Uncle Ralph’s Cookies

801 N East St
Frederick, 21701
I worked at a coffee shop where we sold some of Uncle Ralph's products and they were by far the most popular, especially the cookies. I used the great invention Google to figure out who we used to order from as the coffee shop has been closed for years now. Aside from cookies, we constantly ordered the cream cheese, mandarin orange and almond pound cakes, and various crumb cakes. Our customers (and employees) went bat**** over everything we received from this company. I'm pretty sure a trip to MD from PA will be coming in the not so distant future as I need a fix!
I first had these cookies at a training site where they used to give out cookies during breaks. The breaks became very serious, to the point that they had to limit the amount of cookies people would get, so I walked up to one of the administrators and asked him, where did these cookies come from? Uncle Ralph's Famous Cookies in Frederick, MD, he stated. At that point, I made it a goal to no longer be disappointed with wrestling other greedy adults, but instead, get a batch of my own. I also saved some of my cookies for my wife and she demanded, well asked politely, that we take the hike to find this place. So a google search and one trip over an hour later and there I was at the shop for Uncle Ralph's. I do not know much about any of their other products but I can speak strictly to the cookies. They are the most amazing cookies I have ever had. Not even Otis Spunkmeyer's cookies have quite lived up to Uncle Ralph's. You can go to the shop and get a 2 lbs bag of frozen cookie dough in different flavors like Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Double Chocolate Chip, Oreo Chunk, just to name a few. Personally the Oreo Chunk is the best cookie, even though every other flavor I have had has been great. The only down side to this place is that it's not closer to me, but that's probably a good thing for my health because in spite of the distance, I still make those hour long trips to Frederick on occasion. I have shared these cookies with family members and all of them have raved on how great they are. If you are traveling long distance I recommend stocking up (at the time the bags were ~$10).

(301) 695-6224


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5241 Buckeystown Pike
Frederick, 21704
Under new management, starting as of June 1, 2010, and they rock! Their attention to customer service far supasses any experience I have ever expereinced with a retailer! Good ice cream, lots of mix-in options, interesting flavors, cute knick-knacky stuff, custom cake designs, etc. But it's the commitment to customer service that will have you walking past the competitors.

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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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913 W 7th St
Frederick, 21701
As far as Subway goes, this is the one you want to go to in Frederick. Squeaky clean facilities, plenty of seating and attentive, well-trained and efficient staff for the most part. This location is near Hood College, the military base, Frederick's hospital, a large apartment complex, several doctors offices and other local businesses and it can get busy for the Monday-Friday lunch hour but your wait won't be long. For nearly six years, I've been coming here for lunch at least once a week and the owner/manager is always there overseeing the operations. Lines can be long but they move efficiently for the lunch rush.

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Sandwiches, Fast Food

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Great Frederick Fair

797 E Patrick St
Frederick, 21705
My kids love going to the Frederick Fair, we don't miss it, being a country boy, I love the tractor pull myself
This fair has lots to offer. I like it for the animals mostly but the freak shows are fun too. We paid a buck to look at a 3 foot woman watch TV in a cage. AWESOME! The real draw though is to just sit on a bench and watch the subhumans of Frederick make their annual trip into town to the fair. Oh man, more mullets and Trans Ams than you could imagine!
September 14-22 2007 is the 145th Great Frederick Fair. Which it looks like I will sadly miss this year. One of the few since about the 110th GFF that I will miss. But the Frederick Fair is always a hoot, and if you are anywhere close, there is no excuse to miss it! Particularly enjoyable is the demolition derby on Tuesday night. One of the highlights for carnivores (and one of the hardest things for me to give up!) are the sandwiches from Hemps butcher stand and the country ham sandwiches at Burtner's stand. But you can still get a fried oyster sandwich at most of the myriad volunteer fire department stands. Of note is the dairy barn where you will see plenty of Holsteins and quite possibly a gaggle of my cousins. But I am partial to the goats myself. One day, one day, mark my words, I am going to get some land enough to have my own goats. Now, if I can just get the wife to agree... (she's terrified of animals - she doesn't mind picking up spiders, but she'll run screaming from a kitten or a puppy. go figure!).

