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Visit below restaurant in Bethel for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Bethel for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Denise A.

    I wish they had Porkslap Ale. That would have been perfect and gone with their marketing. I was confused at first and thought Smokin' Good BBQ and the food truck + dining area were different. They are not-they are one and the same. We came back from a strenuous hike (really it was the way down that almost killed us...damn blueberry ridge trail!) and we were HANGRY. We had some left over veggies from earlier that we had forgone because we didn't have enough water with us, but now that we were hydrated we didn't stop to think about those and went straight to the MEAT state of mind. We got two full orders-one of pork bbq on a roll and a chicken bbq. The meat was tender and smoky, the sauces equally so. They ask you if you want mild or wild...for the sandwich they'll put the sauce on directly but if you don't get the roll you can ask for the sauce in little containers. Which honestly is a good idea even you just get the roll because that sandwich will be overstuffed and that pork WILL fall out. Which you can then blissfully dunk in sauce. You get cornbread and two sides with your plate. You have the option of baked beans, coleslaw, and really hot chili. We got one of each and doubled up the baked beans. the chili was super tasty and savory but I couldn't eat too much of it because it was way too spicy for me. The beans are sweet and comforting but the winner was the coleslaw-wish I had doubled up on that one instead. It was tangy and crunchy, just enough sauce. I was a bit underwhelmed by the cornbread which was a bit on the dry side but they have the idea right-sugar has no place in corn bread (or at least not very much sugar!). We took everything with us and ate it back at our Inn but they've got some picnic tables on a nice grassy area behind the truck. I hope this place is open during winter too which is when I'm most likely to come back to Bethel!

  • Eva H.

    Unbelievable food, served by the happiest kindest person (Kate)! We got ribs and the 4 meat combo to take home to our hotel after a long day of skiing...heaven. Large quantities, amazing flavor, the sides and sauces were incredible. Highly recommended, lots of love, the skiers from Buffalo!

  • Roxanne B.

    Got take out here on a cold January day after phoning in our order. We smelled the smoky goodness at work from the smoker as soon as we stepped out of our vehicle. Food was tasty and reasonably priced. Ordered half a chicken, big 4 combo and the pork sundae. Loved the "wild" sauce but not for the faint hearted!

  • Chris D.

    Bob is gone! Trailer still rocking and doing BBQ though. This business is now called "Smokin' Good BBQ". Based on a public hearing notice I saw it looks like Bob may be re-opening in a new non-trailer location on Rt. 26 closer to Mt. Abrams.

  • Lee N.

    I grew up in TN and been all around the country and the world, this is some of the best bbq around and you can't beat the price, grab some drinks at the store next door and pull up a picnic table and bring a big appetite

  • Ben B.

    We stopped at Smokin' Good on the way back from a secluded waterfall during a low-key bachelor party weekend. The signature smoker was going full force, and the smell compelled us to stop. We were not disappointed! The meat was very good, and was excellently smoked - which makes sense. We saw the owner working at the smoker, and could tell he knew what he was doing. Being a BBQ nut, I tried every meat available. All had excellent smoke. The brisket was surpsingly fatty and juicy - some of the best I have had in the northeast. The ribs were great as well. The pulled pork was dry - I would not recommend it. I really wanted to try the sausage, but they were out. The sides were good enough, but that's not why you get BBQ anyways! All in all, I would wholeheartedly recommend stopping here after a summer day of swimming or a winter day of skiing at Sunday River. Not the best BBQ I have had, but maybe the best-smoked BBQ I have had in the northeast. Side note: I hopped into the small food store whose property Smokin' Good is on, and bought one of their signature pumpkin moon pies. It was absolutely delicious. Dense but moist, with plenty of delicious vanilla filling. I overheard a patron asking the owner why they didn't have chocolate moon pies, and she said "because I haven't found a good enough recipe yet". Obviously someone who takes their craft seriously, and it pays off! A great post-BBQ dessert!

  • Jim B.

