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  • Bodyshot L.

    The setting is a little off putting but go with it! The food is great and the staff is attentive. I laughed when I read the earlier comment on the cut up hohos for dessert but its true! That's ok though I came for the sushi which was wonderful!

  • Grace H.

    My review is solely off of the sushi buffet. For a buffet that is $8, I didn't come here with high expectations, but this is mostly less quality than even grocery store packaged sushi. They keep lights on it and no ice, so it's warm. They have decent selections and whatnot, but it's warm and that really takes away from it. You get what you pay for though.

  • Alice A.

    My sister and I went here today on a whim--she had heard it was good from a few people and we said why not. It was great. She had lo mein and I had what I think was called Japanese bowl: pick the meat, 5 vegetables, a sauce and white or fried rice, and if you want spicy or not. For $13+ we had enough for at least two meals each. Hot, fresh ingredients, very tasty. Give it a try!

  • Kt H.

    I go here almost every week with the boyfriend for lunch, and honestly all you can eat lunch for $7.99 is an amazing deal, so I'll keep coming back even if the sushi isn't perfect. They have plenty of sushi rolls on the buffet (a lot of them are pretty much just dressed up California rolls, but hey, that's alright), as well as hot dishes like chicken satay and different types of noodles - plus mainstays like egg rolls and crab rangoon. The dessert section is slightly laughable (cut up Swiss cake rolls???) but not horrible if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. I don't think I've ever had a bad meal from the buffet here - seriously, I never have felt sick afterwards or not enjoyed what I ate. Obviously I've had better sushi before, but for Southern Maryland it'll do just fine. Don't expect the best sushi you're ever gonna get, just give it a try! :D

  • Tullie H.

    All you can eat Sushi Lunch for $7.99 with Miso Soup or Udon Soup. Winning! Now if you're looking for high quality Sushi - this is not the place for you. But if you're craving Sushi and Chinese meals and you're on a budget. Then this is the place for you. They are always packed during lunch time as they are right off Gate 2 for the Navy base - and are $7.99 a pound to take out. The atmosphere is always dark - they keep their blinds almost shut the entire time - It would be so nice to see out or in when dining there. The music is on a heavy rotation of famous songs played on a mandolin (hit like Yellow Submarine and Under the sea, can get really obnoxious) The bathrooms aren't anything special - and although fairly clean - their cleaning items are also stocked in there. The Sushi itself is poorly constructed and they seem to dish out the same "variety" of sushi for nearly all the plates - just with different garnishings on top. They seem to love tempura sweet potato as a filler and cream cheese and cucumber. The sushi rice itself isn't sweet at all, but as aforementioned - it's a filler meal and not there for a huge amount of taste (thank goodness for the wasabi and picked ginger) I've eaten in high end sushi places and been to Japan a bunch of times and the owners themselves aren't Japanese, but as for finding something in Southern Maryland that isn't a chain, it's not so bad. If i had more choices, this would be a different story.

  • Kacey B.

    Really like the variety they offer. Japanese and Chinese dishes. The sushi is really good. I really like the fact that they deliver too. I would highly recommend this place. The servings are good for 2 people.

  • Carlin W.

    Not a fan of their buffet. Sushi rolls are subpar and poorly assembled; the rice is not what I am used to in sushi. I guess if you are interested in filling yourself up for an inexpensive, lower quality meal this place is right for you.

  • Kimberly W.

    We decided to get take out here on a whim, poor idea on our part. After looking at the pictures on here we thought for the price it was good presentation, even though we knew it would not be top notch sushi. The sushi was the worst I have ever had, presentation and taste wise. The rolls were more or less, a clump of rice and fish. Maybe the buffet is better then takeout, but eater beware.

  • Joseph S.

    I'm in shock to see that this place received a few '5 star' reviews, obviously these people NEVER been to high end sushi bars/restaurants. I've been to '5 star' sushi bars/restaurants and let me inform you that this place is at most 3.5 stars. Now, what I did like about 'SAKE' is the fact that the sushi makers were in fact Japanese and not Central American or Brazilian that is a definite plus. And people don't give high 'stars' just because of the low price of the food. My sushi roll I had today was skinny, the meat fell off of it because it wasn't rolled tight, the rice was a little dry and not sticky, the salad I got 'really' I don't think lettuce is all white because my lettuce was all white and no green leaves, Blah.

