Irish Inn At Glen Echo

6119 Tulane Ave
Glen Echo, 20812
Ive been going to the Irish Inn for a very long time. We love that there is a nice place in the neighborhood that has a decent bar and fantastic outdoor seating. I have nothing but great things to say. I'd like to add a personal note. This past week our dog was in the hospital and we didn't feel much like cooking. We went to the bar to pick up carry out food and had a drink while we waited. While we were there, we got the very bad news that our dog basically had 24 hours to live. We were both crying heavily right there in the bar. Not exactly everyone's dream customer and not exactly what every dream customer wants to do. Not one but just about every staff member who passed by us asked us if we were ok. The bartender comped us our drinks and was genuinely sympathetic. None of them had to do that. None of them had to care. But it made all the difference. The Irish Inn will make you feel like family. They remember you when you return. Any place that hires staff/bartenders that are both compassionate and kind is a place I will frequent forever.
We live near here and go all the time. Lunch with kids or mother in law, night out, it's a real treasure in the neighborhood. Overpriced, but I have not had any service issues in 6+ visits. Can't wait for mother's day brunch!
Today, I had reservations at 1:00 pm for 4 (they were made 1 month in advance). My mother who had not gone out in months (she is 82 with cancer and uses a walker). She dressed up and had gone to get a perm just for this dinner. When we arrived 15min prior to our reservations. They said we would have to wait. Which we understood since we were early, but then the owner came over and said, "the wait is an hour or more unless we wanted to eat in the bar or out on the patio area they just enclosed and turned on the heaters. I noticed they did have seating available (table for 4 open in the downstairs) but he was not very nice -- Of course I would not take my elderly mom to the Bar after she had planned on a nice dinner for St. Patrick Dinner. So we went out to the patio. We were the only ones dressed formally. My husband had on a jacket w/a tie, I had on a dress w/heels and my heels stuck in the flooring. The patio heating was awful. the heat beat down on us and we had to ask to have it turned off and then it was cold. They didn't bring bread until we asks. We have gone many times and I have never been treated so poorly. I will never return. I will tell as many people as possible! Plus, the leek soup they advertised on the website did not have truffle oil. The waitress said it was too expensive for the special. I could not believe the comment. As we sat there longer, I noticed they began to usher older couples in the patio. Another senior came in with a walker. Also another couple who were at least in their 80's were also escorted in the back corner table. I wonder do they want the older people out of sight? Bad business...the owner or manager was not a spring chicken!

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