Pollo Amigo

714 York Rd
Towson, 21204
O...M...G.... Don't judge a book by its cover. This little restaurant is a diamond in the rough! My husband and I had the Jason burrito, it is the best thing I've ever tasted! Even the fries were tasty! They make EVERYTHING fresh as soon as you order. Plus it's every cheap, I think it was $8 when it should've been at least $12. Everyone should try this place!
Wow. I've been going to Chicken Rico for 10 years in Baltimore, but I've got another place now that I can call just as good, except with better service. The owner... let's just put it this way. THis guy goes out of his way to make you feel welcome and really cares about the individuals who grace his establishment. That's something every business owner should make note of. Food was wonderful. Maybe CHicken Rico is a tick above, but what more than makes up for, is the customer service and the fact that you're helping out a kind-hearted small business owner in a LITERAL hole-in-the-wall location. It's fairly close to Towson Mall too so it's not hard to find. Give it a try if you do go. A few quick notes for easy ordering: 1. If you're hungry go with the 1/2 chicken platter. 2. My favorite sides are the rice (if it isn't busy with people, ask for the beans on top and he'll acquiesce.) Fried plantains are amazing as well (these are done much better than CHicken Rico.) 3. Libations-wise, try the authentic Pepsi in the bottles. Really good.
Loved this place. Got some really good Peruvian chicken, with plantains and cassava on the side and an horchata, all for less than $10. Despite the price, it was all excellent. Service is friendly. Can't go wrong here.

(410) 494-0061

Peruvian, Mexican

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Burger Bros

14 Allegheny Ave
Towson, 21204
Great burgers, fries, hot dogs at a perfect price. period
Excellent burgers. Super rings. One of the best in the area. Great bun holds everything together. Well done, highly recommended for a casual, great burger.
Fantastic for a quick delic burger and fries

(410) 321-1880

Burgers, Hot Dogs

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Cunninghams Cafe and Bakery

1 Olympic Pl
Towson, 21204
I will try not to be too partial because this is one of my husband's favorite spots to eat locally, especially when he has a business meeting. It's nice to have a place that is so close to home that resembles the ambiance of places that are closer to the downtown or Hampden areas. The decor is homey and rustic with lots of wood and textures. The things that I have tried so far, for the most part, have been pretty good and just a few that are underwhelming which is a disappointment for a place that serves seemingly regular options at higher than desired prices, but I guess that's usually what happens at restaurants/cafes that boast farm-to-table status. The Farmer's breakfast, breakfast burrito, iced coffee and blueberry lemon muffin are some of our go-to options. One time I tried to be spontaneous and ordered a breakfast that was called maybe the steak and egg or steak and something or other and I was surprised because it was actually a ham steak, which was not bad because it wasn't overly salty or chewy like most ham steaks and cooked very well. I was only disappointed because I was imagining a big hunk of beef melting in my mouth, but probably my oversight. The macarons are a good deal in my opinion (7 for $8) and exactly what you would expect for a local macaron..A-ok. Some didn't quite taste like their moniker, but they were really fresh and of course cute as a button (that's really the reason why we get them, right?!). I personally thought the strawberry basil was pretty good and peach was probably the one I cared for the least. It's really more of the experience in knowing that their jams are homemade, so if you ever need a quick fix I would recommend it. The place isn't huge, but they offer outdoor seating which is nice when there's less humidity and a cool breeze. The Cunningham's restaurant is located upstairs which we don't frequent as much unless it's happy hour on apps and drinks haha. It's easy to get confused so make sure if you're meeting people to tell them that it's on the ground level portion. Parking is limited, but there is a small lot across from the place that has a 2 hr minimum.
Cunninghams is a place I wouldn't normally entertain. Its very unassuming. We came here after learning that the cheesecake factory didnt serve brunch on Saturday :)...my hubby had the bagby breakfast burrito sans meat (vegetarian). He loved it. Great flavors, good textures. I had the bagby market breakfast. Average flavors...but was able to substitute my meat for fruit at no additional cost. Highlight of my meal was the coffee. Would come here again to try the pancakes. Breakfast for two ran us about $24....a little expensive but hey...I guess you get what you pay for.
Amazing!! I absolutely love coming here and sitting on the stools they have and having their wonderful hot chocolate. Their pastries are out of this world, and their breakfast always exceeds expectations. I think they're reasonably priced for those who like quality food. College students probably won't be found here too often because it's not as cheap as a college budget would allow. I recommend this Cafe to all my friends frequently and I hope to come here for many years to come.

