Sushi Hana

6080 Falls Rd
Mount Washington, 21209
A nice little spot on Falls Rd, similar to their Towson location. The menu is a nice mix of classic and special sushi rolls with meals that might be enjoyed by non-sushi fans (such as my husband). My friend and I were able to split a platter of sushi while my husband had a noodle dish.
Ordered takeout and was told it would be 20 minutes. I showed up 5 minutes early and 10 mins later was told they had no seaweed salad. I opted for vegetable tempura instead. Another 10 minutes and I'm told they DID have seaweed salad. I sat waiting for 20 minutes while my sushi sat underneath warm soup. The food was mediocre AT BEST. If you want better sushi for a comparable, maybe lower price, drive a few miles more and visit Sushi Yama.
Horrible service! Just stopped in for dinner and was completely ignored. I understand that the restaurant is busy and supposedly was understaffed, but we were greeted when we first walked by the owner and then he disappeared for 10 min for him to later point us to our table. No server was to be found and so my husband had to go back to the host stand to grab our own menus. Waited another 10 min for a server to come by to only be rudely asked if we were ready to order, we replied no. She was about to walk away so I asked if she was going to take our drink orders, only more attitude was given. The man at the table behind us had waited for 15 minutes before he had to chase someone down to take his order. We did not eat here and just left after this encounter

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