3106 Solomons Island Rd
Londontowne, 21037
So we stopped by here for 3 desserts...service took about 20 minutes and I ordered a Java Mocha Chiller. Took a drink and Wham-O...pure hot coffee in the bottom. It is as though they completely forgot to mix it up. I gagged...spit it out and repeatedly hit the red button. When I told the little box my problem they seemed annoyed. I know these are just kids working here but a little adult supervision goes a long way. Stopped by here a couple of times and services are just so SLOOOOOOW...
I tried a wide sampling of their menu. Here's the breakdown: Mozzarella Sticks- They were fried sticks of Mozzarella. Pretty stale ones. I'm being generous. Cheddar Peppers- They taste like butt. Wrong Cheese. Footlong Dog- A 7-11 hot dog. Supersonic Breakfast Burrito- Disgusting. Tastes like paper and bread. Why use raw onions? Lime Aid- Pretty Good Actually...
I was surprised that the hamburgers are as poor as McDonalds. I'll give one more try just in case I hit them at a bad time, not that Thursday 1pm should have been a bad time.

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