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Visit below restaurant in Lanham for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Angela K.

    Delicious! I order the wings naked and extra fried because I like them extra crispy. I get their atomic or nuclear sauce. Mmmm!! If I'm not in the mood for bones, I order the boneless ones. Their shrimp are huge. My friends love them fried but I order them grilled without the extra seasoning and OOOHHH MYYY them!!!! My other favorite is their Jalapeño Poppers!!!!!!!! Their green beans are pretty good and I order their beans and rice sometimes. I also have had their burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches - delicious!! I'm not into wraps, but my coworker orders their wraps and really likes them. They deliver so that's really convenient for when I'm feeling lazy. :) Their delivery time isn't always the quickest but the quality of the food makes it worth it!!!

  • Patrick J.

    CluckU is great! This is the best location because the service is quick and friendly AND they have the most amazing jumbo fried shrimp. Seriously, do yourself a favor and get some of these. The wings, tenders, fries and fried chicken are also very good. But the shrimp are out of this world!

  • D W.

    The food is gross. The wings were hard and the strips were salty and not real chicken.

  • Priscilla A.

    Chip is great and he can sing too! Love it! Food was great. The jumbo shrimp were a little pricey but they were good. The wings and Mac and cheese were pretty good too! Nice place! Karaoke on Tuesday!

  • Saleem M.

    Chip and the crew take good care of me every time, and the food is always on point -- and the order is always correct... They are also do a lot of events in the Lanham/Seabrook community -- and I try to do my part to show up to Tuesday Night Karaoke!

  • Greg C.

    Wing sauce was terrible! Atomic sauce wasn't hot at all and way too sweet. And there was way too much sauce - the wings were drenched and sitting in a tub of it. We didn't even bother to eat the ones on the bottom because we would have had to go swimming to find them. Shrimp were good though. Very disappointed. I used to eat at Cluck U in Arizona all the time and loved it. I will not return to this location

  • Karen P.

    Disappointed that I ordered to go because in a hurry and it took 20 minutes to get our pulled chicken sandwich and 6 atomic wings. I has to go up and ask for it after seeing the 2 folks behind me get their food. They set it aside but failed to call the number. The atomic wings are tasty but not hot.

  • Crystal B.

    They earned this rating fair and square. After a double service Sunday I was on a HUNT for an open Cluck-U as most of them have closed (to my disappointment). Imagine my surprise after driving to 2 closed (as in closed up shop for good) Cluck-U's to find this one still in operation! They were closed for the ninth but still allowed me to order my Atomic wings and eat there. Thank you Cluck-U of Lanham for letting bask in the glory of all that is good and eat my Atomic wings with my hands without judgment or rushing me out the door. Needless to say, I'll be back as I spend a lot of time in the area with someone who doesn't cook as well as you guys.....

  • Delie H.

    Very friendly helpful staff. Clean and neat dining area. Ordered the 24 wingers, 2 sides and biscuits. Got a special with the 5 shrimp. Mixed up the flavors to try a few- traditional, jerk, old bay and atomic. Looking forward to this, prices aren't bad at all. Was offered 2 types of dipping sauce; blue cheese and range. So far so good, and I haven't had a taste yet. Will update after we eat. Update! One word - delicious

  • Dennise W.

    My sandwich was delicious after my 5 minute wait Clean counter area. Clean dining area. Clean bathroom.

  • Lisa D.

    Ok so I moved here from California four years ago. There's wing shops, four on every corner....very mediocre. I love Cluck U--added bonus, Chip (owner) is almost always there and SUPER NICE GUY.

  • Michelle C.

    Awesome service! Great company!

  • Leroy B.

    Great place, food cooked in front of you, great service, favorite spot in Lanham to eat

  • Sharon F.

    I had been here years ago, maybe 2007, and the place did not leave a lasting impression. I actually went because I was thinking of using them to cater a party. I was so under-impressed that I chose another place. After reading recent reviews, I tried it again and WOW! Love the boneless, love the wingers. I have the boneless with the sauce on the side and the wingers with the sauce on. I only order chicken so I can't vouch for anything else but I am pleased with the chicken.

  • Diane L.

    Cluck U recently catered my brother-in-law's birthday party, and the food was incredible: from the delicious wraps to the incredible chicken to the buffalo shrimp. I will definitely be calling them again the next time I throw a party!

  • Quint L.

    Chip and the staff are great. Chip is a local dude from the area that supports community service. He runs this place like its an old local family business. He occassionally offers free samples and even prepares meals for me without batter when Im on the Atkins Diet or whatever. They recently incorporated Karaoke nights on Tuesday. Food is good nice atmosphere and they deliver. Staff is always so friendly you always feel like you should tip. Kudos to Chip and staff. Many other Cluck U restaurants in the area have closed. They should have taken some tips from this location.

