Ledo Pizza

4243 Branch Ave
Marlow Heights, 20748
Absolutely love Ledo's Pizza. There are several in the area. I would actually recommend going to the original one in College Park, but you can get the same pizza at all of them. Service is not to bad but you will truly enjoy the pizza. They also make their own Ranch that goes great with the Waffle fries. Not a typical pizza spot but well worth it.
I'm sure all Ledo's pizza's aren't awful and service isn't just as bad in others but the one in Marlowe heights is the worse Frozen Giant is better On the website it says free small pizza so we ordered and a calzone no taste . We go to get it the guy points to the sign said u must have printed coupon well online doesn't say that? He gets the manager the pizza probably cost them 1.00 to make the manager makes Us show our license and questioned us, really wouldn't suggest it at all
Their pepperoni pizza never disappoints me. Perfect little grease cups on each little square. Incredible sauce. Though it is high in calories they are a great Friday movie night with the family food! The other food items leave a lot to be desired. The chicken strips tasted like they were from Murrays. When you go, get the pizza!

(301) 316-5336

Pizza, Chicken Wings, Salad

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