Pure Nuphoria Bed & Breakfast

11961 Autumnwood Ln
Fort Washington, 20744
When called to inquire about business, both ladies were friendly, helpful & provided excellent customer service. The owner gave us a warm welcome when we arrived for the night. Our room was very elegant, clean & peaceful. Breakfast was pretty & tasty. I recommend this for couples needing some time alone with no distractions.
Celebrating my five year anniversary at Pure Nuphoria was simply amazing. Greeted by owner Candice Camille, herself was both a pleasure and a treat. The decor both beautiful and breathtaking left me speechless and my husband who does home improvement in awe. From the moment you walk through the front door your body releases all tension and you are captures mind, body, soul and spirit. The rooms alone are private oasis of you to find true rest and peace. It was husband first time at a B&B and he enjoyed every moment. Secluded in our room we slept and enjoyed the silence and simplicity of this magnifies cent place. The breakfast was great and access to the kitchen allowed us to bring snacks, prepare our own foods and stick to our dietary needs. On top of it all, Candice is a breath of fresh air, full of knowledge, wisdom and love. She cares about each person there and providing a restful retreat that brings you to Wholeness and healing. We will be back!!
What can we say about Pure Nuphoria? We went there this past week to celebrate our 20yh wedding anniversary. Frontage time we arrived we were welcomed a smile and a hug. Ms. Camille was warm, friendly and inviting, just like her bed and breakfast facility. But it was more than a facility - it was like being home. My husband scheduled a massage, which was well-needed being a teacher. We then feasted on a delicious, healthy brunch which consisted of a spinach omelette, waffles and chicken sausage, all of which was organic. After brunch we took a ride to the National Harbor, which is only minutes away. We then returned to a serene, cosy rooms with earth tones and fist rice artistry. The next morning, breakfast was just as exceptional. You can tell that Ms. Candace Camille is serious about making sure her guests have a complete experience. If you are looking for a place that like non other, then try Pure Nuphoria. You will not be disappointed. Barbara and Gerald Williams

(301) 292-9008

Bed & Breakfast

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Bangkok Golden

9503 Livingston Rd
Fort Washington, 20744
Wasn't very impressed, especially after reading all of the reviews. We did get free soup at the start of the meal. The staff was always there but they weren't very friendly and they just took the order, dropped off food, picked it up, and that was it. I liked the curry puff app, but my sister thought it was just ok. Definitely like the pad see ew and drunken noodles at other thai places MUCh better than here. It was just OK...not horrible and not great. Was surprised at the number of people there for lunch.
My husband and I love this place!! The Bangkok LoMein is so delicious. I order mine extra spicy. My husband loves the Goong Kao Poad Aan #50 The service is great too. We eat there once a week and the menu never disappoints. Free soup with lunch is a plus, and the prices are pretty nice considering the vicinity to the National Harbor. Just a great place to eat.
I've been to this place a few times now and it doesn't disappoint. My go-tos are the thai tea, drunken noodles, spring rolls, papaya salad, and crispy duck. They're as good as any Thai food I've had in NoVA or DC. The bonus is that I don't have to go too far to enjoy this place. If you're in the area, stop by.

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S & S Seafood

944 E Swan Creek Rd
Fort Washington, 20744
Service has gone down a lot since been under new management. I use to come here just about every Friday for my fish or shrimp but not anymore. I tried to order just 2 lbs shrimp but the gentleman at the said they only have 1lbs of shrimp. I asked him can I get double orders he said ok. Will I be charged full price even though all I want is shrimp he said yes. So I paid $45 for 2 lbs of shrimp. I been coming here for 10 years and every since the new kids are here service has been gradually worst. I won't be back here again. They have lost a loyal customer.
My new Friday night eat out place. I ordered the fried crocker meal for me and the cat fish for my husband and the fried shrimp for everyone in my house cause they all like shrimp. We all enjoyed it.l I must say this was good food. Everything was good. The crab cake the green's and the Cole slaw were great. The service was friendly and fast. If you like good food try S&S Seafood. I definitely recommend it.
Good local spot for a seafood fix. I usually get the whitefish sandwich. It's really convenient for those last minute crab craving in crab season the sell live crabs! It's only 15 min away from me so it works!

