Eaglewolf Sports Lounge

105 Crain Hwy
Uppr Marlboro, 20775
Food kicked ass..$2.50 a beer, holy shit (we are from NY where $6 per beer is okay). Great place.
I'm not sure what an EagleWolf is, but somehow the name does capture this place. It's a local bar with food that seems pretty quiet during the day (until our group of ten mountain bikers showed up at least). The sign at the door says its a "Friendly Bar - Unfriendly people will be barred", and the bartenders were nice too us considering we were not "from around here". The service was fast, beer was cheap, food was cheap, and it was good bar food. Good portion too if you happen to be "Hungry like the Eaglewolf". Not a culinary experience, but a good "eating in a bar" experience. I plan to go back next time I bike near there.

(301) 249-3841

Sports Bars, American (Traditional)

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