    I was in the Bethel-area for my wife's family's Christmas weekend shindig. This happens every year, and we make the trek into in the western mountains of Maine for a weekend just prior to Christmas. While things have gotten noticeably better the past year, or so, Maine still lacks much in the way of authentic BBQ. When I found out Saturday's family dinner was coming from Smokin' Good, I was pleased, as I had stopped by at lunch time to check it out on my Bethel and vicinity explorations. Smokin' Good is a small 60's era travel trailer sitting in the parking lot of a roadside store, with a big ass smoker sitting next to the travel trailer. The smoke belching forth from the smoker smelled great and I was told they use apple wood and oak chips. I was impressed that even in the middle of winter in Maine, there are hearty souls trying to spread the gospel of BBQ to those of us tucked away in the far northeastern corner, far from the BBQ Meccas down south. When Saturday night arrived, so did the aroma of BBQ coming through the door to our camp. We had a nice assortment of brisket, pulled pork, baked beans, and corn bread. The brisket, while flavorful, was also a bit overdone, with the bark being charred. This was a major disappointment, as I could tell that brisket that hadn't been overdone was fatty and flavorful. The pulled pork was much better, although slightly dry. Smokin' Good doesn't add sauce to their meat, relying on smoking for the flavor. Their sauces, which range from mild, to XXX (extra hot) are flavorful and blended nicely with the pork that had been smoked just right. The dryness might have been due to the meat sitting for a bit, so I'll give them a pass on that. The smoked flavor was solid, however. The St. Louis-style ribs were excellent. The meat was tender and came away from the bone easily. Great smoked flavor, with a little bit of bark. The baked beans were excellent. Nice, tangy tomato-based sauce, with a hint of vinegar in the taste. They had been cooked long enough to give the sauce a nice thickness that I prefer in beans. Smokin' Goods' cole slaw is some of the best I've had. In fact, it was so good that people were fighting over leftovers the following morning at breakfast. The corn bread was decent, but not the killer kind of side that the cole slaw was. I'd definitely try Smokin' Good again, the next time I'm traveling Route 2 out of Bethel headed towards Sunday River. I'd like to give their brisket another shot.

  • Katy N.

    You can't beat the setting - trailer parked in a grocery store parking lot on the side of a rural Maine road. You have one guy cooking up BBQ on par with some of the best I've had in Texas. Born in raised in the south BBQ is something I know about and this place would rank high in my book. I had the brisket sandwich with beans and slaw. My husband had the pork sundae which is a quirky combo of pulled pork topped with beans, slaw and cashews. Great combo. Look forward to another trip!

  • Jen S.

    Looking for a place to eat, stopped here. Delicious pulled pork and cornbread. Small picnic place to eat but we ate in our car. This area has limited places to eat. After reading other reviews glad we chose this place!

  • Sarah S.

    Love love love this place. Recommend the pork platter. Juicy chopped meat with delicious coleslaw, baked beans, and cornbread. Eating here once a week this winter is what I may miss most about Bethel.

  • Carrie R.

    The best BBQ I've had north of the Mason Dixon line. I can't believe I found BBQ ribs this good in Maine and served out of a camper trailer, but the pictures on yelp and the line of customers/cars in the lot said enough! I'm glad I stopped by! This definitely was the best choice for dinner before hitting the road back to BOS.

  • Edward W.

    Solid,good barbecue generous tasty ribs and slaw hits the spot and sticks to the ribs

  • Matt P.

    Don't let the "sketchy" setup fool you, there's some good food here. A 2 meat combo should feed any normal person. I got the 3 to try a bit of everything and it was way too much, but no complaints! Everything is home made, and delicious. I felt the brisket was overly smokey though....maybe they burned some bad wood, or they intended it to be that way. Just a bit overly smokey for me. Sauces and beans were great.

  • Joanne B.

    Loved this spot! Great BBQ at a great value. The brisket was delish and hearty. Also tried the chicken on the bone, pulled pork and pulled chicken. By far the brisket was the best and can't wait to go back again. Be sure to add your name to the trailer because when else will you get to go that!!

  • Nina S.

    Best BBQ I've ever had, hands down. Perfect for après ski (or a great lunch any day)!

  • Andrew C.

    Some of the best BBQ ribs in New England. I never went there when it was BBQ Bob's but my wife and I went twice over last summer and both times the ribs were just fantastic. Better than anything I have had in greater Boston. I think they are better than the ribs at the new BBQ Bob's but BBQ Bob's pulled meats might be better, maybe. The service is incredibly friendly and they even threw it some free watermelon with our lunch. If you are going to be in the Bethel area definitely stop and try this place out if you like ribs.

  • Pete D.

    My wife and I are rib connoisseurs. We go to rib fests and cookoffs, patronize Yankee Smoke House in Ossipee (very good), but Smokin' Good gets our vote for best ribs! A half rack is more than enough for two people. Juicy and tender and very lean, these ribs are better than YSH! The beans were just OK until you mix them with the rib sauce, something Yankee Smoke House has already figured out. The slaw does have an odd orange hue, but tastes tangy and top notch. An earlier review said cash only, but they took our CC no problem. Another nice twist is the good health food store on the other side of the parking lot. Fill up on ribs then get the antidote in one stop!