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9596 Livingston Rd
Fort Washington, 20744
This will be my first Review ^_^, my cousin has now got me addicted to wanting to let others know about what's going on. I will start with the McDonalds down the street from my house. I have been living near this McDonald's since I have been in High School. I'll admit they have their ups and downs. I've had to drive back to get items that was left out of my order. Rude customer service. For that, I'll take off one star. I mean the food is always good. The one thing that hasn't changed in the last 10 years is there coffee and hot chocolate. Everyday my mom forces me to go down and get her a medium coffee with 6 creams. During the summer she'll go for a Medium Caramel Frappe, and I will go for a Cherry berry Chiller. She will not go to another McDonalds because there coffee is that good. If you're looking for something to warm you up this winter, pull on over to this McDonalds and grab you a coffee or a hot chocolate to go. ((This just might be fun))
I'm not @ all a Mickey D's groupie, but I have to agree with the other reviews on here that this location is usually clean, and the staff here are very quick both through the drive-through and inside. I've been here twice before and I've not been disappointed with either their service or cleanliness, and this morning was no exception. I had to run a quick errand around here, and opted to grab a cuppa here for a change. Just ran inside for a quick coffee...and a breakfast sandwich. The first was a decent wee starter for the day, and the second was hot and fresh out the microwave! It wasn't too busy when I stopped by, and the girl who helped me was attentive and just plain nice. Made the transaction a pleasant start to the day for me. I have yet to come here around rush-hour / dinner time or late at night, so I don't know if the standard of customer service and the quality of the cleanliness is the same as morning times. But as long as it is the same standard and not just a trend, I may yet make a wee pit stop there some time.
If you are going to eat at a Mickey D's in this area then this is the best location. The staff via the drive thru are very nice.

(301) 248-2060

Fast Food, Burgers

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Antonio’s Pizza Subs & Pasta and Bakery

742 Cady Dr
Fort Washington, 20744
Things that make me not want to order from Antonio's again: Quoted 40 minutes for delivery. Actual time: 1.5 hours. Driver refused to get out of the car to bring my pizza to the door. (?!?!? Who does that?!) Instead I had to stand outside his car in 20 mph wind gusts in the freezing cold while we exchanged cash and change. We ordered and paid for a large. Instead received what had to be either a small or medium size for four people to share. After all that, the pizza was cold and mediocre quality. Absolutely terrible.
(02/9/2013) Had the Pan de Coco from Antonio's bought from Mama Rosa's Rotisserie & Grill in Middle River. Bread was a little stale (maybe worse for the travel), slightly sweet, enriched with fat; coconut filling not as sweet as expected (or desired). Not bad, maybe will try straight from the source next time.
I was visiting Fort Washington and found this place! Food was really good! We ordered Antonio's New York style pizza,Buffalo wings & Steak n Cheese.Great service!

(301) 248-9780

Pizza, Bakeries

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Japan Cafe

10731 Indian Head Hwy
Fort Washington, 20744
Best stirfry in this area it is a great place to go if you want some chicken and shrimp teriyaki the best place in this area I cannot say that enough. The food always taste great never a long wait pretty much never had a complaint and is always satisfied with my meal
My go to local spot for a nice filling dinner. Always fresh and not stingy with the chicken by any means! They charge extra for extra sauce but it's like .50 it's all good. I recommend for foot eats!
This place is near the Guy, so I decided to check it out on my way over. It is located in a strip mall near the YMCA, and oddly placed right next door to a Chinese food restaurant. Upon entry, it is empty. I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, we ordered small portions of shrimp and scallop teriyaki and chicken teriyaki, the chicken teriyaki roll, shrimp tempura roll, and we received a chicken dumpling order for free! The food was very good and very fresh. However, they go very light on the teriyaki sauce. Unbeknownst to me, they charge for extra sauce. Had I known that extra sauce may be necessary, I would have purchased up front. However, I will know for next time. Yes, I said next time. The food was very good! Not heavy either! The Guy ordered noodles with his meal and I ordered rice. They meals were accompanied with cabbage as well. Very good! They woman at the front counter was very nice and our food was cooked to order and ready in less than 15 minutes! I will definitely go back here! Their food was delicious for a neighborhood pick up spot!

