Sapore DI Mare

500 Joppa Farm Rd
Joppatowne, 21085
This is my diamond in the rough Italian place. Nestled inside Joppatowne in a small but cozy building is this authentic southern italian restaurant that also has my absolute favorite NY style fresh dough pizza. The prices are rock bottom amazing for the quality and quantity of food you get. Wine pours are generous :) Pepe and Vinnie run this place. They are from Naples, Italy...born and raised, and know how to make good food. Daily specials include things like Shrimp/Scallop/Crap Chesapeake over pasta, or an occassional ribeye and cake, or a home made stuffed seafood ravioli with a rose' cream sauce. Try one of their many pasta dishes like Penne a la Vodka, Linquini Calamari Marinara, or any of the classics like Veal Saltimboca, Chicken Cacciatore, Chicken or veal marsala etc. I HIGHLY recommend the Fried Calamari appetizer, with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of salt. Its served with their marinara which is to die for. Their bread, pizza dough and such is made in house. They will make you pretty much anything you want if you ask for it, so if you like something on the menu but want to change it up, just ask. Tell Pepe or Vinnie that Kevin sent ya.
Bar none, some of the best pizza in the state. Period.
My husband and I live not far from this restaurant and have only visited once about 2 years ago which was not a great experience. We were tired and thought we would catch a bite to eat close to home and decided to give it another try, hoping they had improved over the years. Not a wise decision in the end, we should have gone further down the street to Santini's. I had forgotten how "cafeteria like" the decor is, and although relatively clean not very inviting. With so many Italian restaurants in the area, this is one is on the bottom of our list. The food is inexpensive, which reflects the food quality. I ordered tomato soup as a starter and the Alfredo with blackened chicken (added) as an entree. The waitress waitress then looked over her shoulder at the cooks, I guess to see if there was someone competent to handle this "unusual" request. My husband started with a salad and Bolognaise as the entree. First off the salad was a salad, nothing special. The tomato soup was so bland, I ended up taking it home, added salt and seasoning to add flavor and then it was consumable. The Alfredo, OMG...they might was well have just given me a plate of butter. The sauce was watery and the only thing you could taste was the butter. Don't get me wrong, I love butter, but this was over the top and rather disgusting. The chicken was so overcooked it was like jerky (made great dog treats). My husband's Bolognaise was flavorless. It simply tasted like plain hamburger meat on a pile of noodles. It tasted like no spices, seasoning or salt were added. The waitress was great, very attentive, which was our only positive experience. In my opinion, this is the place to go only if you lack taste buds. If you want affordable, inexpensive Italian food in the area head over to Santini's, which is a far superior. We wanted to be fair and give it another try after all these years, but it appears nothing has evolved. In the world of food, two strikes and your out...this was our last visit. This bothers us since we prefer to support our local businesses. We don't mind paying top dollar, if the food is worth it.

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