  • Valerie G.

    The other day, my husband ditched me for the day to go play golf out of town with my dad. I was left home alone with no car and nothing to eat for lunch. I wrote about what I did that day (spoiler: it's boring) on my other blog here. When it came time to order lunch, I decided to go with Asian food since it's not my husband's favorite so I might as well get it while he's gone. I searched Yelp for a good, local place that delivered and found several reviews for Sake. I'm not going to lie, I had never eaten at Sake before because it's pretty dern scary from the outside. It doesn't convey a sense of confidence in their food when you drive by. But the reviews on Yelp were really good and the pictures looked tasty so I went for it. BONUS: you can order and pay online for delivery which for someone whose phone barely works in her apartment is pretty dang awesome. And they deliver diet sodas which for some reason really tickled me that day. I ordered the gyoza, egg rolls, small vegetable fried rice, small vegetable lo mein, and sweet and sour chicken. And I am fully aware that is a massive amount of food for one person for lunch. I love that they offer small sizes of their fried rice and lo mein. It's still a really good amount at only $4.75 each and it lasted me several servings for two days in a row. The food was exactly what you want your local, greasy, Chinese joint to taste like. The vegetable fried rice was exceptionally good. It wasn't greasy at all and had really large chunks of vegetables in it. The only item I didn't care for was the gyoza. It had an unpleasant taste to it and it was pretty tough and rubbery so I ended up throwing those away. My only complaint about Sake was how long my order took to be delivered. When you order and pay online, you choose your delivery time. I chose 11:30 and my food didn't show up until about 12:30. I finally called after waiting half an hour and asked on the status of my order and was told they would call the driver and check, but I never heard back. If I order delivery from them again, I'll just assume it's going to take forever and set my delivery time earlier, but it would be nice if they show up closer to the time you request. The price, ease of ordering, selection (they have a Japanese, Chinese, and sushi menu), and taste makes Sake a restaurant I would eat from again and would recommend. It's nothing fancy, but it's perfectly satisfying Chinese food and it doesn't make you feel like death the next day like a lot of overly greasy Chinese food places can. (review originally published on )

  • Ingrid K.

    Sushi lunch buffet for $8. Nice! Packed at lunch, but what a bargain.

  • Kay W.

    Value, value, value!! 3 stars feels like a negative on yelp, but not so in this case. This is defintiely 3 star sushi joint, but in some ways it deserves 5 because the price of the buffet and quality of sushi on it is almost impossible. Where else in the world can you go for a sushi buffet that includes a wide variety of soup, tempura, veggies, maki, sushi, habachi food, and dessert for $7.99? Nowhere, me thinks. If you are looking for a deal and have a craving for sushi at a no fluff no muss corner shop, this is the place.

  • Christa H.

    I've been here about three or four times by now, and I've never had an unpleasant experience. The look of the place might be a bit off-putting, as it's inside an old McDonalds and doesn't have the typical look or feel of most sushi places, but the food is good and the staff is friendly. Also, they're so quick -- we had our order of 5 sushi rolls (three of which were specialty rolls and quite large) within 10 minutes of ordering! I'll definitely be going back here.

  • Kris D.

    I have been a loyal customer for 3-1/2 years. I admit I was scared to try sushi that was not made by a Japanese chef, but I'm glad I tried it anyway. The owners are great, the staff is very friendly, and I still can't get enough of their sushi. The fish and the avacados are ALWAYS fresh. I am there a minimum of twice a month, and have never been sick (that, to me, is HUGE!). I tell everyone I know to try it, and once they do, they too are hooked. The lunch buffet is ALWAYS packed. Still the best kept secret in southern MD, if you ask me!

  • Deryk L.

