Cluck U Chicken

9426 Lanham Severn Rd
Lanham, 20706
Delicious! I order the wings naked and extra fried because I like them extra crispy. I get their atomic or nuclear sauce. Mmmm!! If I'm not in the mood for bones, I order the boneless ones. Their shrimp are huge. My friends love them fried but I order them grilled without the extra seasoning and OOOHHH MYYY them!!!! My other favorite is their Jalapeño Poppers!!!!!!!! Their green beans are pretty good and I order their beans and rice sometimes. I also have had their burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches - delicious!! I'm not into wraps, but my coworker orders their wraps and really likes them. They deliver so that's really convenient for when I'm feeling lazy. :) Their delivery time isn't always the quickest but the quality of the food makes it worth it!!!
CluckU is great! This is the best location because the service is quick and friendly AND they have the most amazing jumbo fried shrimp. Seriously, do yourself a favor and get some of these. The wings, tenders, fries and fried chicken are also very good. But the shrimp are out of this world!
The food is gross. The wings were hard and the strips were salty and not real chicken.

(301) 459-0089

Chicken Wings, American (Traditional), Comfort Food

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Sweet Frog

9300 Center Ave,Ste 507
Lanham, 20706
Wow-zer! I really love this place!! Frozen yogurt at its BEST! I'm a 'plain-jane' (choc-van-straw) but they offer a huge variety for those living on the wild side of flavor options. They have three sizes to choose from... cup, bucket, and wheel barrel!! Plenty toppings; reasonable prices; friendly staff; and convenient parking. I'll be back, often!
Yes! Finally! A quality option in the neighborhood. Yogurt taste great and the prices are affordable.
I don't live too far from this place which is a plus and had never tried frozen yogurt when I stopped in a few weeks ago with a friend to try it out. Two words: AHH-MAZING!! So this is the order of events when you get there: walk in, grab whatever size cup you want, choose your flavor(s) of choice (i think it may even change day-to-day but i'm not sure) and then choose whatever toppings (which includes fresh fruits, hot fudge, sprinkles, candy, etc) that you want. Then you place your cup on a scale and get it weighed, then pay. It's definitely cheaper, healthier (and better) than coldstone if you ask me! My friend and I go every Friday now as a froyo date lol. HIGHLY recommend this place if you ever find yourself in the Largo/Bowie area.

(301) 773-1489

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Jerry’s Seafood

9364 Lanham Severn Rd
Lanham, 20706
Jerry's is exactly what I've been looking for all my life! This was my first visit and of course I had the infamous crab bomb. My boyfriend had a pound of steamed shrimp. Both meals were awesome! The shrimp was seasoned to perfection. And I like that they keep a can of old bay on the table if u feel that you need more. The crab bomb was 10 oz, and was made spicy for me using black peppercorn and dry mustard I think is what the waitress said. It was picture perfect and tasted out of this world. With it I had the baked potato and green beans which were the vegetable of the day. My only complaint is that I wish they had more vegetables instead of having to settle for a vegetable of the day. The sides selection was weak and I'm really into my sides. Check out my pics. Can't wait to go again!
The original owner was Jerry who wanted to retire. The new and current owner, his nephew, promised to pay Jerry for the was to be his retirement and his wife's healthcare. The nephew soon reneged on the deal and stopped his payments. Worse he left his own Aunt's healthcare lapse! Jerry was forced out of retirement to survive, and provide for his ailing wife who later died of cancer. I'm glad you like the food but is it worth it knowing how the owner treats his own family? Want to meet the "real Jerry"? Jerry's Seafood in Prince Frederick. RM
If you have the money, then you must try this place! We were greeted by some of the most delicious homemade rolls I have ever tasted. I went with a friend, and I started with the cream of crab soup. It was so rich and full of real crab meat. I could have left the restaurant completely satisfied after that, but I ordered the scallop entrée. My friend ordered the crab cakes. ALL of our food was served completely hot and fresh. After tip, my bill came to $100.00, but I will do it again as soon as I can!

(301) 577-0333


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Just Jerk

9005 Lanham Severn Rd
Lanham, 20706
I have been coming here now for years, and have never been disappointed by a meal. The jerk chicken is grilled and is amazing in its depth of flavor. In addition, the plantains and the peas and rice are always perfectly cooked. The people who own this restaurant take pride in their food, which may not be evident by the extremely divey outside appearance, but don't be deceived. There is a smokestack blowing for a reason! Needless to say, I love this restaurant. I love the experience of picking up my food, and selecting my D&G soda. You know who the regulars are, too- they all order their food ahead of time, and are in and out of the place in minutes. I am grateful that this place with such remarkable food exists in Maryland, and I will continue to support it.
For this establishment to be represented as "Jerk", on my visit they had nothing to offer! I ended up leaving with a beef patty and cocoa bread. I arrived there wanting and expecting to get jerk wings, they had no wings or legs? I would never go here. You would just be disappointed.
Went to Just Jerk for the first time today. The service was speedy. The place is clean and the woman who assisted me was pleasant. As for the food, in my opinion the portion size is perfect. I got the Large Jerk White Meat. It came with jerk chicken, plantain, cabbage, and rice w/peas. The chicken was tender and juicy. Although I didn't care for the flavors they added to the jerk, it was not nasty. The plantain had the perfect firmness. Not too firm and not too mushy. Plus it was not oily. The cabbage is okay but that is not a knock on them. I don't really like cabbage. The rice w/peas were fantastic!!! I can eat it all day. Soft & fluffy and not dry. Some Caribbean spots have dry tasting rice that makes me ask for some sauce to drench it in. Not at Just Jerk because their rice is made perfectly. All in all I like the place. I may go back again to see if the jerk seasoning tastes the same. I will recommend this spot to anybody because all of our taste buds are different and they may love the way the jerk seasoning tastes.

