Calder’s Clam Shack

108 North Rd
Chebeague Island, 04017
Returned to Calder's Clam Shack once again, this time ordering fried haddock, fried clams and Moose Track ice cream. A better dinner consumed under the trees you cannot find.
If you're coming to the island, you're going to be eating here, thankfully this place is actually really good! I tried the TLC burger which comes with a glorious amount of pickles-and with the yummy thousand island sauce and juicy burger it was very satisfying. Next time i came I tried the lobster roll which I believe is only served on the weekends. Very good and reasonably priced. Standard roll but nicely done-toasted bun, light on the mayo, generous portion of sweet chunks of lobster, layer or crisp lettuce and a sprinkle of pepper. They close at 8pm on Fri and Sat but at 7pm on Sundays, so plan ahead. There are few dining options on the island and practically no late night ones, so get there early and eat a lot. Close walk from the Inn- save your money, and your taste buds, and eat here instead.
I had the absolute worst food poisoning I'd ever had from this place. This was a few years ago, but my friends had popcorn shrimp, and I had to have the namesake- clams! Several hours later, the devil took possession of my body, and the level of vomiting expelled was of another world.

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Chebeague Island Inn Restaurant

61 South Rd
Chebeague Island, 04017
This is for the restaurant at the Inn: To start, you are served tiny dinner rolls. You can finish them in one, maybe two, bites. Next, I ordered the tomato and feta "salad" (if you can even call it that). I had about 1/3 of a tomato, three tiny blocks of feta cheese, and three leaves of arugula. It was laughably small. I was hoping my entree would be larger, considering there are no other dining-out food options on Monday or Tuesday on the island. For my entree, I ordered the lobster. Everywhere else in Maine, when I have ordered lobster I received the lobster, including its shell for me to open and some butter to dip it in. Eating the lobster, to me, is all about the experience! This lobster, however, came served out of its shell on a plate with NO sides for almost double the cost of comparable lobster sizes. This entree was laughably small. I could hardly keep a straight face when our waiter told us to enjoy our "meal." There were not even any options for sides. I was too afraid to order desert considering how small my two menu choices were for their price. I will not be going back unless they are under new restaurant management next year. This is too bad because it is such a charming setting, overlooking the beautiful water and the golf course below.
We returned for dinner four nights ago and can report an entirely different dining experience from our earlier visit when we ordered not very satisfactorily from the Nostalgia Night menu. This time the food ordered from the regular dinner menu was great. My sweetbreads were rich and delicious. My partner's vegetarian fare earned high praise. Our friends were delighted by the food and found their room with ensuite bath charming and comfortable. Now if only the Inn owners will support the community that supports them, including local clammers and charitable institutions.
Sunday brunch fiasco...I think we must have caught them on a bad day. The waitress mentioned that she had planned to go home, and then people started to arrive. We had a reservation on the deck, which we were told was not available...they had just filled the tables so there would be a wait. Had we realized that the service would have taken so long, we could have waited for the tables which had emptied by the time we actually saw any food. By this time, we were already seated inside. After the loooong wait, my husband got an overcooked sketchy burger on a stale roll, the smoked salmon omelette was lobster, which we sent back. The best part of the day was the lovely surroundings and opportunity to be with our family. The waitress was keenly aware of our situation, but did nothing to remedy our experience. SShe could have brought something tasty to the table while we waited, she could have waived the bill, she could have given us a gift certificate to return to give them another chance....Considering our large family spends a lot of time at a nearby island, we really want to like this place.

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