Corcoran Caterers

2401 Montgomery St
Silver Spring, 20910
I had a month to go before our party (Mar. 24) for 26 at home and needed a caterer. I googled montgomery county and caterers. I picked several caterers to call based on their web sites and reviews I read here and other web sites. I settled on Corcoran for those 2 reasons and also because of two outstanding telephone references and of course because of Martha Corcoran. She was fantastic to deal with. For of all, she is a listener (something you don't find any more in the service industry). I told her what we were looking for and our likes and dislikes. I never had to repeat myself. We connected from the get-go. She e-mailed a menu (which was far superior to a more well known and bigger caterer) that I liked very much. It was a little high but that was because I asked for a quote where the caterer would provide absolutely everything. So Martha worked with me to bring the cost down about $500. We provided nice plastic dinnerware and plates (Costco) and our own linen and we were able to cut the labor cost in half because only 1 server was needed instead of 2. Oscar, the server, arrived 2 hours before the party (60th birthday party) started. Martha assured me that she was sending one of her best and he sure was. He set up shop in the garage and laid out the prepared food so it was ready to serve. Here are the highlights from our menu for the dinner buffet -- all delicious -- hors d'oeuvres -- crabmeat truffle, mushroom & artichoke crostini, tomato & basil bruschetta -- main dish -- bourbon & brown sugar glaze salmon and balsamic flan steak -- sides and vegetables -- brown rice salad (award winning!!), roasted sweet potatoes with lemon aioli, grilled vegetable display -- dessert -- white and dark chocolate mousse cake and mixed berries pie topped with orange almond streusel. Everything was great! And there was plenty of it! Our guests raved about the menu and the food preparation. It was my party and the guests were complimenting me all night on how great the caterer is. Oscar cleaned up and we didn't even know he was there. And believe it or not, he took all of the garbage -- every last bit of it with him. I have very high standards and am known to be critical when called for. But I honestly cannot think of one thing that was not superb about the whole experience. Corcoran Caterers will always be my choice for any catering needs we may have in the future. Thank you, Martha!
My business has used Corcoran Caterers several times and have had nothing short of WONDERFUL experiences! The food was fabulous and beautifully presented and their staff was always highly professional. We worked with Joe to organize our events. His professionalism and follow through were so impressive! It was clear that he takes pride in outstanding customer service through all of the interactions that we had with him. He made sure that all of the details were perfect and was SO helpful in accommodating to our needs and our budget. The attendees at my events raved about the foods that were prepared and gave great compliments to Corcoran as well! I will not hesitate to call on Joe at Corcoran for all of my future catering needs. I know that he will ensure that the whole process is seamless!
I found these folks because they were on the list of caterers for the venue where we recently held a memorial service. I looked for Yelp reviews and there weren't any but they had tons of good reviews on the wedding sites so I called them. They were GREAT to work with and the food was wonderful. it was both a sad occasion and a celebration of life and Sue and her staff worked with us to make it exactly that. I was organizing the event from across the country so couldn't do a tasting but Sue worked with me on the menu (both on choices and price) and everything was perfect (and I'm a bit of a San Francisco food snob). If you need more reviews check them out on the wedding sites or just take my word for it. They were fabulous!