(410) 339-7750

Bakeries, Cafes

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El Gran Pollo

1008 Taylor Ave
Towson, 21286
As others have said, the chicken is well-seasoned and tasty. The sauces are good with, but not a necessity. The plantain side was underripe and kind of hard, but it didn't stop my husband from getting an extra order to go. We prefer the plantains at Pollo Amigo, though. The anticucho corazon (beef heart skewer) was by itself underseasoned. However, it comes with the same green and yellow sauces that the chicken does. It worked, but whether you're happy with this solution depends on if you're okay with slathering your food in rich sauces, or prefer them being an option. It came with giant corn (not a fan, though I've also never had that kind of super-starchy corn cooked in a way that I found particularly appetizing) and potatoes. Honestly, I would've preferred just the meat without the sides. It's a minimum $6 purchase to use your credit card. It's set up like a mini-cafeteria, so there's more space to sit comfortably than at Pollo Amigo.
Still hasn't disappointed me... I think I'm addicted. Yesterday My roommate and I got the Super Special, a whole chicken (fresh out the oven)with 8 sauces, 3 large sides, and your choice of a 2 liter or 4 cans of soda all for $25 !!!! The meal was enough to feed us twice, could be enough for 4 people or 8 children easy ! We told them to cut the white meat piece a little smaller and they were happy to do it. I think they are starting to remember my face which is a little embarrassing lol
This is a gem to find in an otherwise blah shopping area. They offer Peruvian food but the chicken is so good I haven't tried anything else. The plantains and the brown rice are my fav sides, I love green beans and they aren't bad here but they taste canned (prefer non canned) Great option if you want take out or not on the mood to have a longer sit down dinner.

(410) 296-5500


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Marketplace Café

Nordstrom,700 Fairmount Ave
Towson, 21286
The last thing you expect to find at Nordstrom is reasonably priced café style food that is just fantastic. But then you think about it and you realize it makes perfect sense. Nordstrom is known for quality products, service with touches of modern refinement and elegance. This is evident in the café as well. It also beats the hell out of eating at the food court of any mall. The menu isn't going to wow most people but everything on it is good, no seriously. The creamy tomato bisque with homemade crostini is a staple on their menu at almost all locations. The soup is richly creamy with nice accent of roasted tomato. Another staple is their Caesar salad, which is typically one of the lamest items on any restaurants menu; however, Nordstrom Café does it to absolute perfection. The grilled chicken breast used in the salad is indeed grilled and is always nicely seasoned. The lettuce is your standard shards of crisp romaine with homemade croutons and grated Parmesan. A unique touch to this salad is the Parmesan crisp, which you can break and sprinkle over the salad. The best part though is the lemony Caesar dressing which just tastes so fresh and summerlike. Other delicious items include the Greek chicken sandwich. Usually served on ciabatta this sandwich has tender thick slices of their grilled chicken as well as mixed greens, shaved onions in a light garlic aioli. There are a couple of hot entrée options usually on the menu. Sometimes they have seared salmon filet with rich Israeli couscous cooked with chicken broth and parsley served with haricot vert. The best dish on the menu however is the gnocchi with shredded chicken with wild mushrooms cooked in a sherry cream sauce. The earthy mushrooms work perfectly with the tender pulled chicken in the bold sherry flavored cream sauce - which is actually not that heavy. This dish is much better than most pastas you will find in Little Italy, it is definitely a must try! All in all, Nordstrom Café doesn't disappoint. The café shares the same principles of quality and service that has made the department store so successful. People who haven't tried this café yet need to. The one located in Towson Town Center is especially good and is just a tiny bit more expensive than the food court but so much better!
I love this place. I've tried the salmon with couscous, and the crab soup. Let me tell you about that salmon. It. Was. AMAZING. Tender, flaky, flavourful. I wanted more. I almost went back and ordered another one, it was THAT good. The crab soup was great, it was like Maryland in a bowl. It might be getting hotter, but that soup is fit for all weather. If they have it when you go in, get it. For a drink, get a Ginger Peach Iced Tea. Tasty, refreshing, you'll love it. It's the new Sweet Tea.
We stopped in after a quick Yelp search and we were very happy with our meal and service. If you've never been--order at the counter and they bring out your food/drinks. I had the 1/2 tuna and tomato soup (delicious!) it was served with a nice little salad. I also ordered an iced tea, which was frequently refilled. My sister had the tomato soup and a cobb salad. The salad was huge and it was filled with fresh ingredients. Huge portions, fresh food and attentive service- great find!