  • Andy G.

    Just past the Sunday River Ski Resort in Bethel Maine is one of the best BBQ joints in the state. It is a perfect roadside dive, just as BBQ shacks should be.The old mini camper has been painted an ugly orange and then graffitied by a few thousand tourists over the years (including now me), but you just can't help but stop the car as the smell of slow cooked pork and beef brisket permeate the air around you. There are 6 picnic tables that surround the camper and a soda machine to the side of it that provides your beverages, and all the cooking is done in a smoker beside it. The menu is traditional BBQ, both of the Texas variety and the North Carolina variety. Pork, Brisket, Hot links, Corn Bread , slaw, beans and pickles. Its all here and also smoked cashews! Simone ordered the hot mess know as the BBQ Sundae. Pulled vinegary smoked pork is piled on top of moist whole wheat cornbread, then topped with mustard slaw, BBQ baked beans and to add some spicy crunch, hot smoked cashews with a drizzle of sweet sauce over the whole mountain. This was a delicious food adventure and Simone finished it all. I was so proud. I wanted to keep all my food separate so I ordered a mixed plate of pulled pork, brisket, beans, slaw cornbread and pickles. The brisket was perfection. A nice smokey pink ring surrounded the moist fall apart tender hunks of beef and the smokey goodness could be tasted throughout each bite. It was mixed up with the burnt ends of the brisket adding yet another layer of deliciousness. The overly sweet sauce was served on the side but I opted not to use it as it actually took away from the flavors of the beef. The pulled pork was just okay for me as I am not a huge fan of the vinegar Carolina style..but if you do like that regions BBQ then I imagine you would enjoy it more then I did. The beans were very good, just the right amount of tenderness and sweet but smokey flavor. The mustard dressing on the slaw was different, a little sweet and a little spicy but alot good. Overall I think this is arguably the best BBQ I have had in Maine and I will certainly be a repeat customer when I'm in town. 4 Stars.

  • Chu Z.

    This place was not in my roadtrip plan but I am glad I tried it. We braked because we were tempted by the cute orange truck. Only ordered the North Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich since we just had a big breakfast. The sandwich was huge and it tasted delicious. The staff were very nice and hospitable.

  • Scott D.

    Very good BBQ what I tried. I didn't need a meal so just got a pound of half North Carolina pulled pork & half pulled beef brisket. Pork wasn't the best I've ever had without sauce in it, I think the vinegar north Carolina thing subtracts from the smoke flavor, added sauce it was very good. Pulled beef brisket was very good without sauce, then added sauce and it was great. I didn't try any sides.

  • David T.

    This is the second time we have stopped on our way out of Sunday River. The food and service is so very good. I will not go as far to say that this is the best BBQ that I have every had, but it is worth stopping and enjoying the food.

  • Joe W.

    OK, so here's the deal. After a day of hanging out with good friends, swimming in some amazing 'off-the-beaten-path' places, and a great experience at The Perennial Inn, my friends and I were hungry and wanted something to top off a great weekend. That's where Smokin' Good BBQ enters the picture! Having discovered this place in a local magazine that, oddly enough, was praising the organic food place directly across the parking lot, my buddies and I decided that smoked animals would be a great way to say good bye to the Sunday River Valley. After all, where else are you going to see a tag line like, "just like mom learned to make in prison!". All I can say is WOW! Now before I go on; you need to know that Smokin' Good BBQ is NOT pretty, not fancy and you may even wonder if it's the local hepatitis Hut. Rest assured kiddies, you would be SO WRONG to judge this book by it's cover and miss out on some really good local BBQ! DO NOT skip this place! The chicken and pork rib combo was outstanding! The rib meat was literally falling off the bone, the bark was moist, tender, sweet and tasty! The 1/4 Chicken, a thigh and drumstick, were equally delicious, sweetly smoked and juicy! The BBQ sauce, made with habanero peppers was crazy good! A great bite with enough heat to let you know that there were not playing when they created this sauce. If you like a little pain with your pleasure, this BBQ sauce is the one you want! Even the sides kicked butt! The cole slaw was tangy, made with some type of vinegar brine and the corn bread was moist and sweet. Another friend got the pulled pork with the smoked and seasoned cashews, yes, the nut - smoked and seasoned with chili peppers! She was a HAPPY girl! While her wife chowed down on the homemade hot sausage links and ribs, again with the habanero sauce. My husband ordered pulled pork as well and was happy as a pig in - well hot sauce! The homemade beans were ridiculously delicious. The one draw back was that there was way too much food! Yeah, like that's a draw back! All I can say is find this funky pumpkin' orange trailer with the two large smokers outside and dive into a great feast! When you finish eating the barnyard, head over the organic place and get some great vegan desserts, excellent produce and exquisite gluten free goodies! Only in Maine!

