Stoney Creek Inn

8238 Ft Smallwood Rd
Greenland Beach, 21226
Friends came in from TN & NV and were aching for soft shells. We had all watched Stoney Creek's episode on DDD. My friend, Mike who hadn't had them in over 30 years, called to verify they had soft shells and was told they just came in that morning. And off we went! It is at the foot of Stoney Creek Bridge and right next to the marina. You can watch egrets diving for their supper and watch what's going on at the marina when you sit on the deck. Just look past the chain link fence across the street and pretend it's not there. The view is relaxing. It ain't fancy, but it sure is worth a visit! Catherine, our amazing waitress, asked if we wanted them sautéed or deep fried. Our soft shells came out crunchy & not greasy! The cook/chef did an excellent job! One plate had paper thins! Those are the ones that had just sloughed. They serve the freshest iced tea in small individual pitchers. Their cole slaw is just like my Mom used to whip up using a little bit of dressing & celery seed. The fries were perfect and malt vinegar only enhanced them! The crab balls had NO filler! Their crab seasoning is their private mix. It has a bit more fresh black pepper & I love it! So now my choices are ranked their's, J O & then Old Bay. You must order at least one of their desserts. Catherine informed us that a local lady makes them. The hummingbird cake was the perfect ending to our fabulous meal. The butter cream frosting was slightly sweet and complemented the firm, lightly nutty cake. The selection changes, so be open minded. Someone in these reviews mentioned a smell inside the restaurant. Sometimes when a building gets older and is at or over the water that happens. I highly recommend Stoney Creek. This gem is now my "go to" local seafood place.
Ohhhh-- I use to think that Timbuktu had the best crab cakes... and they are pretty good... totally diff flavor than Stoney Creek. Stoney Creek-- actually puts other ingredients in their crab cakes and they do not distract from the flavor of the crab. Delicious crab. I also like how this place makes their own "old bay" seasoning. If I lived in MD, I'd be a regular. I loved the little building.... It was a shack on the water!
It was over a year ago that I came across the Stoney Creek Inn during my travels along the east coast. The gem that I stumbled upon has yet to be rivaled. I came for the crab cakes and was not disappointed! There is more breading in the two saltine crackers they give you than the crab cakes. The chucks of crab are impressive. I traveled all the way from California to come back for a second time.

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