(410) 296-2111

Cafes, Diners, American (New)

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Rita’s Italian Ice

7206 York Rd,Ste A
Towson, 21212
I don't always crave Rita's, but when I do, I'm never disappointed. We pulled up and there was a long line, which was expected, but things moved so quickly. Four words: birthday.cake.cream.ice. After tasting it at the 2014 car show in DC, I have been searching high and low for this cream ice flavor! I was craving the creaminess of the birthday cake flavor, but also wanted something a little fruity/tart. So I asked for 1/2 and 1/2 with the bday cake and cherry ice. The girl at the register was like a little Rita's genie...she disappeared for two seconds and then *poof* she was back with my order! The service was friendly and fast. I'd been to this location several times while attending college (Loyola). We would often buy Rita's in bulk sizes for Student Government events. (Yup, we'd lure college students to our tables about politics/social issues with free Rita's!) I have never had a bad experience at this location. So happy to know that the experience is still consistent with those that I had while I was in school. :) How could I say anything bad about a cool and refreshing treat on a warm day?!
It's a pretty typical Rita's, which is a place I like. However, they don't have as many flavors as other locations, which is unfortunate. A pretty typical flavor of any fruit-flavored thing would be cherry or strawberry - something generic and red that kids often like. This location had neither when I went there, which seemed weird to me. Of the flavors it did have, only 2 were things I even liked (yet most Rita's location have 6-8 flavors I'd like on any given day).
When I visit my sister-in-law, we take a trip to Rita's. I've had their Gelati, which you pick up to 3 flavors of Italian ice, and then they serve your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or a swirl of frozen custard right on top. I chose Black Cherry, Alex's Lemonade, and Georgia Peach. My, my, my, was this tasty and a half! The Italian ice was flavorful, and it was not watery. It was just an unbelievably slushie-like texture in my mouth! Combine the flavors with the vanilla frozen custard and it is absolutely divine! The custard itself is a little bit more heavier than a frozen yogurt, and maybe it approximately on the same par as a soft serve, but it is a little bit more richer in the mouth. Service was quick and I was excited throughout my Gelati experience. There is no drive-thru, nor is there a place to sit inside the place - you just pay and you go; you can find a curb in the parking lot to enjoy your treat. It is refreshing, cool, and perfect for summers or any day. +Gelati

(410) 583-8808

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Desserts, Shaved Ice

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798 Kenilworth Dr
Towson, 21204
I love this place for many reasons. I am a locavore (I prefer restaurants that serve locally sourced organic food). The menu, although not deep, is thoughtful and highly delicious. Keep in mind, seating is limited, so if you want to stay for a meal, arrive early or late (breakfast or lunch). There is a drive through option and a hidden herb garden near the drive through. The service is nice, patient and attentive. I could sit here for hours. Love it!
Such a great little place for lunch or breakfast! But the wait can be long if you want to eat at one of their tables for lunch. It's a convenient place to meet someone for lunch, which is probably why it's so busy. The food is always thoughtful with unique touches and the menu changes daily. I've enjoyed their chicken salad before, but this time went basic with a three-cheese and bacon grilled cheese sandwich. Couldn't have been more delicious! And it came with slices of local apple, which just complement it perfectly. The soups are always yummy and the desserts are hard to resist. My only complaints are the wait for a table at lunch (especially bad when the weather's too cold for the outdoor seating) and not having soda. I know, no soda can be a good thing, but sometimes I want a Coke with my lunch. Although it "forced" meto get apple cider, so it's really not that big of a complaint. And though the sandwiches are less than $10, I wouldn't consider it a cheap place to eat. When I spend $13 for a grilled cheese sandwich with juice, it's not cheap.
Very yummy for eating out and also has great selection of breads, coffee, and other goods. Only downside is it is expensive for a sandwich/salad type place, and it can get crowded kind of easily so you may have to wait for a table.