  • erin m.

    This place is a diamond in the rough. SO AMAZING. i reccommend the brisket and pulled pork.

  • Luke S.

    The smokers make it so that you can smell this place coming as you're driving down the road towards it. If you give in to the delicious scent and turn into the parking lot of this quaint trailer and accompanying food store, you won't be disappointed. The BBQ here was just what my family and I needed after a great day at Sunday River and now has become its own destination point for us. Really fantastic BBQ!

  • Lynne K.

    Grab a picnic table and savor the smoke. Loved it.

  • David L.

    I don't know what kind of BBQ everyone else eats but I like the sweet, messy sticky kind that bursts with taste and flavor. If you're like me, (nice and sweet) then this is NOT the place for you. Yeah the food does fall off the bone, onto the dirt ground, but this isn't my idea of authenticity. The food is BBQ, but is cooked without any flavor. You can taste some smoke, but it doesn't light my pallet on fire. Its warm, it's BBQ, but it has no flavor. What good is a lot of food if it all tastes bland?

  • Rose D.

    Pretty good bbq. The portions are pretty big. I probably could have split the 2 combo platter with my friend, but we wanted to try the ribs. We ordered the ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket. I liked the pulled pork and brisket more than the ribs. The ribs all had an authentic smokey taste. The pork and beef were tender and tasty. You get a choice of mild or spicy sauce. The spicy sauce is not that spicy in my opinion, but adds a little kick. The mild sauce is more flavorful. The platter includes coleslaw, beans, pickles, and cornbread. The beans weren't that great and the cornbread was kinda bland and dry. Coleslaw was def the best of the sides with some tang. Everything was also good as leftovers. I would def go back next time I am in the area.

  • James W.

    Solid pulled pork sandwich that exceeded expectations. Great way to end a long day of skiing.

  • Kat D.

    D E L I C I O U S !! I lived in a tent across the street from this place and it is no wonder I didn't sleep walk over in the middle of the night and raid the place. Amazing BBQ. I went twice, and I even delayed leaving Maine on the last day of my trip to take a 30 minute drive out of the way to eat at this place one more time. GET THE COLESLAW !!

  • David F.

    Very good BBQ. Moist, fall off the bone goodness. Very meaty ribs! Wish I lived near here I would be there all the time. Could not believe I found a BBQ place this good out in the middle of nowhere! Friendly service also.

  • Courtney V.

    So good! Their cornbread is some of the best I've ever had. Excellent little gem in the parking lot of the Good Food Store. Fantastic food for after skiing :)

  • Jon K.

    We been here about 3 years in the row, when ever in Sunday river we make sure to stop by here. The BBQ is just excellent no if or buts.. It's smokey it's tender it's what BBQ intended to be! No sauce needed! The owner is nice, and the food is plenty, eat here, you will not regret it!

  • Bud C.

    For openers, if you believe the best barbecue is usually found in the worst part of town, in a place with bars on the window and just enough grease on the table to write your initials, then this isn't it. If, on the the other hand, you believe, maybe through the divine intervention of the barbecue gods, you can stumble across some exceptional 'cue while barreling down a rural highway somewhere in Maine Lobsterland, then this is it. What it is, is Smokin' Good BBQ, just across the lot from the Good grocery... what it is, is a trailer with a couple smokers and a handful of picnic tables. Yes, they have all the standaards, but what they also have is a unique approach with some off the wall menu items. As a for instance, they have something they call a "pork sundae" which is even more unique that Neely's Interstate (Memphis) barbecue spaghetti. Their pork sundae has a generous portion of very moist, oakwood flavored, pork atop a slice of cornbread with sauce, slaw, barbecued cashews (when's the last time you had or even heard of cashews marinated in hot sauce and then smoked?) topped with some pickle slices and more cornbread. A meal; a very different and memorable meal for $7.99. This "by the side of the road" eatery boasts that it's brisket so good that a Texan would mug you for it. The sandwich is $9.99, plate with two sides, $12.99. And it is good; very good. Didn't try the ribs pulled chicken or hot links, but if they're anywhere as good as the pork and brisket, it'd go a long way to explain the line of cars and motorcycles pulling off the highway. The Smokin' folks have couple sauces; the one we sampled was thick, smoke inmfused, and, like everything else, homemade and very good. For someone who has spent a lifetime in pursuit of the perfect barbecue (read my reviews of more than 75 barbecue joins across the country), I've gotta confess that this trailer along Route 2 in Bethel, Maine is not only worth the stop, but also worth going out of your way for.

