11211 New Hampshire Ave
White Oak, 20904
Food is okay. Staff are terrible. Act like robots, dont greet customers, dont know how to handle customers who dont need to queue up (e.g. for cookies).
I went to this subway because it is close by. Staff's are terrible, I ask one thing she does another. I will never go to this subway again. The portion compare to other subway is very less. They need good staff and make customers happy. We are not getting things for free and they are very stingy probably it is due to the owners advice. Unless you don't have any choice never step in here. I never written any reviews but the horrible service made me to spend my precious time
This subway is so convenient, as its across the street from my apartment building. That's where the pros ends. I've gone here several times and it's always the same thing. Rude staff - never greet you, lazy in making your sandwich, don't listen to what you say, never makes eye contact. A lady was ordering behind me and she asked for spinach on her sandwich and my sandwich maker added it to my sandwich. When I asked her to remove it, they all started speaking in Spanish. Sigh! Also, I am almost positive they are not putting the right amount of turkey on the sandwich. I eat at Subway often and most of the restaurants fold the turkey over, but they spread it out long ways and only add 3-4 pieces. If I'm paying for a whole sandwich, I think I should get the whole sandwich? I'll just drive to a different location. I can't continue to support a place where staff could care less. Customer service means everything.

Fast Food, Sandwiches

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