Mango & Coconut Juice Bar & Grill

10416 Campus Way S
Kettering, 20774
I heard about this place from a friend. After my fourth in a continuing series of dental visits, I started my quest to find this place. Once inside, I was super excited. Custom juices. I ordered the 12-ounce Green Juice ($4.70): spinach, kale, lettuce, parsley, celery, cucumber, & apple. I added a ginger topper for $0.99 extra. Their kale hadn't been delivered yet. [side note: there was an accident on 50 causing a huge gaper's delay in both directions. The kale delivery was probably sitting in traffic.] This was refreshing and delicious! I truly enjoyed my juice. I will be here after every dental visit from here on out. And hopefully in between as well. I'm a fan!!! [review 1050]
Maybe my hopes were too high - finally a juice bar in the neighborhood! We arrived, hungry and ready to choose from the lengthy menu board. We could have saved time by asking what they had ready. We got the last jerk chicken sandwich. We ordered green juice and mango juice. We sat for about 15 minutes, before we got our orders. Yes -- the chicken was tasty; the juices were ok -- as a novice juicer, mine are better.
A friend told me about this place and decided to take me there today. On my friend's recommendation, I tried the Tropical Breeze smoothie - I believe it had carrot, orange, mango and pineapple. I thought it was a pretty good smoothie. They ordered the Island Blend, which also was tasty. I definitely would like to visit again -- for another smoothie and to try some of the delicious smelling jerk chicken!

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