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Mo Mo Bakery

12015 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, 20902
This bakery is inside the H mart but is not part of it. Mmmm... a tiny little place but packed with all kinds of goodies. No place to sit... oh well. Roamed around the little place. So much to see. Not very much labeled. I think most things have a label on the back so check it out. A cold case with things like mango mousse cake-- yum! Fluffy mixed in with cake. :) Walked around to the side and found the walnut roll. I had not had it before... and another customer recommended it to me. When looking at it, it reminded me of this great filipino dessert I had a little while ago at Kapampangan (see my review) ... when I asked the lady said "walnut roll" .... I was hesitant. Why? It was a box of three good sized pieces... what if it wasn't the same???? Ha! Worried for nothing. Another customer came up, grabbed a box, and said "you'll love them, I'm back already. Good with coffee." Sold. I tried my sizable piece and it was sooo good. The cream was wonderful. The walnut cakeiness... mmm... it's like another version of the cashew dessert I had at Kapampangan... yes! I only have one left for later... :)
Needed something sweet after dinner at a local chinese place nearby. We yelped where to go and decided on this! I was happily surprised to find that it is inside of H-Mart! This is a no frills bakery, guys. Tons of baked goods, no seating. There's coffee and I think tea, as well. There are tons of Korean baked goods as well as some more standard things like delicious pieces of tiramisu, or mango cake. That mango cake. Layers of delicious cake and fluffy mousse all topped with some delicious gelatin and a half of a strawberry. Prettty good. I also tried these walnut rolls...they looked questionable but all doubts were erased as soon as I bit into it. Delicious walnut layers separated by layers of what I assume is a sweetened fluffy cream cheese. Dear lawd. I also bought some more standard Korean desserts for the man friend. Twisty donut, red bean filled donut, some Madelaines. All of these were delicious. The ajuma running the joint doesn't speak a ton of English but don't let that be a barrier to you trying this stuff! It's great!!
There is only one other review, by J. Mandy, extolling this place. I rather mistrust her review because she doesn't mention that this is a tiny bakery stuck in a Korean grocery store and most of their baked goods are Korean. I have eaten their Korean style baked goods at their place on Route 40 and it's fine, but people ought to realize what kind of bakery they are going to before they decide on this place.

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12289 Tech Rd
Silver Spring, 20904
Oh My Gosh - I can't believe I haven't yet given a TOP NOTCH review to Chick-fil-A. My wife and I have eaten lunch there numerous times, and each has been a pleasurable experience. The restaurant seems to have a reputation that just collects customers of good cheer, and we have aways found the atmosphere welcoming. The Number-Four Spicy Chicken Sandwich Platter is our favorite. It is always hot, fresh, and SPICY. The waffle fries are served in generous quantity. I like to add a little salt ( against doctor's advice, but he's not eating them). The only way to improve the fries would be to serve them a bit hotter. We occasionally interact with the table staff, and they are always pleasant. It is the kind of place that makes me want to police my own table and toss out my trash before leaving.
Chick-fil-A, you do it right! Very friendly, fast paced and courteous location. Food is hot, fresh and accurate. On my visit, they were giving free frosted lemonades! Delicious, by the way. As always, when I'm in this area again, I will stop by. How can you not patronize a place that leads by example? The only complaint I have for this location is the design of the waiting line for the counter. If you walk into the restaurant from the front door and you don't know to keep far right, it's chaos. If you start towards the counter, you have to squeeze against those already in line, to get to the end.
Order came without wife's Diet Coke. Stood at counter waiting for attention for 5 minutes and it wasn't that busy. Three workers didn't engage. Verbally got attention of worker who gave me a what turned out to be a Dr. Pepper. When I went to get it exchanged, no apology.

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Fast Food

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Golf Ultra Lounge

8123 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, 20910
The food is authentic and wonderful. I've yet to visit the brick and mortar, but have had their delivery. I ordered the Jollof rice, croaker fish, and plantain combo as well as the beef suya. The spices on the suya were almost reminiscent of the suya that I've ordered on the street side in Nigeria back in the day. The fish and plantain were great as expected, the spices were on point, and heat content excellent. The Jollof rice and croaker combo comes with a small packet of brown hot sauce that was absolutely delicious. The Cameroonian version of these certainly didn't disappoint. Their food can pack the heat, at least the dishes that I ordered did. But I have a high heat tolerance and love spicy food, so I'm not complaining, I'm complimenting. For those of you who could do with low heat levels, you can modify the spice level to your liking, just let them know when placing your order. I wanted to attach a picture of the food to my review but it was too good, and I was too hungry, to wait to eat. I highly recommend this place and look forward to visiting the establishment. Apparently they have events on the weekends. I also look forward to trying other things from their menu. Everything looks scrumdidlyumptious. Do note that the restaurant also goes by the name of "Afrik Grill." If you're ordering delivery through Eat24 like I did, you'll need to search for it under that name.
Ogbono soup with eba was awesome. Glad to have found this spot. Quite sunny Friday afternoon for a delicious spicy meal. Made with beef.
My first time at Golf Ultra Lounge great service and did not have to wait a whole hour for my food as I normally do when I go to a West African restaurant. If you want the best cassava leaf around this is a must try minus the extra salt or maggi cube that was added overall good!!!! Will be returning to try more dishes in the future.