(301) 663-5895

Local Flavor

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Rita’s Italian Ice

538 W. South Street
Frederick, 21701
Great Italian ice and I love the custard. They use to have strawberry which was amazing, but they no longer have that. I got watermelon last time and that was amazing too. Haven't had a bad experience with this place yet and I've been twice.
Just thinking about Ritas makes me drool. The ice, the custard, the blendini --- all favorites! I'm bummed they're closed for winter, but it gives me something to look forward to!
Best Ice In Town, No Wait the World! You cannot go wrong with any thing they have it all tastes great and esp when it is blazing hot out. Then it is great when the Temp is 40F or less.

(301) 694-3270

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Desserts, Shaved Ice

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Sardis Chicken

50 N McCain Dr
Frederick, 21702
I expected good, but not GREAT! This place is incredible!?! Great prices, tasty food, fast service (my plate was ready before I was done paying), and the sauce. Oh dear baby Jesus marinated in soy...the s.a.u.c.e. I've never smoked crack before, but I imagine the experience is much like consuming the sauces at this restaurant. I'll be back. Whenever I'm in Frederick this is my #1 choice!
Consistently busy - which is good for quick Peruvian chicken joints. But also a tip for people to order ahead because you WILL WAIT IN LINE. I don't think I've ever been here when it's not busy. and I have been a few times. Anyhow - Chicken is phenomenal - juicy, seasoned to perfection, crispy skin, meat melts off the bone. Awesome with anyone of their sauces - blanco, amarillo and rojo. AWESOME!!! Love the smokey, rotisserie style chicken with the hot sauce paired with plantains, yucca, rice, coleslaw, whatever your fancy. MMMM and the rice!!!!!! Best fried rice - is "Spasian" style of course - a hybrid Chinese fried rice mixed w/ Spanish or Latin inspired flavors, egg, green onions and pieces of their chicken in a seasoned rice mix. so good. Yucca sometimes doesn't have the little fibers pulled off - I for one, don't really care about this but my kids do. Fries are good too though, sometimes they get a little greasy being in the box after 30 minutes when we get it to go. But not their fault, we should eat it while it's fresh. Other items we have tried - Gyro's - also awesome- beef/lamb mix with crema, queso fresco and typical fixins but mixed w/ Latin style/flair. - Papusas - these are not a menu item as far as I know- owner has a limited batch per day made but BOY are they awesome. If you can get your hands on one or a few - DO THAT now and get them with some rice or beans. the pork and beans and the cheese ones are my favs. All in all a very nice (but small) restaurant that has some ka-pow in the menu choices and quality of the food being served. I def. recommend it (if you're in a hurry, do call ahead)
After years of hearing about how wonderful Sardis is, I finally tried some take out from there last week. I will preface this by saying I was incredibly hungry, and as such the first portion of my food slid down my gullet without much attention to taste. However, once I rehinged my jaw and started breathing between bites, the chicken was really darn good. Now, for my dirty secret... if this was a blind taste test, I am not sure I could tell the difference between Sardis chicken and Crisp & Juicy. I know, don't tell anyone. But one day I'm going to do that comparison and report back. In the meantime, I will concede, it's good chicken. However, the sides for me weren't great. I got rice and beans and coleslaw. It was all stuff I could have made at home. The coleslaw was finely chopped, which I guess I don't do at home... but really, is that enough? No. I'll get chicken here again, but I likely won't waste money on the sides. Please don't hate me. I know everyone raves about this place. But it comes in third place for me in my great Peruvian chicken experiment.