  • Hannah H.

    My husband and I came to Cluck U Chicken (located at the Seabrook Station plaza) for dinner. I've heard of Cluck U before on TV shows and as a chain that originated from New Brunswick, NJ. It was created by a college student that believed that his college campus needed more than pizza and burgers. Their menu consists of appetizers (fresh breaded mushrooms, onion rings, jalapeno poppers, etc.), chicken sandwiches, burgers, wraps, buffalo wings, boneless chicken, fried shrimp, etc. We ordered the breaded button mushrooms, the onion rings, fried pickles (recently added), 9 wings, and 5 fried shrimp. The wings are offered to be dressed in a variety of sauces: 911 (must sign a waiver), Thermo Nuclear BBQ, Cluckster's Hot, Atomic BBQ, Cajun BBQ, Caribbean Jerk, Traditional, Mild BBQ, Honey Hickory, Teriyaki, Mustard BBQ, Honey Mustard, and Old Bay. The cashier, Julia, was very sweet and very patient with us when we were deciding on what to order and also gave us recommendations. The male employee also stated that we could do one sauce of each individual wing if we wanted, as they are quite laid back and generous like that! I thought that was pretty cool! We settled for 3 Atomic BBQ, 3 Honey Hickory, and 3 Traditional. The wings themselves were large, but I wasn't a fan of their sauces. The traditional buffalo sauce seemed to be the most tolerable, as the Atomic BBQ was more vinegar-y, and the Honey Hickory being extremely sweet. I did enjoy the fried pickles and the mushrooms (slightly watery); the onion rings were okay as well. Service was friendly, the place was bright and cheery, and I really liked their Cluck U graphic posters. There seemed to be a lot of locals coming in for take-out orders. I'm glad I was able to check this chain out, but not sure if I'd go back! +friendly staff :D

  • Rebecca P.

    I love their wraps and their delivery is always fast , I'm sad they took out the ranchero wrap tho , I ask for it still and they make it with substitute ingredients and I don't know the difference so I'm happy with whatever it is they put together for me :) oh and the fries especially the old bay / Cajun , whatever name you prefer = YUM

  • Jay H.

    This is still hands down my favorite place to get bbq chicken tenders. They have the right recipe for hot bbq sauce. I don't like going to the one in College Park ever since the workers told me they make their own sauce and don't use the corporate sauce anymore. I like this one because they also sell the sauce. I wish it were closer to my house.

  • Odie O.

    Ordered a crap load of food online just to try it out. I was throughly surprised. They are pretty efficient with everything. I got there expecting to wait but they brought my food right out to me. Jumbo shrimp is delicious. The wings are a great size & taste really good. They actually gave me more than I expected. Will definitely be ordering from here more often. My only complaint is that when you order online it doesn't tell you how long it will take to be ready but like I said I got there about 20 min later & my food was ready.

  • Icmnoa O.

    First time at restaurant, customer service was good, macaroni cheese was good, but I was served undercooked chicken, they replaced the food, but I am now at home sick to my stomach, with the bubble gutts, been on the toilet for 2hrs, and I will never eat there again!

  • Ruth S.

    Chip is the best restaurant owner you can get. He helped start Cluck-U karaoke night. We love the songs that are no longer on the radio. We're working on bringing back karaoke night. Plus, I love the smiley face balloons. We need more karaoke spots in PG County. Seabrook is a great area for businesses. Just come as you are. Let's keep Cluck-U and the rest of PG County in business.

  • clyde D.

    This place seriously Rocks my Favorite is the Jerk Sauce on the Nuggets! The service is awesome.

  • Soni Y.

    Loved the huge wings! Didn't expect them to be big and ended up ordering more than what I wanted, enjoyed eating the rest the next day.

  • Nick S.

    Awesome food for a great price. The buffalo shrimp are to die for and the wings are some of the biggest I have ever had. The reastaurant was very clean and the service was top notch. I will vlbe visiting often when in the area.

  • Julia F.

    YUM. If you like Chicken - you will like Cluck U Chicken! They have a great selection - from regular wings to boneless wings to fried chicken and great sides! The restaurant has always been clean and the staff extremely friendly every time I've been. I love boneless wings, and I like 'em spicy! Dipped in ranch... yumm.. making myself hungry right now. If only I lived closer, I'd get some delivery right now! I definitely recommend this place! It's fast, it's tasty and it's affordable! Julia

  • Lee T.