(301) 459-5375

Caribbean, Barbeque

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Noodles & Company

2801 Campus Way N
Lanham, 20706
It has not been 1time that I been into Noodle & Company and the tag team Duo Jasmines never let me taste buds down. I stop by today for lunch the Due was in and knew my order all I had to do was get a number and pay. Thats what you call Superior Service. Thanks Ladies, Rhonda
This is like the most recent place I go. My favorite dish there is pad Thai with sweet tea. The customer service is GREAT! Super busy during lunch time.
This is the first time I have been dissapointed with the food. My noodles were dryyyy and the side salad was pathetic.

(301) 772-7402

Comfort Food, Italian, Asian Fusion

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Quickway Japanese Hibachi

9300 Woodmore Centre Rd.,,Ste 506
Lanham, 20703
Yeah, no. too much rice in sushi, missing lots of flavor in the do better going to Sakura off ritchie hwy
Love the food reasonable price, people very friendly, sushi is the freshest 8 pieces for $5.00
Food was over-sauced and over seasoned, the Quality of the food was gross...Waste of time and money!

(301) 772-5816


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KBQ Real Barbeque

Woodmore Towne Center,9101 Woodmore Ctr Dr, Ste 322
Lanham, 20706
Are ready for great BBQ? Then don't waste your time. On the other hand, if you're a fan of dry and uterlly tasteless brisket, you've found the right place. Go ahead and put sauce on. A whole lot. A waterfall worth of sauce and you will be fine. They have a huge variety to pick from. Garbage, garbage, and spicy hot garbage. Be warned though. The spicy hot garbage is the worlds mildest spicy hot garbage. Get a side of mac and cheese. It's almost as good as boxed Kraft mac and cheese. Comes with enough free grease to lube bearings on an 18 wheeler. The diet Coke was the best thing there. Unfortunately for KBQ BBQ, they don't make it. Fortunately for you, they don't make it. P.S. Bring extra personality. Their staff will need your leftovers.
I was in the mood for a hot link sandwich and decided to stop here. The hoagie sub was grilled & they sautéed the onions & bell peppers to dress the link. It was ok, nothing exciting. My son had the brisket sandwich which was really tender and seasoned so well he didn't need or want bbq sauce. Hubby & 7 year old shared the slab of ribs which was intimidating. It was a lot of ribs - way more than you would get from Famous Daves. It's not often you'd find a place that had good bbq & good sides. This place does. The bbq'd baked beans, creamy coleslaw, & potato salad were all good. We bought a gallon of lemonade which was a waste of $ b/c we were so full of bbq. Restrooms were clean. If you have a hard time hearing your favorite song in the restaurant, just go to the restroom; the music is way loud in there. Also, what an excellent idea to have a sink outside the restroom. Good looking out for your customers who just want to wash their hands after consuming way too much Q. All in all, really good BBQ. Just order with caution because you could find yourself with a lot of leftovers.
This was pretty good bbq. I enjoyed everything. I thought the brisket was overcooked, but it was still tasty. The Corn & Bean salad was terrific!. Another thing that was awesome about this place, is it was very clean and orderly. We ordered our food by telephone, and 10 minutes later we arrived and it was packed and ready to go!