    This is definitely one of those places where you DO NOT want to see the kitchen. Every time I go wonder if I am going to get sick afterwards--to which I never have! So why do I go back? Its GOOD! You cant beat a sushi buffet! The service is friendly too!

  • Remash G.

    I just visited this newly opened restaurant today. I was on the way to Subway when I decided to try something new. Good decision... They have a Sushi bar for $7.99. Most of the sushi are actually California rolls. There were a few with true raw fish. The variety of rolls was incredible. Lots of variety and everything was extremely fresh at 11:30 am when I got there. The sushi chef was busy making more to replenish the selection. The raw fishes looked very nice and fresh as well. For this visit I stuck with the rolls and the hot foods. Oh yeah, hot dishes are a part of the buffet! There were noodles, rice, chicken wings, cooked fish, etc... plus lots of desert items ranging from fruits to pudding. This is a must visit for anyone in the area. It is right next to Big Lots on Great Mills road near PAX River Gate 2.

  • Danielle L.

    Pick anything! Its all delicious!

  • Erin A.

    I have only been for lunch, for the price, you cannot beat it. it is like ten bucks for all you can eat sushi buffett. it is not the best sushi but it is decent.

  • Krystal D.

    On a recent visit to SOMD, I visited this fairly-new establishment. My hopes weren't high. I've been to Asian food buffets in SOMD before, and left horribly ill. Also, I don't normally trust sushi from a place that is known for its buffet. Sake proved me wrong. On my first visit, I ordered the sashimi sampler. I was very worried when I placed my order as my server had no idea what it was. I had to explain to her what sashimi was! Lucky for me, the sashimi was actually fairly good. The sushi chef presented me with a great assortment, served at the perfect temperature, and beautifully displayed. On my second visit, I decided to give the buffet a go, and again, was pleasantly surprised. While there's no nigiri or sashimi on the buffet, there is a good variety of sushi rolls. There's also a few traditional buffet options such as spring rolls, General Tso's, and Sweet & Sour Shrimp. Everything I sampled was tasty. The only drawback is the dessert, which is simply cut-up Ho-Hos! The staff here can be a bit off-putting, as they don't appear particularly clean or professional...and obviously don't have any clue what the menu items are.

  • Yun W.

    First off, with a name like Sake, you'd expect to be able to order Sake. Nope, not the case with Sake as they do not yet have their liquor license. Now let me preface the rest of the review by saying that I have a very sensitive palate and raw fish is certainly a delicacy which leverages acute palates. When I walked in and sat down, I immediately noticed that the staff and chef spoke Chinese instead of Japanese; a huge red flag. I stuck around and ordered the all you can eat to try a few different thing. One item to note is that they are able to make hand rolls despite the absence from the menu. The food came out presentable, but the textures and flavors made it apparent that the fish were not fresh and instead thawed from frozen, tasting soggy and devoid of flavor. The unagi was overcooked and may have been sitting in the refrigeration unit for more than a day). The miso soup was bland and forgettable. While cheap at $20 for all you can eat, I can't recommend this to anyone who may frequent this establishment for sushi / sashimi. I did not try their other offerings so I cannot comment there. As a final segue, they do not carry more expensive sushi such as Toro and Uni.

  • D D.

    Great place for lunch. The food was tasty and fresh. The wait staff could use some work. They gave off the impression that they really didn't want to be there. We saw our waitress twice. Once to take our drinks order. The other was to bring our check. No refills .....questions about the food etc

  • William P.

    Very enjoyable Japanese/Chinese restaurant. I have eaten here twice so far, once at lunch and once at dinner. For dinner, I had a California Roll and Teriyaki Chicken. I was pleasantly surprised at the portion size of the Teriyaki chicken which came with lots of fresh steamed veggies. The chicken was just a tad dry, but that's really my only complaint. For lunch, I had the buffet and for less than 8 bucks, it was a bargain. All you can eat sushi, and an assortment of chinese dishes all of which was made fresh. I was really impressed with the quality of ingredients. Service was good all around. I highly recommend this place as it was a pleasant departure from a lot of small town asian restaurants I've been to.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Sake Japanese Seafood & Steak House

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