    Foods great, the chicken is legit, although a little bigger than wings from competitors. The sauces, well that's why we come to these wing joints right? Cluck U chicken is about the best wings you can have in this area. Add on the novelty of the 911 wings, and this place is also a pretty good place to entertain (younger) out of town guests. So get your friends, sign the 911 wing waiver release, and film the 911 wing challenge. Or watch some on youtube.

  • Samuel R.

    These wings are great. I don't know why locations are closing. If you want some boneless wings, they serve cuts of chicken, not that 'chicken meat' pressed into molds. Good stuff and worth the drive.

  • Su K.

    ---3.5 Stars--- I've done some serious damage to my stomach over the years. Since i wasn't much of a drinker in college, I figured what my classmates were doing to their livers, I should do in kind to my stomach. Tabasco sauce shots, chewing on whole pepp

  • Chrissy L.

    This is by far the best Cluck U... EVER. A friend and I went there for lunch today and had a pretty epic time. About as epic as it gets for a lunch break at Cluck U. Everyone was super friendly! While we waiting for our food, they brought out cinni-bees for us. Our food came out to our table, and hit the spot. YUM! I think we made pretty good friends with the manager. I mentioned I had a hangover and he brought me a Rockstar and said it will help, and it did :) We will be making more trips over there for great food and outstanding service!

  • Vidal D.

    This location is ran very, very good. The management actually cares a great deal, which is rare around these parts. The food is not the best, but it is still pretty good. The sauces are not the best and I am a sauce fanatic. I can not seem to find one that will keep me coming back on a regular basis. The food overall is a 2.5, but the service is a 5. If you order a bucket of chicken, it comes in a plastic bucket, the steam makes the once crispy chicken soggy, not good. Switch to a vented paper top bucket, just like the old school kfc. The shrimp was huge, but not memorable, and the fried doughnut things are just soggy grease sponges, not for me, but I am sure some people might like them. Deep fried mushrooms are half way decent. Stick with the wings and tenders. Bottom line, above average quality food, below average taste with excellent management. I guess that is why this is one of the only surviving ones around.

  • J Y.

    i used to kill these wings in high school and college but now the food is bleh. dont fall for the gimmicks. had to go to the cvs next door and was hungry because the americas best wings on annapolis road doesnt open on sunday. had the atomic and the honey mustard like i used to get back in the day. let just say the fond memories of the great food here are just your money and go someplace else!!!!

  • C Q.

    The store was clean. Good service, good food. We ordered chicken wings and fries. He checked if we like blue cheese or ranch dressing with the wings. He brought the bag out for us. When he realized that we were going to stay in the store to eat, he quickly took the food back and placed everything on the tray for us. The fries were one of the best we had in a while. The wings were also very good.

  • Michael B.

    This is a locally owned and operated Cluck U chicken. Real good people. Definitely pick this Cluck U over the nastiness in College Park. The dining room is clean and the restaurant is good sized for a Cluck U. This is really a 4.5 Start Food Review...3.0 Star service review. WHAT!!! What's wrong with the service...settle down Beavis, I'm getting to that. The food is great! The previous reviewer ( the one that did an S&M comparison to 911 wings ) did a great job outlining the menu. The order I make that is usually a crowd pleaser is: Thermo Breast Bites Thermo Fries Old Bay Fries Honey Hickory Wings Honey Mustard Wings Mild or Traditional Wings Macaroni and Cheese Extra Blue Cheese Bottle of Thermo Sauce to take with me During the holidays I order off the catering menu. On to the service issues: Every time I go ( at least once a month and spend about $50.00 each visit ), Unless I check my order, more often than not, I'm missing something. So, just to recap...check your order before you leave. One more time...slow for you...check your order before you leave. There is nothing like getting to your job where you are bringing in weekend food for everyone to find out you're missing thermo fries. Full disclosure, every time I've had a problem they made it right. Missing Thermo for the order of Thermo Fries. Missing Wing for the missing wings. Called in order an hour ago and they just started cooking it when you check in...they give you a sugar bee. Sold you thermo sauce but just realized they don't have any more, they gave me a free extra bottle. So...for the minor convenience of missing something from your order, they always make it right. I'm so glad to have this Cluck U just down the way from the best barber shop on the planet.

  • Bridget B.

    Best food and service in the area!! I drive past our local Cluck U and drive 20 minutes away to hit the Lanham, MD store!!! Always been a family favorite!!!

  • John D.

    Pretty good fried chicken, somewhat typical list of sauces. They also do whole fried turkeys during the holidays. They get 4 stars because I don't think you should ever bread wings. So if you order delivery, and you should because they have THE NICEST DELIVERY DRIVER IN THE WORLD, get the sauce on the sides.....


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :10:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes

Cluck U Chicken

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