(301) 448-1515

African, Lounges, Caribbean

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Kefa Cafe

963 Bonifant St
Silver Spring, 20910
this place is closed
Charming little cafe on the corner of Bonifant and Wayne, Kefa offers a nice variety of coffee drinks and teas, as well as danishes and other baked goods. Nice, cozy environment, with puzzles and books available to customers who wish to relax a bit over their drinks and snacks. Great place to stop for a quick pick-me-up or cool-me-down.
This is an artsy intimate coffee shop with a loving owner. You can tell she has put all of her magnanimous heart into this place. I'm glad I stopped by while I was in town.

(301) 589-9337

Coffee & Tea, Desserts, Sandwiches

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Flowers Bakery Cafe

14300 Layhill Rd
Silver Spring, 20906
I go to this bakery any time I need a cake or I feel like a treat. Mango mousse cake is amazing and so is their tres leches and tiramisu. They do breakfast, and have gelato.
Not French but delicious and well designed cakes. Gelato section available. Prices are reasonable.
My dad, stepmom, stepsis and I stopped here for dessert after dinner the other night. We were all mezmerized by the many pastries and gelatos they had on display. We all got something different. My dad got a piece of Italian rum cake. My stepmom got an entire key lime pie (which we are still reaping the benefits of). My stepsis got French chocolate brandy gelato (yummmm...). I got a hazelnut ring, which was a hazelnut flavored shortbread cookie ring covered in hazelnuts and chocolate. It was like a twix bar, but WAY better. They do good things at Flowers.

(301) 438-6087

Bakeries, Bagels, Desserts

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HoneyBaked Ham

3820 International Drive
Silver Spring, 20906
We got a half a ham and a large sweet potato cake for Easter. The ham was delicious, as is expected with Honeybaked Ham. And that cake. OH THAT CAKE! It had a perfect amount of spice and sweet potato flavor. And the cream cheese icing was a great sweet complement to the spiced cake. When we picked up our items at the store, they were offering free samples of the different cakes, which was nice. And the checkout lady was incredibly friendly and conversational. Honeybaked is always a bit pricey, but their products are also top notch.
Been in here twice-it's quite obvious this is a corporate owned operation-Honeybaked ham speaks for itself..delicious. This does not mean however that they have top-notch management or employees working there-memorial day went in there trying to feed seven people:I simply asked if they could make a bigger sandwich and just cut it into a bunch of little pieces. The manager of the store told me that was classified as a catering order and I would have to give them 48 hours to prepare!!! Mind you,no one was in the store. My only option there would be to purchase seven different sandwiches. I asked them if they could this one time prepare just a big ham sandwich or even a few and cut them into thirds and they could not handle this request. I went to the giant deli next-door and got sliced ham a couple large baguettes and made my own. The second time I went in there again there was no one in there, The only employee that appeared to be working was smoking on the bench right next to the front door. I apprehensively went in to find that there was no one in the store. I turn to leave and someone who appeared to be the manager asked me if she could help me. I asked her if it was company policy to have employees smoke right at the entrance of the store. She told me that the employee was supposed to be on the side of the building but really only another 6 feet away. I asked for the general managers number but was so turned off by my reception and the smoking I left. I by no means am a smoking Nazi but find it absolutely repulsive to have an employee at a place that prepares food smoking right as you walk into the store. I can't be the only one that has had this experience at the store! I gave 2 stars because the Honey Baked product is excelled but my experience at this location was not.
Okay... Why did I just find out about this place in 2013? Their honey baked ham is OMG good. Best honey baked ham I've ever had. I have always liked honey baked ham, but I never crave it or go out and buy it or anything myself. But that has definitely changed... Their honey baked ham is NOTHING like the grocery store kind, that I've always thought was eh. They also have frozen sides (broccoli and rice casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, etc.). Their ham is definitely on the pricey side (got a 8 lb. honey baked ham and a broccoli and rice casserole for a few dollars short of $70), but I definitely think it's worth it for a special occasion.