(301) 322-1527


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Firehouse Subs

9301 Woodmore Center Dr.,Ste. 513
Lanham, 20706
First I'd like to say I'm not sure how this place snuck up on me without me being invited to the grand opening. Welcome to the neighborhood I now have a sub shop that I can go to for a sub the way I make it. Warm meet makes a sub taste so much better. Yeah I know you can get it grilled at other spots, however, this beats that. The bread is fresh the veggies are fresh in the meat tastes like it's fresh. Just moist and juicy. Yes I said juicy. The customer service in there is awesome. They took my order I sat down watched a little bit of Sports Center, yes there are two TVs both on two separate Sport channels. On 1a a game was playing on the other sports center was playing. Almost in heaven. I couldn't find Wi-Fi and that would be the only reason it wasn't 5 stars I like a place I can come and spend hours in. The only way I can do that is if I can work. However this is perfect for a quick getaway for lunch. Clean and plenty of cool art and artifacts to look at for the kids. I even think I smelled smoke from the used fire and rescue gear hanging on the coat rack. Cool feature. Sandwiches are definitely good. And if you dine in unlike I did. Like many other restaurants nearby, they give you a number and they bring the food to the table. All I heard was courteous employees handling their business at a very high level. Great job. I know its a lot to ask for however, I think this place could use only two things; Wi-Fi and a greeting that happens every time someone walks through that door. You know, some catchy greeting. I just felt like I was supposed to be greeted when I walked through the door. Not all places feel like that but when they do feel like that it should actually happen because then it doesn't feel as good, when you're not recognized. Nice local hole sub shop.
YAY! WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD FIREHOUSE!! I used to drive to the location in Gambrills but now this is a hop, skip and jump from me. I watched like an impatient kid waiting for mom to pay for a new toy as I waited for this location to open. Finally they opened and I ran! LOL The employees are very nice. Fresh faces with cheerful greetings. You can tell that a few of them are new but they were on point and doing what they had to do to make sure you were happy with your order and it was processed correctly. I have tried there club sub, Italian sub, steak and cheese and meatball sub...DELICIOUS!! The meat is fresh and full of flavor. The bread is good. Now here is my only...well it's not a complaint because I do realize that each sub shop not only represents there meat but also the bread. Having said that, when you get a sub from here you have to eat it as soon as possible. Depending upon what you get on your sub it could cause your bread to get soggy. I typically add oil and vinegar to my subs and this contributes to a soggy sandwich later that night, especially the next day. I compare this to other subs shops such as Jersey Mikes where my bread is still good the next day...Firehouse bread is different but please by no means get this twisted, misunderstood because they have a hell of a good sandwich and I will be returning.
My co worker used to tell me about this sub place they had down by his house in Solomons Island. And now we finally have one here at Woodmore. As soon as you walk in your greeted immediately. So far I've had the NY Steamer & The Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket, and both were fantastic. Its nice to have another sub place besides Subway, Wegmans and Quiznos to get a sub.

(301) 341-7000

Delis, Fast Food, Sandwiches

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Ledo Pizza

9454 Lanham Severn Rd
Lanham, 20706
I have to get this location 4 stars just because they stopped taking orders at 10:30 sat night but they let me still sneak in an order. I also got a free pizza that someone ordered but never picked up. That pizza didn't taste to ledo standard but It was free i can't not complain much.
As a MD native and former PG County resident, I've been eating Ledo's Pizza for almost 3 decades now. This was my first (and probably last) time at this particular location. Hoping to grab a quick meal before watching my Washington area football team on MNF, we stopped here after calling in our simple order: half cheese, half sausage and pepperoni. First indication that something was wrong was the fact that we were made to wait another 10-15 minutes after arriving at the counter. Now that would probably be a little long if we hadn't called in our order at LEAST 15 minutes to arriving. For the record I've never once had to wait that long at a Ledo's pickup counter before. We'd find out why later. After taking the pizza away, hurrying to the stadium, and diving into it in the car, the pizza tasted SOGGY and UNDERCOOKED. Undercooking a thin crust is incompetent, sloppy, and criminal in my opinion. The working theory is that they forgot our order that we called in and tried to rush a new one out the door without telling us. On top of that, they threw off our timing and we ended up missing the first drive of the game. Not cool. If this is the level of service and competence to expect here, the manager and company should be ashamed of themselves. Avoid!
Maybe I am partial to pizza, but ledo pizza is the best. This particular establishment is great the customer service is good and oh I am sorry did I mention the pizza is fantastic. If your in the area then definitely give this place a try it's worth it.

(301) 577-5550

Italian, Pizza, Salad

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Red Ginger

9039 Lanham Severn Rd
Lanham, 20706
Me and my boyfriend ordered crab rangoons, broccoli n beef and sweet n sour chicken. Taking in to consideration that I'm from California, it was pretty good. It's hard to find good Authentic Chinese food up here!! Deliver wasn't too bad, it took about 45 minutes. My boyfriend liked the beef and broccoli and said we had good luck for choosing this place!! N my sweet n sour was pretty good considering that they had the puffs. I've only had that since I've been on the east coast. But overall pretty yummy and large portions for the prices!!
This is a take-out place, there isn't much space for sitting. They do delivery and you can order online from their website or grubhub (for either pickup or delivery). I love this place because their food is always good and I'm never disappointed with my order.
In the area on a business trip. Reasonable price and tasty food. Ordered their orange chicken and a small won ton soup. The won tons were just right and they came with fried noodle pieces to add to the soup. The broth was flavorful, but not salty. The orange chicken had a nice subtle zip underneath the pungent tanginess of the sauce. Served with steamed rice that was close to the epitome of sticky. All in all a great experience and a surprise. I saw the place on a cab ride back to my hotel and decided to check it out. It is a hole-in-the-wall which gave me confidence going in. The price was very reasonable ($13) and I have leftovers in my fridge for tomorrow.

(301) 731-8828


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