(207) 489-9087

American (Traditional)

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Cumberland House of Pizza

176 Gray Rd
Cumberland, 04021
This is a great place to get pizza! With good prices and nice staff. This is one of the pizza places to go! Before you enter the area. You see that the place is very nice! With a billboard and a nice sign! And when you actually enter the Store. And when you enter the store. You see quite cheap prices! Plus. The staff is pretty decent, always being helpful at all times! Then you get the pizza. The pizza is very good! With pepperoni at the right spice level. Buffalo sauce with great flavor. And so much more! My only complaint is that the booth chairs are kind of strange. The recline level is kind of low, and the cushions don't reach all of the chair. Well, this is a great place to go! Is you want some good pizza with a decent experience. Go here!
We are at this place waiting for our pizza and the owner (I thinks it's him, older guy at counter) is arguing with customer LOUD about forcing customer to pay 50 cents for more salsa because they needed more salsa for their $12 nachos. Owner refused to give him more and yelled at him... Crazy Will not come here...again don't recommend
Cumberland House of Pizza, or 'CHOP' as the locals lovingly refer to it.... The people that own the place are very nice and friendly to customers. I think the pizza is good but a lot of the other foods taste like they come from Sysco and don't seem to be made in-house. The Alfredo sauce was a dead giveaway on that. I do wonder if Sysco food is the standard for the 'House of Pizza' franchises. I am giving CHOP a 3-star rating because of the prices. I think they're a bit high for the area and what's being served up.

(207) 829-5400


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