  • Jennifer D.

    We stopped here for a quick bite before hitting the trails- OH EM GEE. My boyfriend and I split the 4 meat combo... plenty of delicious BBQ with slaw, cornbread, baked beans, & pickles (guessing they were homemade too). Wish I could send you a smell-o-gram of how amazing it was to sit among the fir trees inhaling the sweet aroma of the smoker... MMMMM. We'll be back. Maybe for dinner tonight!

  • Chris S.

    Four of us went for lunch while in Bethel over the 4th of July weekend and we done dug on swine! ... and cow and whatever is in the fantastic chili. We ate at the picnic tables set up behind the food truck and had a great experience. The chili is pretty fantastic as is the brisket and pulled pork. Choice of sauces (hot or mild) should both be experienced, and which come on the side. Be sure not to give away your cornbread and our coleslaw aficionado in the group gave high marks. I will be sure to stop in whenever in the area. Good stuff.

  • Reuben G.

    BBQ smoked right in front of you. its a trailer by the side of the road with smokers. we had brisket sandwiches with wild sauce. sausage sand pork ribs and a pork Sunday. great job smoking that meat. all you need is a beer and you'd be in heaven.

  • Chris F.

    Very tasty stuff and even cooler setup in a food truck with a smoker hooked up. They've been in the parking lot of the Good Food Store (also worth a visit) for years, before food trucks were a thing. The best bbq I've had in the area...stop by for lunch before a half day on the mountain - you won't be disappointed!!

  • Paul H.

    **Cash only** Side Note: Can't check in here bc of EDGE. Came here because all other places in Maine seem to close at 6pm. Decor: 3/5 -The orange graffiti'd trailer, frozen soda vending machine and the large black grill get some style points. Service: 4/5 -Friendly service. We ordered about $41 worth of food for 5 people and he threw in 2 extra sides. Food: 3/5 -I had high expectations after reading Andrew C., Chris D. & Rose D.'s reviews. -Ribs: skin was completely black, the ribs were tough to chew and not too flavorful. -Opt for the tangy bbq sauce. This helped make the ribs more flavorful -Beef Brisket: Much better than the ribs (bc of less fat), more juicy and easier to chew. -Cole Slaw: orange colored, just wasn't the cole slaw I grew up with. -Beans: Bush's beans taste better than this. This just tasted weird..

  • Lana S.

    Fantastic food and great service! I had the Carolina pulled pork with baked beans and slaw. It was very tasty. Our extended family of 5 adults and 4 kids all loved their meals and that is saying something!! :)

  • Warren S.

    We attended a friend's wedding in Bethel and stayed at an Inn near Smokin' Good. I could not WAIT for them to open and it was WELL worth the wait. The barbecue was fresh and melted in your mouth. There was a line forming before they even opened! The staff was friendly, efficient and the price was spot on for the goodness you received. We have deemed this our number one spot in New England thus far to get barbecue. My better half grew up in the South and I spent 1/2 of my life in the South (eating unbelievable barbecue). Smokin' Good knows what they're doing. We don't really have another reason to go to the Bethel area, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that another one our friends gets married in the region ;)

  • Maple S.

    Solid BBQ! Sauce could use some work though.

  • Melanie C.

    Definitely the best BBQ I've had outside the south! I've been to a lot of BBQ places in New york city and Boston and this definitely trumps all of them. I had the Pork Sundae , which is cornbread topped with pulled pork, beans, slaw, pickles, and smoked cashews. The cashews were an amazing addition to this dish. My boyfriend had the appetizer ribs and a pulled pork sandwhich (which is massive, by the way). The meat was perfectly smoked and tender. Will definitely return next time I'm in the area!


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Divey
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : No
    Dogs Allowed : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes

Smokin’ Good BBQ

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