Little Caesars

2567 Ennalls Ave
Wheaton-Glenmont, 20902
Everytime I go I have never waited longer than five minutes. Very friendly staff! Cheap and quick
I grew up on Little Caesars pizza. In fact, the original LC opened in 1959 (long before I was born) in Garden City, Michigan, where I was born and lived until I was three years old. Yes, Mike Ilitch, the same guy who owns the Red Wings, Tigers, and the historic Fox Theatre in Detroit started this pizza chain. Folks in Michigan don't swoon over this pizza anymore, with so many better options out there, but Little Caesars offers a bit of nostalgia for me. It's not the greatest pizza, but you can get a Hot 'n Ready large cheese pizza for just five bucks. This time, on my way home from getting my oil changed, I stopped in and took home an order of Italian Cheese Bread (ICB). It's $4 for 10 wedges of basically white pizza. I ate less than half and was sated. Is it great? No. Is it cheap and fast? Yes.
Cheap, fast, and decent pizza for the price. You can't go wrong.

(301) 933-4590


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