(410) 938-8775

Delis, Sandwiches

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Smoothie King

812 Dulaney Valley Rd
Towson, 21204
Just like a jamba juice, but BETTER. i always get the banana boat smoothies. They make it so good! If you really love banana flavored things, you would love this. But why are smoothie places always so expensive?!
This place is amazing!! Best shakes/smoothies I've ever had. It's so healthy it's literally like walking into a GNC and being able to taste anything you want. Get your pump, get your shake, and get on with your day...this place is here to amp up your life, not hinder you.
Exceptional service is always provided and they seriously serve the worlds greatest smoothies! It's pure perfection. I go twice a week...only problem... They are so expensive. I catch myself paying the price of a four course meal sometimes. Other than that this place is great.

(410) 296-1240

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Health Markets

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Pasta Mista

822 Dulaney Valley Rd
Towson, 21204
Not only do they have the best pizza in the area, but they also have great pasta like gnocchi and stuffed shells. Very quick service. Lack of seating is often a problem if you dine in, but I usually call in my order and pick it up.
The food is great, the staff is friendly, and the dining area is clean. There are a bunch of different types of pizza to choose from by the slice and they're all delicious. I go to this place on a regular basis. Highly recommended.
If you are looking for NY/NJ pizza, this is the only place in Baltimore to go. Baltimore hands down has the worst pizza selection in the midatlantic. I mean awful. This place is the only place we will order pizza from. They don't deliver, but the pizza is worth a drive. Fast service and good selection. Their standard cheese pizza is fantastic. 3 locations: Canton, Timonium and Towson.

(410) 321-8855

Italian, Pizza

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The Real Thing

412 York Rd
Towson, 21204
This was one of myfavorite spots to go to when I worked at the AMC - Towson theatre. I would always get the Chicken Pita with French Fries. The food was always served fresh, the fries were nice and crisp, and the chicken pita was always flavorful and dripping down my arm with pure goodness everytime i took a bite. The people who worked there was always friendly and joked around with us when we came in there. Unfortunately, AMC - Towson shut down, and I havent been there since because i dont live in the area. But I am determine to get there one day to have that Chicken Pita agin.
I'd give them 3.5 stars if possible. Sandwiches are really great. Bread is amazing (I think they steam instead of toast), fresh and delicious, cheesesteak was good ("chop the life out of their meat" style for those asking). Cheese fries had actual cheese sauce and shredded cheese melted all over it. Pretty decent. The "meh" part - were out of ham for another sandwich, not a whole lot of cheese selection for those into cheddar choices. Cook was a bit gruff, but you know, I get it. Not the end of the world. Took a minute for it to be prepped and ready, but thats what happens when you make food from (somewhat) scratch. Overall decent experience. Might try pizza fries in the future.
So the first time I came here, I remembered it being SOOO FREAKING GOOD!!! however, that could have been due to the fact I was totally under the influence of alcohol... The second time I came here, I was not as impressed as I thought I would be. The steak and bacon was overcooked (meaning it was a bit dry) and they didnt add enough american cheese. So the initial impression on my first visit was definitely influenced by my consumption of alcohol... After saying all of the above... this is still probably the best cheesesteak in maryland, however, I also have not been actively searching for it either... so I may revisit this place again once I have a better idea of the cheesesteak scene in the Maryland area. If the competition is not as hot then I may add a star... otherwise this review will remain the same.

(410) 583-7211


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