Red Roost

2670 Clara Rd
Quantico, 21856
Great crabs, great chicken and the coldest beer. Well worth the drive! Friendly employees.
This Eastern Shore landmark is the quintessential crab feast experience. After a nice ride in the country you will find it located in a renovated Chicken house near the Whitehaven ferry. Picnic tables covered with brown paper, and big heaps of boiled crabs just piled in the middle makes for a wonderful (messy) DelMarValous time. The classic crab feast usually includes fried chicken, Corn on the cob, "Shrimpies" (extruded shrimp finger food things) Hush-puppies, and big pitchers of Beer. Grab a mallet and get to work on that pile of blue crabs. In recent years the owners have started offering ribs, shrimp and Alaskan crab legs (served in all ya can eat bulk like the crab feast) for those who are easily defeated by the work of getting to blue crab meat. Purists like me tend to see it as a bit of heresy but it does make for a bigger party. Skip Lunch on the day you go. Your gonna need the room! Open seasonally from whenever the crabs starrt coming (Late March-April) till they stop (Early October)
The food was excellent the atmosphere was very nice and the waitress was very friendly courteous and attentive. 5 stars.... The only one thing I found disturbing was the whole restaurant was empty and the hostess made a lady that had it a cane and could barely walk walk all the way back to the very back of the restaurant for a table they need to use their good judgment in these situations.....use some common sense....

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