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Darrahs Cafe

10907 Fort Washington Rd
Fort Washington, 20744
The food is always good and the service is always friendly. A difficult combo to find amongst the slim pickings of dining options in this area. However, the service is also always quite slow. So go when you have time to spend on a nice, drawn out meal and want to have a good conversation with your company. They have a big tv in the dining room, which is nice if you want to follow the game on a Sunday afternoon. Brunch is great, dinner is pretty good too. The crab balls are delicious.
I really enjoy the food I get from Darrahs. I typically get sandwiches because that's jus what I do lol and they haven't failed me yet. My fiancé likes their food too. He's been more outgoing with his choices than I have. But yeah for a quick bite in a cosy table near the window, can't beat that.
Great friendly service! They greet and serve you with a smile. The food is prepared to your liking and doesn't take long. We had brunch here and I had the steak and eggs. Each prepared to my liking. Give them a shot!

(301) 203-4888


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Crown Fried Chicken & Kabob House

11911 Livingston Rd
Fort Washington, 20744
Love their fried chicken and biscuits! Love that it's Halal too!! Their customer service could improve a bit, but so can all of Fort Washington business for that matter. They are nicer than some other places around here.
I'm giving three stars due to the Owner taking the time out to speak to me about the Veggie options. As the cashier was rude & clearly doesn't know how to multi task...let alone greet their customers. I went with the Salmon Kabob that was greatly marinated & cooked perfectly over the grill. I opted for Chickpeas which was a in very delicious stew & sautéed spinach that was seasoned pretty well. I told the cashier twice no rice but she didn't grasp the single request & gave me rice anyways...I don't like to waste food but hey, I made my effort. I was happy to see Ginger Ale as an option on the soda machine but not for almost $3 per cup. So I walked to Safeway & bought a bottle for a dollar & came back for my food. It's a convenient place to grab some food on the way to the Marina, but I wouldn't make this location a priority to get food due to the horrible service.
Really, the fried chicken here is just ridiculous!! It's crispy and juicy and seasoned very well. I usually have to wait a bit, but overall I guess it's worth the wait. They serve breakfast lunch and dinner. The prices are very reasonable and for as many people as I've seen in this place, there is ample parking.