(301) 598-3600

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Pho Hoa Binh 2

930 Wayne Ave
Silver Spring, 20910
We found this place to have the best vegetarian pho and general Vietnamese food in the area (of 4 we've visited)! We tried the lychee boba/bubble tea, veg pho, veg banh xeo (Vietnames pancakes), and Shaky tofu. All were delicious! We went with our 14-month old, who also loved the portions we allowed her to taste. They have high chairs for young ones, and the waiter brought out a separate cup, straw, bowl and plasticware set without our requesting. Very attentive and thoughtful! The service was overall excellent and friendly. Also, contrary to the current details posted for this place, they do have outdoor seating, and it's quite nice.
Good access to the parking garage and nice atmosphere. The staff was very friendly. I had the vegetarian pho and my girlfriend had the veg noodle bowl. Both were really good! The summer rolls were also good and tasted very fresh. It's nice to finally have a good Vietnamese restaurant in Silver Spring!
Pho was tasteless and mostly MSG. Very little meat. Undercooked noodles. Old bean sprouts. It was like some dried up pho was sitting in a bowl, and they added hot water. Fried spring roll in sesame was tasteless and oily. Consisted of amorphous animal product and filler. Came out so quickly, it was surely premade. Grilled pork on vermicelli was -- you guessed it -- tasteless, thin on the garnishing, low on the meat, and heavy on the MSG. They have 3 high chairs, one of which was wobbly, and one of which was missing a wood beam. The ice water was nice.

(301) 587-6788


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12251 Tech Rd
Silver Spring, 20904
On a normal day, this place would be three stars, food and service considered. But at my latest visit, the pancakes were excellent! I got Buttermilk Chocolate Chip Pancakes and they couldn't have been more perfect. The pancakes were light and fluffy and chocolatey. It came topped with some whipped cream, lightly dusted with powered sugar, and sprinkled with extra chocolate chips for good measure. On the weekends, this place is packed and service is slooooow. We went on a Monday night and it was basically empty. Our food was prepared quickly and we were all pleased with our dishes. Although food service was quick, our waitress seemed kind of down- maybe because it was a slow night- and I don't think she smiled once. Something to note about this place is that every time I go, they consistently do not have enough table settings when we get seated, and the waiter never seems to notice... We ALWAYS have to ask for silverware when our dishes come out.
Fantastic service! The "healthy" food I ordered today was surprisingly tasty. Usually when a chain like this tries to go healthy the food tastes bad, but I was pleasantly surprised. The service was quick and really friendly, which was much appreciated. I was expecting the coffee to Taste like diner coffee but it was also surprisingly good. Overall I was impressed with my ihop experience today.
I love this location. The managers here are hard working. They bring food to the tables, seat guests, wait tables and clean them. we go in the middle of the night and the food is always hot and fresh.

(301) 680-1920

Breakfast & Brunch, American (Traditional)

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2205 Bel Pre Rd,Ste 33
Silver Spring, 20906
Love the 3 walls of windows: big, bright room with wooden tables/chairs plus upholstered sofa, chairs. Ten people here midweek lunch. Very friendly & helpful. The shopping center has seen better days, but this is a bright spot for the neighborhood, which includes seniors from Leisure World.
Love this location! Very mellow and not as much traffic! Staff is friendly and usually speedy service!
My fav place to go! I drop my kids off in the morning then stop off for my morning coffee! I love the staff and I love the fact they know my drink order when I walk in! Awesome Starbucks experience!

(301) 460-0409

Coffee & Tea

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