Buon Gusto Pizzeria & Grill

2424 Whiteford Rd,Suite 1
Whiteford, 21160
Buon Gusto has great food and prices are reasonable. I've never had an issue with a carry out or dine in order being incorrect or not ready quickly. Lorenzo and his staff are fantastic and in addition to running a great establishment they are very active in the community. This place is a local favorite and it's not hard to see why. Food is always great and restaurant is clean with open seating.
We're locals so our expectations are low. Buon Gusto is overpriced, slow and greasy but still warrants 3 stars because the competition (uhh...Ma & Pa's cardboard pizza, Amici's 5 mussels per dinner special and, of course, the Delta Slimer --oops-- Diner) is so appalling. BG stands out from the (non) crowd in this rural area. Well, it might be more accurate to say that the lunchtime smell of grease stands out against the background of agriculture and woodlands ..but that may be too cynical. Lol
Only 5 reviews on this place. Lol. Best kept secret then. Great food with great prices

(410) 452-8191

Pizza, Italian, Sandwiches

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