(301) 203-0010

Chicken Wings, Halal, Afghan

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Loredo’s Mexican Restaurant

9227 Oxon Hill Rd
Fort Washington, 20744
Let me start off by saying that this place is located in a very non-descript strip shopping mall in Fort Washington, but this place is a real gem. The Guy and I were in the mood for Mexican food and I didn't feel like dealing with the hustle and bustle of Rosa Mexicana on a Saturday night, so to the yelp app I go. I found this place and thought, its close, lets check it out. Upon entry, there was almost no one in here. I have to say that I was so surprised by how big this place was when we walked in. There were television monitors with futbol on of course as well as a dj, and pool tables. The bar was pretty big as well. This location has a very open floor plan. The Guy and I were seated and right away we started looking through the menu. We ordered chicken tacquitos and He ordered the Enchilada Suprema and I ordered the taco platter, (one beef, 2 chicken). Both entrees came with rice and beans. Let me start off by saying that the tacquitos were so delicious. Light and flavorful. They came on a plate with a side of guacamole and sour cream. Guacamole was delicious. Our entrees came out right as we were finishing up the 4 tacquitos. The Guy's chicken in his enchilada was so tender and delicious. He loved it. My tacos were very good as far as the chicken was concerned. The rice and beans were so flavorful that we devoured them. Usually something that is left behind. I asked for a side of sour cream, big mistake, I will explain that later. All in all, the food was delicious! I was taken a back a little when we received the bill. They charged me $2 for a can of gingerale. I know it was a can because she brought it out to me and poured it in my glass. They also charged $3 for a fountain drink. Note taken. I was also charged $2.50 for sour cream. Note taken. LOL. Only set back I would say, but def not enough for me to deduct anything from the food and the service. And speaking of service, our waitress was so nice. There was a bit of a language barrier, so be aware to bring out the old high school/college Espanol lessons to communicate a little. But she was great all the same. Thank you to my mother who forced me to take Spanish over french in the 8th grade. Totally came in handy!! They guy and I loved this place. Will definitely go back for a round two. The food was delicious!!
Pretty strange atmosphere and questionable clientele. Food is okay, though given the look and atmosphere of the place, it's a bit overpriced.
I was dragged here by a friend on a Saturday night with a friend. She wanted a drink but I don't drink and drive so I decided I would watch over her. Everything started off good the bartender an older lady served my friend alcohol even though she was already visually inebriated, if your a bartender and you expect a persons been drinking already or is extremely inebriated you are NOT supposed to serve alcohol to them. But clearly they don't know that, they can even hardly speak English. My friend somehow ordered a seafood soup without my knowledge. 45 minutes had passed and my friend said she was ready to go so we proceeded to the exit. Then out of nowhere the bartender runs out side and says your soup is ready, to my friend. My friend said she was sick and didn't want it anymore because it took so long. My friend said she was ready to go and it took to long for her to get the soup. After 15 minutes of disputing over a soup that never even came, the lady got the officer who was Hispanic as well. I believe his name was officer Colt, or something with a C,he sat inside the whole time SAW how inebriated my friend was and said nothing to the bartender to stop giving her drinks, my friend wouldn't listen to me! Anyway, he told me he took my tag number down and would charge me for theft because we didn't pay! PAY FOR A SOUP THAT WAS NOT EVEN SERVED! After 20 minutes I finally decided to pay 16.99 for a soup which was awful! The cop was definitely on the restaurants side. Clearly when we were in the right, but they probably thought I was dumb and didn't know the law and no crime was committed. The officer started saying they mske everything from scratch and that a soup was made fresh from scratch, at 2am in the morning! Really! They just zapped it in the microwave I'm pretty sure. I WILL NEVER GO BACK HERE nor recommend this place anymore! I used to like to come here but never again. I hate to do this but I like everyone else I appreciate and favor good service....the food is ok nothing to brag home about! But they are clearly racist and we were racially profiled ! If you like terrible service and racist ppl who don't know a lick of English and a cop that tried to intimidate you over a 16.00 soup visit this place of ignorance!

(301) 686-0999

Latin American, Mexican

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Quality Seafood

7500 Allentown Rd
Fort Washington, 20744
Quality seafood has quickly become my go to place for crabs. It might be the location or the fact that the crabs are consistently on point. Now grant it the crabs are a little more pricey than most crab spot, but they are normally pretty good. In addition to getting the crabs I usually get a side order of the hush puppies. The servers are generally friendly and cook your food in a timely fashion. I recommend that you call in your order so that there isn't a wait. *I have them saved in my phone as "Ms. Quality" :) *The only reason they didn't get four stars would be because of pricing.
First I thought it's dine-in restaurant, apparently it's just like a store, you can buy raw seafood or they can cook it for you. The hosts were very friendly, crabs were fresh too. Worth the money
The crabs are overpriced!not true to size but they are very good there are places that have good heavy tasting crabs that are reasonably priced.For example Home Boys!! I won't be getting my crabs from here anymore too much Money! Unless I'm really pressed.

(301) 248-7420

Seafood Markets

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