Negril Eatery

12116 Central Ave
Mitchellville, 20721
So, I go here a lot because it's around the corner. It's just what I expect to eat when I go to a caribbean eatery. The food is consistent, I have no complaints. Negril never disappoints. They have the best coco bread anywhere though, I've rarely had better. The fruit punch is the absolute best! My husband loves the jerk chicken, I'm a curry goat/ oxtail girl. Dinner comes with stir-fry veggies (caribbean stir-fry is cabbage w/ various mixed veggies) and rice and peas (small red beans and rice cooked with coconut milk and seasoning) for the unfamiliar. Never had a better jerk chicken sandwich anywhere. Jerk chicken sandwich comes with lettuce, jerk chicken and sesame dressing on coco bread. YUM! The patties are good too, they have beef, chicken and veggie. Don't expect to have your socks knocked off with fall-all-over-you service because that's not the caribbean way, but the good food is. So just order and eat.
The food wasn't spectacular but it was decent and my order came quickly enough.
Where do I start? Nastiest so called jamaican food I've ever had. The jerk chicken was dry and tasteless. Peas and rice were not the traditional Jamaican staple. After eating home cooked Jamacian food in Jamacia, I doubt I'll find anything close to that in the DMV. Definitely not this ratchet place!

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Pizza Hut

12200 Central Ave
Mitchellville, 20721
Wondering why the girl I spoke to on the phone was acting confused when I asked her about what their new pizza was called. Er...don't you work there miss?? You don't know what your new, square pizza is called?? Don't talk to me like I'm the stupid one lol. But it was all good. I got my pizza, I ate was good. Of course. I love pizza. Just...customer service could use a tiny bit of work.
Recently called to order takeout and the person who answered the phone was highly unprofessional. Made a complaint but manager just brushed me off. I suggest no one order from this location ever.
I've had better Pizza Hut pizza from other locations, but it does the job. I've only ordered take-out on the way home from work. The young crew working here are always kind. No attitude problems. Restaurant is as clean as you can expect it to be. They could stand for a remodel. Pizza is always correct and warm.

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Italian, Pizza, Chicken Wings

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Levi’s Restaurant

10252 Lake Arbor Way
Mitchellville, 20721
This is the worst place in the history if food. Pulled up in front of the restaurant, worker had on a white apron with a white rag that was apparently dark brown due to it being so damn filthy. The food looked good, but I refused to spend my money here. The customer service is the worst, I've been to places where it was ghetto and the customer service was crap but this place was unbelievable. Cooks were ignoring the customer wants and none of them wore a net over their hair, which was a food safety violation and also nasty. One female answered her phone while working and making food. They do NOT wear gloves. Smh. And the cashier was having a conversation with the cook taking her sweet ass time checking people out. I would never recommend this place to anyone. The one in oxon hill is a lot better than this one. Awful.
IF I COULD DO ZERO STARS I WOULD Not going to sugar coat this horrible place, it's a disgrace to REAL SOUL FOOD!!!! I ordered two chicken lunch specials I fried with Mac n cheese and greens The worst greens and UN cheese Mac n cheese Next Smothered chicken with cabbage and lima beans Worst cabbage and dry beans not pot liquor too keep my beans moist and no extra gravy to keep the chicken from drying or to top off my rice The peach cobbler had two peaches Wtf!!!! Thank God I ordered hush puppies because I like them Or I'd be starving right now
We were in the area for a sporting event and had heard about this soul food spot and we decided to give it a try. I got the stuffed baked fish. It was rubbery like it'd been sitting there all day and full of bones. They didn't even try to pull bones out which I thought was just lazy! Ate about half and was done. My kids got the fried chicken wings and Mac and cheese with greens. The wings were under seasoned but they enjoyed the Mac and cheese. The whole experience was just blah. They should work harder at making sure their food is prepared with love will not go back. Which is too bad because I love good soul food. 2 stars because Mac and cheese and greens were tasty enough

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Soul Food

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