La Bella Italia

11 W Friendship Rd
Friendship, 20758
I absolutely do jot recommend eating here, unless you're needing a good clean out. I have never eaten at any place that has made me ill every damn time. I keep trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but as I write this I am wretching my guts out. This is the 3rd and LAST time ever suffering from their food. And for the price....shit just go to olive garden if you want fakethentic Italian.
I went here for the first time on Memorial Day, actually stumbled accrossed it while lost looking for a different restaurant. I wasn't expecting anything fancy, it reminded me of the typical pizza and sub spot. Their customer service wasn't that great, but it could be because the lady who took my order English wasn't too great so it could just be a language barrier? Everyone spoke Italian there. The food was pretty good, I ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich and my friend just ordered wings. It was cooked to taste and very fresh, we were both very pleased.
Love this little place, my fav of all So MD. Great pizza and cheesesteak. I've heard it gets busy on the weekends but during the weekday it's quick and clean.

(410) 257-1062

Pizza, Italian

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