(301) 620-7717

Latin American

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Kittiwat Thai Kitchen

5205 Presidents Ct
Frederick, 21703
DELICIOUS! Everything we had was fantastic-- Shrimp Parcels, Thai Dumplings, Seafood Pad Thai, Soft Shell Crabs... yum. Our server was knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. Our food came out slowly and our table was incomplete. The server offered us dessert to make up for the error/delay... and BOY was it delicious (and a kind gesture). I can't wait to go back!
Lunch Good service despite being busy. With lunch specials you get small Thai crispy roll or Tom ? ? Soup but not Tom kha gai soup (which is what I wanted). So I ordered the soup only from their appetizers. It is better than most that I've had on the East coast but not even close to that of Cha Am in Berkeley, CA on Shattuck north of University Ave.
I have actually had to talk myself out of driving across town for Kittiwat takeout nearly a dozen times since we ate there last week. I plan an caving tomorrow or the day after. My hubby took me to Kittiwat for a little weekday date night. It was really nice since it was pretty quiet in there at first. I honestly did not know what to expect from them but every single piece of food I put in my mouth was excellent. We did the Thai dumplings to start and they were so, so good. I opted for the panang curry with shrimp and my husband had the pepper steak. I have tried the panang curry at almost every Thai place in town and Kittiwat's is the best. Also, that steak, wow. Perfectly cooked and seasoned. Very, very good! Moral of the story: Get you some Kittiwat. Like, now.

(301) 631-0999


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Blue’s BBQ Company

5822 Urbana Pike
Frederick, 21704
Haha, if you think this is good BBQ then you haven't traveled much! One sandwich with NO accompaniments costs $8.00+. I can eat a whole meal of BBQ - 2 meats, 2 sides, bread, onions, pintos, and pickles for less than that in TX. Oh, and it's actually good. This place is raping yuppies that don't know what BBQ is.
Great BBQ , not much else to say. The truck is hidden from view and a little hard to find for those who don't know where to look. Follow the sign and go behind the tattoo shop and the "massage parlor", you'll be rewarded with good food.
Nothing to add that the other reviews dont already rave about. I scarfed down the smoked brisket sandwich as fast as i could. Also had a bowl of the chili which is made with brisket instead of the lower end ground beef you get at other places. Can not wait to get back here again. I just ate here for the first time last night and am contemplating driving an hour back right now!

(240) 674-5805

Barbeque, Sandwiches, Food Trucks

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5501 Urbana Pike
Frederick, 21704
I usually don't review fast-food, but damn. Four stars, I'm holding the last one hostage until the owners open a second Frederick location. The only bad thing about this place is the 10-15 minute lines to get food (once you finally get to the head of the line service is impossibly fast). Once this is remedied I will happily oblige and "Eat Mor Chikin".
Fast polite service Nice young people Such a huge difference compared to most fast food places.
We all know Chick Fil A is a fast food joint., but have you EVER been to a fast food joint where the staff comes to refill your drinks, clean your tables, AND coo at your newborn baby? I think not. This location is GREAT. I ordered and as soon as I got my reciept the man was already calling my name for my food. WHAT?! That's what fast food is all about. This location is always busy yet the lines move FAST. No complaints here. The interior is clean, the food is fresh and the staff is friendly. The parking lot gets a little crazy so be careful coming through.

(301) 668-5353

Fast Food

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Firestone’s Market

109 N Market St
Frederick, 21701
I'm originally from Frederick but I now live in Baltimore and I stop in here every time I'm back in Frederick. First, it's one of the only places where I can find some good goat cheese at a decent price. (Not the creamy log, the real stuff!) Second, it's the only place I can find a baguette that actually comes close to a French baguette. Third, they have a TON of awesome specialty items from the region. I can always find a gift for someone in here!
I got all my stocking stuffers here. This place is awesome, filled with nice products, a lot of them from local businesses. If I lived near here I'd be in this place constantly.
Firestone's is a very good place to go for a pleasant meal in a pleasant environment. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

(301) 696-8586

Specialty Food

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